25 Lizzie McGuire & Miranda Outfits That Still Rock In 2017


In the early 2000s, the television world was blessed with possibly the greatest TV show of Generation Y: Lizzie McGuire. Sometimes cringeworthy, but always relatable, this TV show was the pinnacle of early '00s pop culture, thanks to the many Lizzie McGuire and Miranda outfits that inspired so many pre-teen closets.

The Disney show won the hearts of adolescents everywhere with its constant life lessons and archetypal themes that most teenagers encountered — like bullies, having a crush on the most popular boy/girl, annoying siblings, and prying parents.

Lizzie was the typical girl next door, pining after long-haired Ethan, trying to survive being 13, and buying her first training bra. But if there's one thing that wasn't typical about her, it was her fashion choices. Without fail, she was always clad in glitter, bold colors, and a handful of crazy accessories every prepubescent girl wanted to cop. We're talking shiny chokers, flower barrettes, and yes, even a clear bandana.

Throw her bff Miranda into the mix, and you've got early 2000s teen fashion icons. Major props to Miranda, who even though wasn't the lead, rocked equally ridiculous (and awesome) accessories herself.

Prepare to take a trip down memory lane with Lizzie and Miranda's most memorable outfits that would still kill the fashion game, even in 2017.

1. The Aforementioned Clear Bandana & Blue Scrunchies

Courtesy of Disney

Few people can pull off a clear bandana with blue trimming, and even fewer can rock it with their BFF who happens to be wearing not one — but two — curly blue scrunchies. A+ for these outfits. With everything clear trending right now (looking at you, Topshop clear jeans), these looks would totally slay today.

2. The Beret & The Choker

Courtesy of Disney

These two are serving rhinestone print realness. With French girl style always being sought after, Miranda's beret is totally in style. Plus, take a look at both of their chokers.

3. Prints On Prints

Courtesy of Disney

This one's a double whammy — first, we've got monochromatic dressing from Lizzie, plus a pattern on pattern look. Then, Miranda steps in with the layered outfit.

4. Matchy Matchy

Courtesy of Disney

A BFF duo that dresses together, stays together. What's trendier than Lizzie's pleather sky blue jacket? And yes, Miranda, pom pom it up, girl.

5. Extension Central

Courtesy of Disney

If these two had one trend down, it'd be hair extensions. Miranda is even rocking some green locks — à la Kylie Jenner.

6. Wearing Whatever They Feel Like

Courtesy of Disney

The biggest trend of 2017? Girls wearing whatever the heck they want. Enter: Lizzie and Miranda, wearing so many different things together, even they probably can't keep track.

7. Overalls & Plaid

Courtesy of Disney

What you're seeing here is an explosion of early 2000s style that's now coming back on trend.

8. Animal Print

Courtesy of Disney

Kate's making a quick cameo in this one — but TBH, her outfit is just as good. Those puffy sleeves? Totally reminiscent of a music video look in 2017.

9. This Belt

Courtesy of Disney

Lizzie's belt (and shirt) is giving off major Paris Hilton vibes, and in 2017, Paris Hilton is back, baby.

10. Metallic Overload

Courtesy of Disney

Can you handle all the sequins and metallics? New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 collections were chock full of metallics, and these two pull it off with ease.

11. '90s Overhaul

Courtesy of Disney

The '90s are back and better than ever, and Lizzie's spaghetti strap and matching red scrunchie is peak '90s style.

12. Knitwear & Camo

Courtesy of Disney

Miranda's knit sweater is so Free People or coveted vintage. Meanwhile, Lizzie's pink camo is giving Kylie Jenner's camo line a run for her money.

13. The Unicorn Sweater & Bows

Courtesy of Disney

In fashion, there's never been a better time to let your quirky flag fly. Wear this baby to an ugly sweater party, or to whatever your heart desires, and you'll probably be praised for your bold fashion choices.

If these two were in Lizzie McGuire the TV show in 2017, their closets would be full of playful, colorful pieces even the most fashion-savvy would be enviable of. Think: Stella McCartney, DVF, Mara Hoffman, and Moschino, all mixed together for two crazy wardrobes.

A huge thank you to Lizzie, Miranda, and the show's stylists at the time for influencing the personal style of teenagers everywhere back then, now, and forever.

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