29 Gifts For People Who Love Sloths
by Megan Grant

Ever since Etsy predicted that sloths would replace unicorns as the "it" animal in 2019, we all started feeling a little bit better about this unhealthy obsession we have with this furry creature, and all its creepily long toenails and seemingly permanent smile. With the rise of the sloth also comes a plethora of related swag, collectibles, and merchandise — like these 29 things for people who are obsessed with sloths. Because honestly, if you don't have a sloth garden statue in your front yard, what are you even doing with your life?

When you think about it, we probably relate so well to sloths because they're a lot like us. Here are just a few fun facts, courtesy of

  • Sloths are incredibly clumsy.
  • They sleep about 10 hours a day.
  • They prefer to be alone and only partner up to mate.

See? They're just like us — clumsy, tired, and love being alone except when they want to get laid.

They might not be majestic unicorns that can soar through the sky, but there's something to be said about hairy creatures that hang from trees and move impossibly slow. Why wait until 2019 to embrace your inner sloth-ness? These 29 items are available online and ready for the taking.