23 Adorable Photos Of Baby Stormi, Because Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Proud Parents

by Marenah Dobin
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Feb. 4, 2018, aka Super Bowl Sunday, Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her first child. In contrast to her super-secretive pregnancy, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have shared lots of baby Stormi on their social media accounts since then. And in honor of it being an entire year later, now it's time to look back at Stormi's cutest baby photos. Because let's be real, Scott and Jenner are such proud parents.

At first, the new mom was very low-key when it came to sharing photos of her only child on social media. The Kylie Cosmetics founder didn't even share a full look at her daughter's face when she posted her first baby photo to Instagram on Feb. 6, 2018 — it mostly only featured her little hand grabbing Jenner's thumb. After that initial glimpse, Scott shared the first look at his daughter's face in March 2018. Jenner posted other photos during that time, however, the social media sharing came to a halt in June 2018. Jenner deleted some photos of Stormi and announced that she was taking a break from sharing new ones.

According to an article from Entertainment Tonight, an Instagram user commented on one of Jenner's photos, "she cut her baby out." This prompted Jenner to reveal, "Yeah I cut my baby out. I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now." The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling didn't delete every single photo at that time, but she did delete all the pictures that showed the baby's face straight on, likely for privacy reasons.

Now, she's back to sharing photos and videos of Stormi living her best life, and her rapper boyfriend is on board as well. These are some of the most adorable Stormi photos from the past year.


Making Her Instagram Debut

How iconic! This is where it all started. Even though most of Stormi's face is missing from this photo, the mother-daughter hand-holding is just such a sweet moment.


Celebrating Her One Month Birthday

Jenner marked her daughter's one month birthday with some photos together, even though her face still wasn't front and center.


Showing Her Face For The First Time

Finally, fans got to see Stormi's cute face back in March 2018. Her dad even threw in some flame emojis.


Posing For Mom's Birthday

The pair was photo ready to celebrate Jenner's 21st birthday in August 2018.


Lounging In The Sun

Little Stormi enjoyed some fun in the sun, rocking a bathing suit with a matching hat, of course.


Bonding With Dad

Stormi was living her best life and giggling it up while her dad held her up in the air.


Twinning With Chicago West

No, Jenner didn't just hit "copy and paste" while editing a photo. There are not two Stormi Websters in there. She's just hanging out with her cousin, Chicago West, and they happen to look so much alike.


Hanging With Her "Triplet" Cousins

In essence, Stormi, Chicago, and True Thompson are all "triplets." Or at least that's what Kim Kardashian referred to them as in this photo. They were all born within four months of each other, which is basically as close to being triplets as cousins can be.


Shining In Silver

There's just so much to look at in this photo. They're surrounded by shiny, pink heart balloons. Jenner is rocking a pink latex dress with some matching hair. Meanwhile, Stormi still stands out in a silver outfit.


Visiting The Pumpkin Patch

Is it even fall if you don't go to a pumpkin patch? Jenner and Scott took their daughter to a pumpkin patch in September 2018. She was on trend even before age 1.


Dressing Up Like Butterflies

These two went above and beyond for their butterfly Halloween costumes. Jenner slayed in a bodysuit, while the baby looked just as cute as ever in her ensemble.


Channeling "Stormi Weather"

With a name like Stormi Webster, the stormy weather Halloween costume just had to happen at some point. Well, she knocked it out of the park during her very first Halloween. And she even managed to have more than one costume.


Eating Cupcakes With The Cousins

Is this not the most adorable party ever? The five cousins had their cake and ate it too. Because what baby is going to just sit there with some cakes and not start snacking?


Supporting Dad At Work

Stormi was really thriving backstage at her dad's Astroworld festival performance. There's no doubt that she was his favorite fan that night.


Laughing With Mom

These two looking into each other's eyes is so sweet. The mother-daughter bond is so apparent.


Getting Kisses At The Airport

Both ladies wore grey sweats and bright hats for their flight. Twinning. Again.


Chilling On The Private Plane

Has Stormi ever been on a commercial flight? Probably not. Nevertheless, she is really thriving on the private plane.


Matching Outfits With Mom

These outfits are far from basic black. They both looked great with their black dresses and buns in their hair.


Posing For The First Family Christmas Card

Stormi was born into a big family. Somehow, they managed to get all of the cousins together for her first Christmas card. Such a special memory.


Celebrating Christmas With Coordinating Outfits

Most families wear matching pajamas for Christmas. However, Jenner stepped it up with a sparkling evening gown a coordinating pants version for her daughter. How casual.


Rocking Leather With Mom

These two really love to match. Stormi's leather pants coordinate perfectly with her mother's coat.


Matching With Mom & Jordyn Woods

They went beyond their usual matching when they included Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods in their lime green swimsuit moment.


Promoting Dad's Concert Tour

Stormi is the top Astroworld supporter, rocking the gear from her dad's tour. She really is his number-one fan.

After such a hush-hush pregnancy, it didn't seem like Jenner and Scott would share so many moments with their daughter. However, they had a change of heart and now their fans get to be a part of her cutest moments.