26 Things Older Millennials Miss More Than Younger Millennials Do

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Millennials are often grouped together as one, despite the fact that the term affects a pretty large amount of time. The Census Bureau says that the millennial group describes people who were born between the years of 1982 and 2000. A lot happened during those years! Someone who grew up in 1982 experienced a completely different childhood and adolescence than someone who grew up in 2000. It doesn't seem correct to group those age groups together as having the same experiences. That's exactly why many have now split the millennial generation into Older Millennials and Younger Millennials — and there are things older millennials definitely miss more than younger millennials do.

If you were born between the years of 1982 and 1989, you're an Older Millennial. You were alive before the internet became a thing. You grew up, for the most part, without a computer. You didn't have a cell phone when you were a freshman in high school. You can vividly remember what it was like when you went on vacation and didn't have contact with anyone in your life for a few days. You definitely get that you're a millennial, but you don't always feel like one, and sometimes you resent being referred to as one. Your childhood was different than that of a Younger Millennial, and you're more than happy about that.

As an Older Millennial, I remember each and every one of the things on the list below. Some Younger Millennials who have older siblings might remember a few of these things as well, but in general, they are a lot more relatable to anyone born between the years of 1982 and 1989. Here are a few things that are going to make you really miss your childhood if you're an Older Millennial:

Cassette Mixtapes Made From The Radio

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was sit in front of the radio and create cassette tape mixtapes. It was so much fun to anxiously wait for your favorite song to come on so you could record it. By the time Young Millennials were able to do stuff like this, CDs existed and they could get music off the internet.

The Sound Of The AOL Dial-Up Noise

Ah, what a beautiful sound. You hated it way back when, when it seemed to go on forever and you thought you might never get online, but now? Now it's like listening to an old favorite song.

That Little Snake Game On Old-School Nokias

As an Older Millennial, you remember the old school Nokia phones well — and you know that, back then, there wasn't much to do with your phone except make calls, attempt to text, or play the original Snake game. Which was awesome.

Collecting Welch Jelly Cups

Older Millennials remember begging for Welch jelly they didn't even want just so they could keep the cute glass containers as glasses afterwards.

Excitedly Waiting To Get Pictures Back From Your Disposable Camera

By the time Younger Millennials were interested in taking photos, digital cameras were more of a thing. Older Millennials are more likely to remember the days of disposable cameras, specifically that excited feeling you got whenever you went to pick up the pictures you had taken with them. You never really knew what to expect, and it was so special to have that moment of discovering a truly awesome photo.


Older Millennials remember the joy of the Sony Walkman, a clunky, giant way to listen to your cassette mixtapes on the go. Not quite as streamlined as an iPod, but hey — you loved them.

Writing In Your Livejournal and Deadjournal

As an Older Millennial, you probably spent an embarrassing amount of time writing about your feelings in your Livejournal and/or Deadjournal (many of us had both). And then, for some reason, sharing them with all of your friends?

Decorating Your Xanga

If you weren't writing away on your online journal, you were decorating your Xanga, which was basically your way to show the world who you really were. It just usually involved a lot of ridiculous internet graphics that were sparkly and gigantic.

Getting A Voicemail From Someone Awesome

As an Older Millennial, you probably remember the excitement of getting an answering machine for the first time, as well as the excitement of being able to record a message for people to hear when they called and you weren't around. And let's not forget about the awesome feeling of seeing you have a message in general.

Watching SNICK & TGIF

What did Older Millennials do on the weekend? We watched TGIF and SNICK, of course. TV would be so much better if those came back, to be honest.

Pippi Longstocking

Younger Millennials just don't understand the joys of old-school Pippi Longstocking and her amazing hair.

Every Roald Dahl Book

Everyone misses Matilda, but Older Millennials know that Roald Dahl was one of the best authors ever, and grew up reading things like The BFG and The Witches. Ugh! Amazing!

Using Gelly Roll Pens

Only Older Millennials know that it was a sign of epic coolness to use many different Gelly Roll pens to write just about anything. It didn't matter that you could barely read some of the colors! It was worth it.

The Joys Of Hanson

Before all of the boy bands of today, Hanson was everything, especially to Older Millennials. You definitely had a poster of them in your bedroom.

Playing With and Collecting Pogs

Every Older Millennial knows that pogs were, and always will be, the best. Collecting them, searching through them, and spending all of your money on them was of the utmost importance.

Talking To Your Crush On AIM

Younger Millennials used AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) also, but most of them were probably too young to use it as a way of talking to your crush. Older Millennials remember the excited feeling they got when seeing their crush had signed on, as well as the crushing feeling of disappointment when they didn't an IM saying, "hey wuts up w/ u?"

Dedicating Actual Class Time To The Oregon Trail

I mean, come on. Was there anything better than playing Oregon Trail in your computer class? Because yes, Older Millennials had a computer class where we learned how to type and use the internet.

Getting Letters In The Mail

Young Millennials never really got to experience the excitement of getting a letter in the mail. Older Millennials really, really miss it.

Lisa Frank School Supplies

Lisa Frank is pretty popular, but it was definitely more popular when Older Millennials were growing up and buying school supplies. The folders! The stickers! It was awesome.

Going To The Scholastic Book Fair

Few days were better than the Scholastic Book Fair days. You got money from your parents, you walked around and bough books and silly little objects, and you got to see your friends. Awesome.

Going Roller Blading

Older Millennials used to rollerblade with friends, and a hot night out was a night at the skating rink. Let's do it again, for old times sake!

Shopping At Delia's

Delia's was the place to shop for every Older Millennial. So was the Alloy catalog.

Watching 'Clarissa Explains It All'

Younger Millennials might miss Sabrina The Teenage Witch, but Older Millennials know that it's Clarissa Explains It All that really deserves a comeback.

Getting Fashion Inspiration From Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

If you grew up as an Older Millennials, chances are good that these two were your style and beauty icons... for very different reasons than they are today.

Reading 'Sweet Valley High' & 'The Babysitter's Club'

Remember Elizabeth and Jessica?! And the entire Babysitter's Club?! Were YA books better for Older Millennials, or is it just me?

Crushing On Jonathan Taylor Thomas

If you were a straight Older Millennial, chances are good you loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas. What ever happened to him?!