25 Things On Amazon You'll Love If You're Basic (And Proud)

While some people hide their basic tendencies from the rest of the world, I openly prefer rosé, spend way too much money on cold brew, and post pictures of my avocado toast on Instagram — which is why I adore that Amazon offers so many products you'll love if you're basic.

These products play on the stereotypes that plague basic people everywhere, including an obsession with pumpkin spice, scented candles, and brunch. Of course, not everyone wants to embrace the basic label. But instead of feeling embarrassed by the idea, you should take pride in knowing that something is only basic because so many other people also enjoy it (essentially, "basic people" simply share the same great taste). And remember, most people who run from the idea have probably never enjoyed the insanely comfortably combination of leggings and UGGs in the dead of winter, so you should feel sorry for them.

If you're proud of your basic label, now's your chance to explore tons of clever products that embrace the concept while also making life easier. Whether you're looking for the most Snapchat-worthy face masks or want to diffuse fall-scented essential oils all winter long, this roundup has a product to suit each and every one of your most basic whims.

So, if you know leggings are definitely better than pants and still binge-watch Gossip Girl even a decade after it's finale, here are 25 ah-mazing Amazon products you'll love because you're basic (and proud).

by Braelyn Wood

1. An Avocado Peeler To Make Preparing Your Favorite Dishes Even Easier

OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer, $13, Amazon

OXO's 3-in-1 avocado tool splits, pits, and cuts avocados — all for the price of one slice of avocado toast at brunch. The dishwasher safe tool uses a pitter to safely remove the seed with an easy twisting motion. The slicer then gently and evenly removes the fruit (yes, it's a fruit) from the skin. Each tool is dishwasher safe and has a comfortable no-slip grip, making it a necessity for guacamole lovers everywhere.


2. A Bracelet That'll Make The Ever-Present Hair Band On Your Wrist Look More Stylish

Ashley Bridget Hair Band Bracelet, $12, Amazon

This hair band bracelet turns the elastic on your wrist into a stylish accessory. Each bracelet features an indented channel that locks it in place until you're ready to toss your hair up into a perfectly imperfect messy bun. Available in silver, rose-gold, and gold, this bracelet also makes a great gift for any other self-proclaimed basic friend.


3. An Insta-Worthy Headband With Cat Ears To Amp Up Your Face Mask Selfie

Etude House Cat Ear Headband, $5, Amazon

This headband is the purr-fect accessory for keeping your hair out of the way during your nighttime skincare regime. It's thick enough keep hair in place, but isn't so tight that it'll give you a headache. Plus, can you imagine how many likes you'll get wearing this in your next #SelfcareSunday selfie?


4. A Bubbling Face Mask For The Perfect Snapchat Story

Cloud 9 Capsule Cleanser, $16, Amazon

Put your skin on cloud nine with this non-irritating gentle cleanser, which uses foam to gently wash skin. Microfine oxygen bubbles foam up upon contact with the skin to eliminate makeup, dirt, and other impurities. The rice water nourishes the skin, vitamin B refreshes cells, and goat milk extracts hydrates. This cleanser also has a refreshing fruity scent and is suitable for all skin types.


5. A Popcorn Maker To Make Your Next "Netflix and Chill" Night Even Better

PowerLix Microwave Popcorn Popper, $17, Amazon

This collapsable silicone bowl takes your movie night to the next level by creating everyone's favorite simple and healthy snack. The hot air popcorn maker can pop up to 15 cups in just four minutes without any oil or nasty ingredients — simply toss in the kernels and place it in the microwave. With measures for either one or two servings, each popcorn maker is dishwasher safe and has heat resistant handles.


6. Pumpkin Spice-Scented Essential Oils So You Can Always Pretend It's Fall

P&J Trading Fall Scented Fragrance Oils, $16 (Pack Of 6), Amazon

Celebrate the spirit of the most basic season of all with P&J's fall scented fragrance oils. The six-pack includes cinnamon, harvest spice, apple cider, coffee cake, gingerbread, and pumpkin pie-scented oils in 10-milliliter amber bottles. Use them in aroma diffusers or on unscented incense stick for a concentrated and delicious smelling fragrance. You can also dispense them into baths and candles, or directly onto your skin.


7. A Beanie With A Ponytail Opening So You Never Have To Ruin Your Messy Bun

Funky Junque BeanieTail Cap, $20, Amazon

The Funky Junque beanie has an elastic opening for your updo, so you'll never have to worry about destroying your ponytail or messy bun again. It comes in over 24 different colors, is machine washable, and is super cozy. It's the perfect accessory for winter runs, too.


8. A Fro-Yo Machine So You Can Make Your Own 'Nice Cream'

Magic Bullet Dessert Blender, $49, Amazon

Create delicious frozen desserts at home in just ten seconds with the Magic Bullet blender. The powerful base turns frozen fruits and yogurt into delicious sorbet by spouting them into oval or star-shaped spirals. Simply cater the ingredients to your diet and taste to make personalized snacks like fro-yo or nice cream. The removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy clean up, and it whips up treats faster than you can say "Pinkberry."


9. A Set of Magnetic Eyelashes For Youtube Tutorial-Worthy Makeup

AsaVea Magnetic Eyelashes, $15, Amazon

These magnetic eyelashes are one of Amazon's number one new releases in beauty, thanks to their super long fibers. Each strip is just under eight centimeters long, with three-centimeter magnets on each end for a powerful hold. These extra-long lashes can be trimmed to your desired length, and they won't irritate your eyes like traditional falsies that require glue. They're super easy to apply, and the reusable magnet design means they can be worn again and again.


10. A Vegan Bath Bomb Kit For The Best Bathtub Boomerangs

Hanza Vegan Bath Bomb Kit, $20, Amazon

Hanza's golf ball-sized bath bombs are handmade, vegan, and crafted with natural ingredients that nourish skin. Each set comes with eight unique fizzies designed to treat different needs, including relaxation, balance, and restoration. Created without artificial colors or dyes to prevent staining the bathtub, these bombs use ingredients like shea butter, clay, and vitamin A to make skin feel soft and smell delicious. These are the perfect addition to your next at-home spa night.


11. A Single-Serve Blender For Easy, On-The-Go Smoothies

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender, $17, Amazon

This 14-ounce blender makes a perfectly-portioned smoothie every time. Made with stainless steels blades and a one-touch blending button, this machine is lightweight and powerful. Busybodies with limited time will be extra appreciative that you can detach it from the base and turn it into a travel cup to bring it with you on-the-go. It's also dishwasher safe and comes in six super-cute colors.


12. An Essential Oil Diffuser To Disperse "Good Vibes Only"

TaoTronics Essential Oil Diffuser, $28, Amazon

Create a spa-level environment with this wood grain essential oil diffuser. The cold mist diffuser holds up to 300 millimeters of water, emits fragrance for up to eight hours, and has an automatic low water shutoff. You can choose between a low or high mist mode and seven different LED lights, and create different smelling concoctions using your favorite essential oils. It'll help you relax and reduce stress, while also offering the added benefit of moisturizing skin and dry throats.


13. A Device That's Like A Washing Machine For Your Makeup Brushes

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner, $40, Amazon

Wash and dry your makeup brushes in seconds with Luxe's automatic brush cleaner. The rechargeable battery base connects to eight different sized rubber holders that fit almost any style and size of brush. It then uses three levels of agitation to clean brushes in a glass bowl filled with water and cleanser, before splaying them dry. Each bowl features a splash guard ring, while the base includes an indicator to read the battery's charge level. The kit comes with a free Luxe cleaning solution and two year warranty to guarantee you skin never comes in contact with bacteria-ridden makeup brushes again.


14. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker For When There's Not Enough Time For Starbucks

Primula Cold Brew Glass Coffee Maker, $28, Amazon

The Primula coffee maker stores cold brew up to two weeks in the fridge for an instant caffeine fix. It's made from temperature-safe glass with a stainless steel mesh core that slowly brews coffee with 65 percent less acidity than traditional methods. The perfect size to fit into a refrigerator door, this sleek machine creates cold brew in just 12 hours. Once you've finished the batch, simply pop it into the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleanup.


15. A Vegan Face Mask That Uses Tea Tree Oil And Clay To Fight Blemishes

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask, $15, Amazon

The Body Shop's skin-clearing clay mask uses the natural anti-septic and anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil to fight blemishes. The fair-trade tea tree oil is sourced from Kenya and combined with a non-drying clay that fully cleanses the skin and absorbs excess oils. Use the 100 percent vegan mask two to three times a week for a clear complexion that isn't overly dry.


16. A Clip-On Phone Light For Kardashian-Level Selfies

Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light, $14, Amazon

Take your selfies to the next level with Auxiwa's clip-on phone light. Each ring has 36 white LED lights that produce a soft illumination similar to what you'd get in a professional studio. The clip attaches to any phone and is rechargeable, and it lets you choose between three brightness settings. It comes with a charger, doubles as a super bright flash light, and can even be clipped onto thin laptops, too.


17. A Portable Wine Holder With Suction Cups For Rosé All Day

SipCaddy Bath & Wine Portable Cupholder, $14, Amazon

It's always happy hour in the shower with this portable cupholder, which uses suction cups to attach to glass, mirrors, or glazed tiles. The patented cupholder is dishwasher safe, comes in six vibrant colors, and fits bottles, cans, and wine glasses up to seven pounds. Keep one of these in your bathroom to make your bath routine even more indulgent.


18. A Coloring Book Designed To Help You Fall Asleep

Lacy Mucklow's Color Me To Sleep, $11, Amazon

Unwind with this adult coloring book by art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter. It offers over 100 templates divided into six therapeutically-themed chapters including "Cozy Comforts", "Peaceful Environment", and "Quiet Getaways." Ditch scrolling through Instagram and engage in this relaxing nighttime activity instead for a more restful sleep.


19. A Veggie Spiralizer To Create Homemade Zoodles

Spiralizer 5-Blade Veggie Slicer, $23, Amazon

This heavy duty vegetable spiralizer is the third generation model from the cult-favorite brand. Built with stainless steel blades and a reinforced BPA-free body, this tool tackles even hard root vegetables, like sweet potatoes and turnips. Each kit is sold with five different blades that spiralize, shred, and ribbon veggies. The heavy-duty base also has suction cups to secure it to your kitchen surface, plus drawers to store extra blades. Included in every purchase is a recipe book, and it comes with a lifetime replacement policy.


20. An Soothing Eye Pillow To Treat Hangovers And Promote Better Sleep

Happy Wraps Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, $11-$12, Amazon

Happy Wraps' silky eye pillow is filled with organic flax seed and French lavender flowers that create a soothing aromatherapy treatment. The perfect size to fully block out light, this mask helps treat migraines, reduce anxiety, and calm puffy eyes. It comes in a bunch of cute colors, and can even be sprinkled with water and put in the microwave to relieve sinus pain and dry eyes. Plus, it's super easy to travel with and keep clean.


21. A Hair Mask Made From Coconut Oil For Ultra-Smooth Locks

Calily Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask, $11, Amazon

This hair mask is made from high-quality cold pressed coconut oil that moisturizes the hair without leaving behind greasy residue. Infused with Dead Sea mineral extracts and almond oil, this nutrient-packed mask nourishes without the harsh chemicals. It's great for sensitive scalps, and revitalizes dry hair that's damaged from dye and other chemicals. Plus, it smells amazing.


22. A Sushi Bazooka That Makes Creating California Rolls A Breeze

Sushi Bazooka Sushi Rolling Kit, $13, Amazon

The sushi bazooka streamlines the sushi-making process by compacting rice into a tube surrounded by your preferred fillings. Once your roll is made, simply pop it out of the bazooka for a restaurant-quality creation. Each kit also includes a sushi mat and two sets of chopstick, plus, it's dishwasher safe, so you don't have to worry about an annoying cleanup. It's a super fun activity for gatherings at home or date nights, too.


23. A Yoga Kit For Beginners Wanting To Join The #FitFam

Clever Yoga Complete Beginners Yoga Kit, $37-$39, Amazon

Start the journey to becoming a yogi with this beginner's yoga kit. The seven-piece set includes a yoga mat, strap, blocks and towel that easily fit into the convenient included carrying case. The BetterGrip mat is extra-thick and has a double-sided textured surface to prevent slips, making downward dog easier than ever. It comes in four colors, and will make you look like a pro — even if it's your first class.


24. High Heel Protectors To Stop Shoes From Getting Stuck In Grass or Grates

Solemates High Heel Protectors, $25, Amazon

Wear your favorite stilettos at any occasion with these nifty high heel protectors. The clear plastic design discreetly blends into shoes to protect from sinking into the grass, getting stuck in sidewalk cracks, or wobbling on cobblestones. Each pack includes three sets of protectors that fit on the heels of narrow, classic, and wide high heels. A few reviewers even say the they help make tricky shoes easier to walk in.


25. Margarita Cups That Keep Your Drink Frozen Beyond Happy Hour

HOST Margarita Freeze Cooling Cups, $18-$21, Amazon

HOST's cooling cups keep drinks frozen long after your troubles have melted away. The BPA-free plastic contains a cooling gel that keeps drinks between 43 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Sold in a set of two, these glasses also have insulated silicone bands that transfer the heat of your hand away from the glass and provide a more comfortable hold. Each cup holds up to 12 ounces, and they come in two colors — green and grey.

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