23 Millennial Women On The Ways They Find Money To Donate To A Cause

Money is a feminist issue — and yet, women are still reluctant to talk about it. According to a recent Bustle survey of more than 1,000 Millennial women, more than 50 percent of people said they never discuss personal finances with friends, even though 28 percent reported feeling stressed out about money every single day. Bustle's Get Money series gets real about what Millennial women are doing with their money, and why — because managing your finances should feel empowering, not intimidating.

Believe it or not, even if you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, there are ways to find money to donate to a cause. All it takes is a little planning and budgeting, of course. "Finding ways to donate to a cause that is important to you can simply be replacing spending money on a want and putting it toward a worthy cause," Danielle YB Vason, Founder, She Makes Cents, tells Bustle. "When I was saving money for my wedding, I was compelled to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) at the Atlanta Gala. Money was tight, but my then-fiancé and I decided to donate the money we would have spent on one super fabulous (aka ridiculously expensive) centerpiece. We put the money toward a more purposeful cause. If there is a cause that you want to support, add it to your budget and save a small amount from every check specifically for that cause. Every little bit helps!"

I know, you may be thinking — "But I need to eat! How can I donate to the Humane Society, too"?! Like Vason said, there are ways to make it happen, and some people may set aside money for charity causes in different ways than others. I asked some Millennial females how they find money to donate to a cause and found that it is possible.

As you can see, donating to causes that are close to your heart is easier than you may have thought. Maggie Germano, Certified Financial Education Instructor and financial coach for women recommends setting a budget for donating. "Identify 2 or 3 organizations that represent issues you care about the most. (You can't donate to everything!) Then pick a number that fits into your budget or feels comfortable to you. This could be either monthly or on a less frequent basis. Remember, you don't need to go broke to support causes that mean a lot to you," she tells Bustle.

Of course, it'll take some budgeting, but like many people above said, once you get into the habit of donating — or have an auto-pay do it for you — it's easier than ever. Plus, remember, every dollar does count.

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