25 Fall-Inspired Writing Prompts To Help You Spark Your Creativity
by Melissa Ragsdale
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Autumn is the perfect season for writing. I don't know if it's the cool weather or the sugar high from all the pumpkin spice, but the second the leaves begin to turn, I feel my creative juices flowing. And I'll bet I'm not the only writer who gets an itchy pen when autumn rolls around.

Fall is a time when stories want to come alive. There's so many places to find inspiration in the fall — from back-to-school to Halloween to Thanksgiving. Whether you're writing spooky stories, or starting to think about your next novel project for NaNoWriMo in November, now's the time to feed your creative spirit. This is a season where it feels like anything is possible, and one of the greatest parts of being a writer is that with plenty of imagination, anything is possible!

But of course, even in this magical time, starting with a blank page can be rough. So, here are some fresh writing prompts to get your pen moving and the wheels in your head turning. Some of these prompts are autumn-themed, while others are great for any time of the year. No matter what kind of project you're embarking on, grab your favorite warm drink and get writing!


Write a Halloween special for your favorite TV show.

Whether it's Gossip Girl or Game of Thrones.


What's the REAL reason leaves change color in the fall?

Is it science? Is it magic? Give us the scoop!


Design your very own school of magic.

What does it look like? What subjects are taught? Who are the teachers? What's the hot back-to-school gossip?


Write about your best friend.

Tell us EVERYTHING you can about them.


Pick a new playlist. Write something to accompany that playlist.

It can be anything: a story, a poem, or you can even just straight-up describe what you're hearing!


Write a spooky legend about your neighborhood.

Suburbia can be just as scary as the big city!


Tell a fictional story on your Instagram story.

Use this new medium to get inspired and be creative!


What happens when the pumpkin spice craze goes TOO FAR?

What kind of dystopian/utopian world do you envision?


Write an acrostic poem.

Remember these from elementary school? The first letters of each line spell out a word or name. But it doesn't have to be cheesy! Get creative, and try to challenge yourself.


Write about a Thanksgiving dinner attended by your favorite fictional characters.

Thanksgiving's always a great source for DRAMA!


Describe your commute home in EXTREME detail.

The sights, the smells, the sounds. After all, you know this route better than anybody.


Write a piece from the point of view of Siri or Alexa.

This could get scary real fast.


What would you do if you died and came back as a ghost?

Who would you haunt?


Write a piece that begins with a party.

Pizza party? Costume party? You decide!


What's your favorite school supply and why?

Pencil in a writing date with your favorite school supplies.


Describe your favorite coffee shop without using any adjectives.

It's a challenge.


Write a made-up news report.

Maybe it will spark the idea for your next crime novel.


Write a retelling of your favorite Shakespeare play.

Put your own twist on it!


Write a scene that takes place in your favorite bookstore.

This doubles as a good excuse to go to the bookstore. For, you know, inspiration.


Write about a character who has terrible luck.

As they say: there's nothing more entertaining than other people's misfortune.


Write a piece that uses the word "pumpkin" at least ten times.

Bonus points for different usages!


Write the worst break-up you could possibly imagine.



Make up your own conspiracy theory.

Or, take one that already exists, and write out how it happened.


Write a story that takes place at your high school, but with a completely made-up main character.

Revisit the good ol' days.


Write a piece from the point of view of a bear, just before they go into hibernation for winter.

Because why not?