23 Spine Chilling Documentaries To Watch In October That'll Make This The Scariest Halloween Ever


October is nearly here, which means colder weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and the spookiest day of the year: Halloween. Many people like to celebrate the holiday by watching horror movies; fictional accounts of scary things. But there are other movies you could watch for Halloween that are even scarier... because they're true. There are loads of spine chilling documentaries to watch in October if you just know where to look, and the below list of 23 films not only tells you which movies to seek out, but also where you can find them online.

These films touch on a number of subjects, so you're likely to find something you're afraid of. There are classic supernatural entities like vampires, ghosts, and witches — perfect for Halloween — as well as more earthly threats like killers, cannibals, and sleep paralysis. You'll find interviews with people who claim to have witnessed things that go bump in the night, such as UFOs, the Mothman, and demons, and you'll learn the truth behind terrifying urban legends and some of your favorite scary movies from Hollywood. So take a look below at the 23 scariest movies to watch this October, and make this the spookiest Halloween ever.

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‘In Search Of Dracula’

This look at the history of vampires will remind you why the bloodsuckers are such popular horror movie subjects.

Stream it on YouTube.


‘Beware The Slenderman’

How a modern urban legend born on the internet drove two young girls to kill.

Stream it on HBO.


‘Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation’

Surely one of the most evil beings to ever walk the planet, Fish killed and ate children.

Rent it on Amazon.


‘I Know What I Saw’

This collection of ultra-credible UFO witnesses will have you searching the skies.

Stream it on YouTube.


‘Missing 411’

Loads of people have gone missing in our national parks, many under very mysterious and similar circumstances.

Rent it on iTunes.



The truth behind this Staten Island urban legend is far scarier than you'd imagine.

Stream it on Hulu.


‘Real Fear: The Truth Behind The Movies’

Ever wonder what the real story is behind those "inspired on a true story" horror movies? Wonder no more.

Stream it on Amazon Prime.


‘The Exorcist In The 21st Century’

Contrary to popular belief, the Catholic church is still conducting exorcisms today.

Stream it on Gaia.


‘The Castle Project: Colorado’s Haunted Mansion’

Take a peek inside a supposedly real haunted house.

Stream it on Amazon Prime.


‘The Imposter’

Be careful who you invite into your home.

Stream it on Netflix.


‘Killer Legends’

The true stories behind some well-known urban legends are downright terrifying.

Stream it on Hulu.


‘The Institute’

This film will have you questioning your own reality.

Stream it on Fullscreen.


‘Dreams Of A Life’

Can you imagine dying in your home and not being discovered for three years? Chilling.

Stream it on Fandor.


‘The Smiley Face Killers’

Could one sadistic group be responsible for countless unsolved murders?

Stream it on YouTube.


‘The Mothman Of Point Pleasant’

Was there actually a winged humanoid harbinger of doom in West Virginia?

Rent it on Amazon.


‘Interview With A Poltergeist’

The story behind the Enfield Poltergeist, one of the most famous ghost cases in the world.

Stream it on YouTube.


‘Hostage To The Devil’

Learn about the priest who inspired The Exorcist's supposed battles with Satan.

Stream it on Netflix.



Is the government actively trying to cover up a massive UFO conspiracy?

Stream it on Netfllix.


‘My Amityville Horror’

What really went on inside the infamous Amityville horror house?

Stream it on Shudder.


‘The Cheshire Murders’

One of the most horrific crimes ever perpetrated is made so much scarier by its randomness.

Stream it on HBO.


‘Haunted State: Whispers From History Past’

Does Wisconsin really have the highest rate of ghosts per square mile in the U.S.?

Stream it on Amazon Prime.


‘The Nightmare’

You will never sleep again after seeing this film about sleep paralysis.

Stream it on Netflix.



Documentary is a debatable term here. This 1922 Scandinavian silent film attempts to tell the history of witchcraft through horrific reenactments, resulting in some of the most terrifying imagery ever put to film.

Stream it on YouTube.

All of these documentaries are terrifying in their own right, and watching any one of them this Halloween will go a long way toward proving why October is the scariest month of the year.