25 Things On Amazon You'll Love If You're Basic (And Proud)

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While some people hide their basic tendencies from the rest of the world, I openly prefer rosé, spend way too much money on cold brew, and post pictures of my avocado toast on Instagram — which is why I adore that Amazon offers so many products you'll love if you're basic.

These products play on the stereotypes that plague basic people everywhere, including an obsession with pumpkin spice, scented candles, and brunch. Of course, not everyone wants to embrace the basic label. But instead of feeling embarrassed by the idea, you should take pride in knowing that something is only basic because so many other people also enjoy it (essentially, "basic people" simply share the same great taste). And remember, most people who run from the idea have probably never enjoyed the insanely comfortably combination of leggings and UGGs in the dead of winter, so you should feel sorry for them.

If you're proud of your basic label, now's your chance to explore tons of clever products that embrace the concept while also making life easier. Whether you're looking for the most Snapchat-worthy face masks or want to diffuse fall-scented essential oils all winter long, this roundup has a product to suit each and every one of your most basic whims.

So, if you know leggings are definitely better than pants and still binge-watch Gossip Girl even a decade after it's finale, here are 25 ah-mazing Amazon products you'll love because you're basic (and proud).

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