26 People Share Their Self-Care Goals For 2019 & You Might Find Some Inspiration From Them


January is just around the corner, which means most of us are gearing up to say "goodbye" to 2018 once and for all and start fresh. There's no better way to step into the New Year than with self-care goals that make you feel empowered, renewed, and motivated to take on whatever 2019 holds.

Self-care is a series of practices that's unique to each and every person. For some people, self-care simply consists of establishing a health routine and getting back to the basics — such as aiming for seven hours of sleep each night, eating balanced meals, taking a walk, or setting boundaries around work and relationships. For others, self-care may mean splurging a bit to treat yourself to feel a little more relaxed and pampered than usual. The truth is, for most of us, self-care is probably a combination of the two, and it doesn't always look exactly the same.

According to a survey by personalized vitamin brand Care/of, a quarter of Americans made health and wellness goals a priority over everything else in 2018 — which makes some sense, since a little bit less than 90 percent of respondents said they felt "moderately or extremely stressed." It stands to follow that 2019 will see a lot of us continuing to hone our self-care skills.

Whatever it may mean to you personally, having a self-care routine that helps you feel healthy is something to strive for. Need a little inspo for the New Year? These 26 people shared their self-care goals for 2019 with Bustle, and they might motivate you to make your own self-care a priority this upcoming year.


Rachel, 25

Ae Cherayut/Shutterstock

Rachel, a behavioral aide, tells Bustle her self-care goal for this upcoming year is, "Getting and staying out of friendships or relationships that aren’t supportive."


Candace, 23

"[My goal is to] change my thinking habits," says Candace, a nutritionist. "I need to remind myself that I deserve good things and not question them, or wonder what bad thing I'm going to go through because of this good thing."


Gabe, 21

Gabe, a games dealer at a casino, explains his self-care goal is, "Not letting the people I work with talk down to me (customers and coworkers), whether it be 'jokingly,' or seriously."


Nicole, 38


Nicole, a relationships and sexuality coach, tells Bustle that leaving her abusive marriage is her 2019 self-care goal.


Michael, 22

"[I will] seek the right help with problems that lurk within my mind, and not lock my problems away until they build up to something worse that can be even more harmful to myself —physically and mentally," says Michael, a U.S. Marine.


Ashley, 29

Ashley, a doula and poet, says she'll practice self-care in 2019 by "reconnecting to ancestral healing practices, and engaging with food as medicine." ‌


Kenslee, 25

"If someone asks something of me, I'm going by the rule: if it’s not an enthusiastic 'yes,' it’s a 'f*ck no,''says Kenslee, a newborn care specialist. She adds that being less of a perfectionist, and taking time for herself without feeling guilty also top her list of self-care goals for this upcoming year.


Omi, 38

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Omi, a community builder, explains, "[I'm] not measuring my worth by the rejection of a white man — or any man — ever again."


Sydney, 27

"[I will] release perfectionist tendencies, and recognize that the expectation of perfection is actually a disservice to myself," says Sydney, a data analyst, adding that she will honor her time, "rather than constantly seeing a list of to-dos."


Darin, 29

Darin, an environmental lobbyist, says his goals of 2019 are to "Listen better, rest more, [and] work on calmness before action."


Jordan, 22

Jordan, a sex worker, explains she's most looking forward to incorporating mind-body practices into her self-care routine. "Trauma has cut off so much of my body intuition and I’m really excited to continue to connect my head and heart," she says.


Molly, 24

Mladen Zivkovic/Shutterstock

As a full-time student, Molly says establishing a "regular sleep schedule" is one of her primary self-care goals in this upcoming year.


Wendi, 48

"Because I’m facing such a daunting year next year, I’m going to spend the year healing and resting. If I’m not engaged in something that promotes healing, I’m going to be resting, and vice versa," says Wendi, a community organizer. "I also know I’m incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to do so, so I’ll definitely throw some gratitude in there somewhere, too."


Anna, 29

Anna, a server, says that she plans on seeing her therapist and psychiatrist more in 2019. "Seeing them regularly is one of my top methods of self-care," she explains.


Katie, 24

"Last year I took on my mental and reproductive health, and now it's time to tackle the rest," says Katie, an administrative assistant whose plan is to see a regular physician and dentist in 2019.


Lauren, 30


Lauren, a musician, says, "[I'm] working on ending codependent tendencies in relationships, and enforcing emotional boundaries to keep myself healthy."


Polly, 45

As a certified nursing assistant, Polly explains she's working on "recognizing that healthy habits make me happy and healthy," and intends to focus on personal health and fitness goals, rather than weight loss. Polly tells Bustle that paying her bills on time is another self-care goal of 2019, so she's less stressed about them.


Aubri, 32

"This [upcoming] year, I will wash my damn face," says Aubri, a child development director.


Ann, 41

Ann, a political consultant and life coach, says she is prioritizing the self-care goal of not allowing others to define her in 2019.


Beth, 23


"Generally, [I'm working on] being more disciplined in my healthy habits: diet, exercise, reading a book instead of scrolling, my budget, studying, household chores, and more," says Beth, a bartender.


Heidi, 39

Heidi, a disability advocate, is working on "not taking on everyone's emotional difficulties, while still being supportive."


Eileen, 44

Eileen, an assistant professor, says that her 2019 self-care goals center around "creating boundaries so that I don’t spend twelve hours at work each day."


Staci, 50

"I'm going to overcome my fears, and take tai chi and weightlifting classes," says Staci, a development director for a civil legal aid non-profit. "My body needs me to love it more."


Nikki, 25

Nikki, a muscian, explains that she's working on prioritizing her needs and wants in the New Year, instead of allowing others to sway her into doing what they want.


Shell, 34

"[I'm working on] believing in myself, and treating me as kindly and as carefully as I do others," Shell, an activist, says of her self-care goals for 2019.


Jessica, 38

Jessica, an activist, says, "After taking this year for me, 2019 will be all about living authentically."


Whether self-care means working on your boundaries, setting aside more time for yourself, or investing in activity that makes you feel healthier and stronger, incorporating it into 2019 goals will help you feel a little more grounded and prepared. Bring on the New Year!