23 Genius Beauty Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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When I want to buy some new products but don't know where to begin my search, my go-to starting point is the wish list items on Amazon. This is very helpful when I want to add some new beauty products to my arsenal, since there's just so many to choose from nowadays. There, you'll see some of the most genius products beauty lovers are coveting—sometimes it's what's trendy at the moment (think bubble masks or rainbow highlighters), and sometimes it's simple products made special with high-quality ingredients.

When I recently checked out the list, I was thrilled to see lots of items with natural ingredients. I'll own up to the fact that I am that person standing in the makeup aisle reading the labels, and it's clear to see that these products are becoming more popular. Plenty of people are looking for ingredients ingredients like argan oil, green tea, charcoal, and aloe to enhance their beauty routine.

Wish lists are a great way to learn about new and innovative products that work well. After all, people are bookmarking these items for a reason. If you're interested in the most brilliant beauty products that people are talking about, check out these 23 items most added to Amazon wish lists.

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