23 Weird Beauty Products Millennials Are Obsessed With

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If you’re among the Gen Y generation, then you are probably well aware that the beauty industry will do just about anything to grab your attention. And with carbonated bubble face masks or magnetic lashes dominating Instagram feeds and, it’s clear that to peak a millennial’s interest, you better bring some weird beauty products to the table. Of course, you can get them all on Amazon, too.

But make no mistake. Just because you spend a lot of time online doesn’t mean you’re privy to everything that’s out there. Between new emerging brands hitting the scene on the daily and the rise of K-beauty, it can be difficult to decipher the bizarrely effective from just plain junk — that’s why it’s important to consider what’s trending in the world of the weird. Skin care has a large presence in this channel, mainly because there are a lot of interesting textures (think sherbet and pudding) and interesting ingredients like 24 Karat gold, chia seeds, and yes, even broccoli. Of course, if you’re looking for an eyebrow shaper that resembles a protractor, you’ll find that, too.

There’s no doubt that it’s fun to constantly explore ways to shake up your routine and the best way to do that is by trying out these weird beauty products on Amazon that millennials are obsessed with as you just might discover your latest obsession.

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