17 Bookish Tote Bags Perfect For Summer

by Sadie Trombetta

The summer solstice is right around the corner, and you know what that means: the season of summer reading is officially about to begin. If you're hitting the beach with your TBR list, make sure to bring along one of these bookish tote bags perfect for summer. Just the right size to carry the essentials — a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and at least two books — these nerdy bags will guarantee literary lovers do their beach reading in style this year.

It's no secret that readers love book swag. Whether it be a Harry Potter koozie, library scented candles, or a literary locket, there is no end to the many ways readers show their love of all things bookish. This is especially true when it comes to tote bags.

The perfect vessel for carrying books of all shapes and sizes, tote bags have become a staple accessory for readers of all kind. From literary quotes to book covers, illustrated characters to hand drawn authors, there are hundreds of different bags out there, include plenty of summery bags that are the perfect balance of beachy and bookish.

Ready to bring your summer reading list to the shore? Then pack up one of these 17 bookish tote bags and kick off the season in literary style.


'The Rainbow Fish' Litographs Tote


The Rainbow Fish Litographs Tote, $29, Litographs

Hit the beach in style and on theme with this adorable and nautical The Rainbow Fish tote from Litographs. A uniquely designed bag made from the actual text of the beloved children's book, this tote is as much a piece of art as it is an accessory.


Readers Essentials Tote


Readers Essentials Tote, $16, Society6

Featuring coffee, a snack, a bookmark, and more, this Readers Essentials tote has everything a true book-lover needs to be happy all weekend long. While it's missing a pair of sunglasses and a beach towel on the outside of the bag, there's plenty of room on the inside for all your summer reading essentials.


Library Card Tote


Library Card Tote, $20, BookRiot

It may not be summer themed, but this library card tote is perfect for the beach. Big, durable, and adorable, it's a great accessory for carrying all of your summer reading books in, no matter where the season takes you.


Beach Read Tote


Beach Read Tote, $16, Society6

Cute and inclusive, this beach read tote celebrates not only books but bodies. Need I say more?


'To the Lighthouse' Tote


Virginia Woolf 'To the Lighthouse' Tote, $18, BookRiot

Virginia Woolf's classic novel may not seem too beachy, but this To the Lighthouse tote certainly is. Beautiful and nautical, it's the perfect bag to throw your writer's notebook and your favorite modernist novel into and head to the rocky shore.


Bookish Tote


Reading Is A Whale of a Time Tote, $20, Society6

What can I say, I'm a sucker for puns, especially bookish ones like this "Reading is a whale of a time" tote. Simple yet clever, reading totes don't get more beachy than this.


Readers Resist Tote


Readers Resist Tote Bag, $18, BookRiot

2017 is the year of resistance, so why not keep it going, even when you're relaxing on the beach? This Readers Resist tote will let everyone know how you feel, even when you're too busy reading to tell them yourself.


Hogwarts Crest Shoulder Bag


Harry Potter Shoulder Bag, $20, Amazon

School may be out for summer, but there is always a piece of your heart at Hogwarts. Take that piece of you (along with your favorite HP) to the beach with this Harry Potter-themed shoulder bag, big enough to fit the entire series in.


Moby Tote


Jaws Poster Moby Dick Tote, $16, Society6

Who says readers don't appreciate good humor? This funny, pop culture inspired Jaws poster turned Moby Dick tote will prove otherwise. But beware: if the movie monster isn't enough to scare you into staying on shore this summer, the book one will be.


Typewriter Tote


Typewriter Tote Bag, $34, Etsy

If you're an aspiring novelist hitting the beach in search of a little inspiration, don't forget to bring your typewriter tote alone with you. Bold, bright, and made out of weather resistant fabric, it's a great bag for all of your writing-on-the-go needs.


Pink Books Tote


Pink Books Tote, $20, Redbubble

Looking for a cute yet simple book bag for the beach? Look no further than this pink books tote, complete with the same colors of the perfect summer sunset.


Summer Reading Tote


Summer Reading Tote, $16, Society6

Some girls go to the beach to tan, but real book-lovers have one goal under the sun: reading. Honor those intentions with this graphic summer reading tote, a fun and colorful bag big enough to stash even the longest books in.


Book-Lover Tote


Book Lover Tote, $17, Etsy

Say it loud, say it proud, and say it artistically with this book-lover tote. Featuring a line drawing of a woman reading, text from a classic book, and inscribed with the phrase "Book Lover," bags don't get much more beautifully bookish than this.


Book at the Beach Tote


Book At The Beach Tote, $20, Society6

Keep it sexy with this Book at the Beach tote, staring a beautiful boy reader. Fun and classically drawn like the covers of your favorite old novels, this bag will be the envy of everybody on the beach.


Bookish Mermaid Tote


Bookish Mermaid Tote, $20, Redbubble

Celebrate summer reading with this unique bookish tote, featuring a mermaid enjoying your favorite hobby under the sea. Cute and beach worthy, this is the kind of trinket so cute, Ariel herself wants to steal.


Imagine Tote


Imagine Tote, $20, Society6

Explore reading and your imagination seaside with this beautiful and underwater-themed Imagine tote.


R.E.A.D. Tote


R.E.A.D. Tote, $20, Redbubble

Keep it simple with this bright R.E.A.D. tote. No matter what beach you go to, this bag's shade of ocean blue will fit right in.