25 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 That Your Partner Will Love

When you're in a relationship, the pressure to pick out a good Valentine's Day gift can be pretty high. The thing is, it always feels like you no sooner wrap up the holidays, before it's time to tap into your creativity — and your wallet — once again.

It can be tough to keep up with gift-giving expectations, but don't panic. The world is full of affordable Valentine's Day gifts that feel fun and special — and yet won't break the bank. Whether it's a pair of funny socks, a game you can play together, or even a piece of jewelry, the options are more abundant than you may realize. These 25 gifts, for instance, are all under $25, making them incredibly budget-friendly.

Keep in mind, though, that there's nothing wrong with spending quality time with a partner, writing a meaning note in a hand-made card, or giving your partner a bunch of flowers from Trader Joe's. As long as you give the gift with love and purpose, it'll mean the world on Valentine's Day

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Savory Popcorn

This variety pack of popcorn — hand-made from a Minnesota-based company —offers chocolate popcorn, chocolate pretzels, sea salt caramel popcorn, "chip-zel-pop," and peanut butter cup popcorn. Perfect for a partner who loves to snack.

Cute Stuffed Animal

Sometimes it’s fun to be different on Valentine’s Day, and sometimes it’s fun to stick to the old clichés and give a typical V-day gift. This little fox stuffed animal is so adorable, literally anyone would love to receive it.

Funny Socks

If your SO is a big fries fan — and really, who isn't? — get them a pair of legit McDonald's socks, so they can stay cozy for the rest of winter.

Pretty Earrings

You can't go wrong by giving your partner cool jewelry, like this pair of spotted hoops from the Etsy shop helloeana.

Tiny Plant

This tiny plant is only $8, but will add a lot of charm to your partner's windowsill.

Nice Scents

If your partner's apartment could use a homey aroma, give them this black fig oil diffuser from the shop EcoVibe. Whenever they catch a whiff, they'll think of you.

Heart Keychains

These LEGO pieces fit together to create a heart, so your partner will always a piece of yours wherever they go. Aww.

Statement Pillowcases

Always stealing each other's pillows and blankets in the night? If so, these "my side your side" pillowcases could make for a fun (and affordable) gag gift.

Silly Boxers

These cheesy Valentine’s Day boxers from J.Crew are a must. They’re fun, cute, and are appropriate for any stage of a relationship.

Digital Art Print

There's no such thing as too much art, so go ahead and get your SO this beautiful print from Etsy shop NonilyStudi, which they can print out and hang on their wall. And at only $4.99? You really can't go wrong.

Photos Of You

Give your partner this frame, as well as an assortment of photos — of you, you two together, their dog, etc. — so they can swap them out whenever they like.

Personalized Beer Mug

If you’re dating a big beer-drinker, a monogrammed mug will make a really special gift. It’s inexpensive, but looks like you spent a lot more than you did. And you could always buy some of their favorite beer to make the gift even better.

Copper Mug

Is your partner more of a cocktail person? Then give them this copper mug, along with a promise to make Moscow Mules together.

Funny Game

In case you forgot, playing Mad Libs is so much fun! This romantic version is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and it'll make your date night at home 10x more entertaining.


You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day. Russell Stover has options that are inexpensive but offer a lot of fun options, like this sampler box.

Heart Plush

Be quirky and cool this Valentine’s Day with a stuffed animal in the shape of a literal heart. It’s the most adorable organ you’ve ever seen.

Fancy Hot Sauce

Give your beloved the gift of gourmet-level spicy food today, now, and always with this sriracha sauce infused with (get this) black truffle.

Shave Oil

If your partner has a beard, then this oil could be the perfect gift — and let's be honest, it’s kind of a gift for you, too.

TikTok Challenge

Take a break from staring at your phones long enough to play this fun game on Valentine's Day, which will test your knowledge of all things TikTok.

Date Ideas

The next time you want to do something fun, but are coming up empty, scratch off a square on this poster and see what it suggests.

V-Day Spoon

This will be perfect for a partner who's always whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.

Sticky Notes

Peel off a few and leave sweet notes on your partner's mirror, steering wheel, or microwave for them to find on Valentine's Day.

Cute Mug

Make your partner smile every morning with this simple yet sweet mug.

Cheesy Book

Want to use this lovey-dovey holiday as an excuse to bond and make your relationship stronger? This book will help you do just that.

Simple Candle

If you have no clue what to buy this person go with a candle — like this one that features a flirty message. The packaging will send the perfect message on Valentine's Day.