24 'GoT' Characters Who Need To Meet In Season 7

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Game Of Thrones has a lot of different shows built into its DNA: fantasy epic, political intrigue, coming-of-age story, revenge drama. But one of its best and most unexpected genres is the road trip buddy-comedy. That's why these Game Of Thrones Season 7 meet-ups need to happen; the show is at its best when it pairs up two characters and sends them off into the war-torn wilderness of Westeros, to bond, bicker, and battle together.

Just think of some of the show's greatest pairings: Tyrion and Bronn, Jaime and Brienne, Arya and the Hound, Brienne and Podrick, Jaime and Bronn, or Tyrion and Varys. These couplings usually bring some much-needed humor to the show, even as their bristly interactions bring out previously unseen shades of each character. While some of these partnerships are still intact (Brienne and Pod are both still at Winterfell, Tyrion and Varys are both allied with Daenerys, Jaime and Bronn are glimpsed on the battlefield together in Season 7 trailers), just as many have been torn asunder by the show's ever-changing plot mechanics.

Here's hoping some of these pairs meet up again in Season 7… and that the upcoming episodes bring viewers some new partnerships to root for, as well.

1. Bran Stark & Jon Snow

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Right now, Bran is seemingly the only person in Westeros who knows the truth about Jon's parentage — that he's the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen — so it'll be exciting to see them reunite just so Bran can share that information with his half-brother (cousin).

2. Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

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Fans have long awaited the inevitable collision between Jon and Daenerys. Since the show had Dany and Tyrion meet up much sooner than the books did, there's reason to hope that this collision could be coming sooner than expected as well; hopefully they don't keep us waiting until the final season to see the two heroes interact.

3. Daenerys Targaryen & Melisandre

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Melisandre was last seen heading south after being exiled by Jon Snow. Given that Melisandre so recently shifted her "Prince That Was Promised" sights from Stannis to Jon, how will she react to the arrival of yet another potential savior — one whom the Red Priests of Essos have already proclaimed to be the Lord of Light's chosen one?

4. Melisandre & Arya Stark

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Way back in Season 3, Melisandre and Arya had a brief encounter in the Riverlands. Staring into the young girl's face, the red woman seemed disturbed and told her she could see the eyes of all the people Arya would kill. She then promised the Stark girl that they would meet again; this has to be a plot thread that the show picks up on before the end.

5. Arya Stark & Nymeria

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Although many of the direwolves have lost their lives (R.I.P. Lady, Grey Wind, Shaggydog, and Summer), Arya's wolf Nymeria is still out there somewhere. How great would it be to see the giant direwolf bounding out of the wilderness and reuniting with Arya — just in time for them to rip some Freys' throats out together?

6. Arya Stark & Gendry

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One of the most quietly moving moments in the series was when Gendry told Arya he'd decided to stay with the Brotherhood Without Banners. "I can be your family," Arya pleaded. "You wouldn't be my family," he told her. "You'd be milady." While Gendry desperately needs to reunite with dry land first, many viewers are also hoping for an emotional reunion between these two erstwhile friends.

7. Arya Stark & Sandor Clegane

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Since Arya left the Hound for dead, viewers have seen that Sandor survived… but Arya still doesn't know that her former captor/companion is alive. With the Hound headed north with the Brotherhood and Arya heading to Winterfell to meet up with her family, there's every chance these two could collide once more — and compare their lengthy kill lists.

8. Tyrion Lannister & Bronn

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Bronn has been a wonderfully sardonic companion for Jaime on his adventures to Dorne and the Riverlands — but the sellsword's OG companion was Tyrion, whose life he saved way back in Season 1. They deserve the chance to meet up and trade their trademark quips back and forth again.

9. Jaime Lannister & Brienne

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Jaime underwent his greatest change under Brienne's influence, as the "Kingslayer" finally let his guard down, revealed the truth behind the nickname, and resolved to become a better, more honorable man. Their paths crossed again briefly in Season 6, but there could never possibly be enough of this pairing for my taste.

10. Cersei Lannister & Euron Greyjoy


With the death of the Boltons and the High Sparrow last season, there are precious few villains left for the show's endgame (other than the White Walkers, of course). That's why Cersei and Euron need to meet up: two of the show's most evil characters joining forces? What could be more amazingly terrifying than that?

11. Varys & Littlefinger

All the way back in Season 1, the show made it clear that the real game of thrones was being played behind the scenes by subtle manipulators like Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys. No one can trade barbs like these two, and if they don't engage in another verbal sparring match before the end, it'll be a travesty.

12. Sandor Clegane & Gregor Clegane


While it's unlikely that all of these pairings will come to pass in Season 7, even just a few of these characters crossing paths will probably be enough to send fans into paroxysms of delight. Don't let fans down, Thrones!