Sean Lowe's Dad Instagrams Are Almost Too Cute To Handle

Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only thing better than watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is following the adorable events that ensue post-show when a relationship works out. Which brings us, of course, to Sean Lowe's best dad posts on Instagram. As you may recall, Sean met his now-wife on Season 17 of The Bachelor, back when she was still Catherine Giudici. The two got married in January 2014. After a few years of wedded bliss, the Lowes welcomed a son, Samuel Thomas, in July 2016, and the rest is history. And a very public history, thank goodness, because it seems like the only thing Sean and Catherine are better at than being #parentgoals is documenting their life with a new baby.

Sean, in particular, has very strong caption game when it comes to photos of Samuel, and I could blow a whole afternoon scrolling back in his timeline checking out gems. One of my favorite things he does is pretend that Samuel is an adult and call him out for being a lazy bones, just for doing typical baby things like eating, sleeping, and pooping. When is Samuel going to start pulling his weight and get a job around here, huh? This family has supported him rent-free for long enough.

It seems like a wonderful adventure that the new family is on, and I think you'll very much appreciate being part of it. Just be careful, though, because some of these posts — especially the videos — are downright dangerous to the heart and ovaries, so just make sure you consult a doctor before continuing. Here are all the ways Sean Lowe is trying to put you in an early grave with adorable photos and videos of his baby.

1. By Starting Him Early

It's never too soon to join Bachelor Nation, and it looks like Samuel was instructed on the intricacies of the Rose Ceremony within weeks of being born.

2. By Pulling Out The Classic References

The caption on this one is, "I shall call him... Mini Me," so this kid is already up on his Austin Powers references.

3. By Showing Off His Naps

Under this one, Sean notes, "He's hit snooze six times this morning. It's not that he's lazy, he just lacks drive." What did I tell you about his caption game?

4. By Being A Perfectly Laid-Back Parent

Sometimes, you gotta eat chocolate-covered pretzels off your baby's head.

5. And Not Taking Himself Too Seriously

When you're a new parent, spit-ups happen, and it's great to see Sean have a good attitude about it.

6. By Spending That Quality Time With His Son

Please excuse me while I tend to my ovaries, for they have exploded and made a terrific mess.

7. By Showing That Loyalty

Sean is so committed to his alma mater, Kansas State, that he has "KSU" right in his Instagram handle, so it should be no surprise that he's raising his son to be a Wildcat.

8. By Being Willing To Look Silly On Camera

If I was a superhero, adults making themselves look foolish to make babies laugh would be my only weakness, and Sean would defeat me every time.

9. By Always Being One Step Ahead Of You

This might look like just your average cute photo, but the caption really takes it to the next level: "Watching football with my boy. Its cute how he mistook two deep zone for man coverage. He'll get there sooner or later." Pull it together, Samuel!

10. By Joking About Samuel Showboating

One of my favorite recurring jokes is that Samuel's always trying to prove what a big man he is, like when he orders a sandwich that's bigger than he is and swears he'll eat it all.

11. By Winning Halloween

Presented without comment, because you truly can't get better than this photo of the Lowe Family killing Halloween as the Addams Family.

12. By Calling Out His Son Whenever He's Being Gross

"They grow up and become disgusting so fast."

13. By Teaching Samuel All The Latest Dance Moves

If you aren't using your doctor's appointments to shake it out to "Shots," then what are you really doing with your life?

14. By Being A Truly Hands-On Parent

Sean makes a point of posting all the time about how grateful he is to Catherine for all the time and energy she puts into their family. And beyond that, he makes sure to give back by giving her some well-deserved time off as well, like in this photo, when he's on daddy duty walking Samuel around the mall, which he says he does once a week.

15. By Having Zero Hangups About His Kid's Looks

Sean is not the kind of parent who's self-conscious about whether his kid is cute or not, so he has zero problem comparing him to Charlie Brown, a cartoon, or even a volleyball.

16. By Never Missing A Holiday

Bet you didn't know there were Thanksgiving-themed costumes.

17. By Always Being Up For A Game Of Peekaboo

Father of the year over here.

18. By Never Being Above A Matching Photo

Bonus points for working in the dog, too.

19. By Providing Us With Endless Baby Giggles

Pure joy.

20. By Putting Samuel In Outfits Like This One

Tell my boss I can't come in today, I'm stuck at home looking at this.

21. By Always Keeping It Real

"This dude wants to stay up all night yelling at the top of his lungs and then act like everything's cool this morning. It's not cool bro." I don't think so, buddy.

22. By Pretending Samuel Is His Boss

This guy asks a lot of his employees, so get ready to burn the midnight oil for a while.

23. By Capturing Moments Like This One

Oh. My. God.

24. By Building His Son A Brand Before He's Even Walking

The caption here is, "On my way to steal your girl," and I am dying because yes, yes you are.

25. By Knowing When To Keep It Simple

The caption here is "Seniority rules," and you can't get much better than that.

26. By Staying Up On the Trends

Please allow me to introduce — Salt Bae-bee.

27. By Doing Anything For A Laugh

Have I mentioned yet how much I love people looking stupid and baby laughs? This is both.

28. By Portraying Genuine Challenges

He often posts about working from home — both he and Catherine seem to do it frequently — and the... ahem... challenges inherent in that setup.

29. By Always Knowing Who's Boss

It for sure is a challenge when your boss can't even read yet, so thanks for keeping it real, Sean!

I await many more daddy posts from the new father, brimming with this perfect combination of fake teasing, humor, and pure, unadulterated love and happiness.