3 Crystals For The May Full Moon To Help You Harness Its Energy

As moon waxes out of the recent new moon that took place on May 5, we are quickly approaching the intense May full moon in Scorpio, which will bloom brightly and in all its glory on Saturday, May 18. Scorpio is a water sign, and its energy is known for being sharp, passionate, secretive, and possessing a great emotional depth. Scorpio energy forces us to look at the truth — there's absolutely no hiding from it when our darling emotion-ruling moon is transiting through this powerful, transformative sign. If we want to take advantage of this luminary, embracing the negative and turning it into something beautiful is requisite.

"This Full Moon has the necessary juice to transform something negative into something positive," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. "It's a time to illuminate repressed feelings, dirty secrets, and other skeletons that have been rattling around in your inner closet." Letting go of the past is going to be a must. Facing hidden truths that you've been avoiding is another one.

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Diving into the depths of your emotions and psyche can be draining and even a little scary, but this full moon is illuminating it all so challenge yourself to rise to the opportunity. Using crystals for the May full moon can help soothe your worries, help you connect with the lunar power, and do a deep-clean of your subconscious to clear room for fresh, new excitement.

Here are three gorgeous crystals that vibe perfectly with the energy of the Scorpio full moon, plus some tips on exactly how to use them in your rituals to make the most of their powerful healing energy.


Labradorite Touchstone, $14.95, Energy Muse.

This cosmic, other-worldly stone looks like a regular rock on the outside, but upon inspection, it shimmers and shines with the most brilliant shades of blue and gold, like an evening sky. Labradorite is super helpful for any spiritual endeavor, including rituals to get in touch with your "higher self" or intuition. The Scorpio moon asks us to face hidden truths and wade through the waters of our subconscious, and labradorite is the perfect crystalline companion to guide you on that spiritual full moon journey.

How to use it: Simply keeping a piece of labradorite with you during this full moon weekend can help you tap into the transformative energy of the luminary, if you're willing to. "Wearing or carrying Labradorite allows one's innate magical powers to surface," explained Crystal Vaults on its site. "It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits in accessing Akashic records, psychic readings and past-life recall."


Onyx Crystal Pyramid, $9.95, Crystal Gemstone Shop.

In my opinion, onyx is a classic Scorpio-vibez crystal, making it perfect to work with under this full moon. Just as Scorpio's propensity toward intensity can be a double-edged sword, so can the power of the deep, dark, mystical onyx stone: "While Onyx was revered in many cultures, it was feared in others," wrote Crystal Vaults. "Over the centuries, metaphysical practitioners have come to appreciate the contradictory powers of Onyx and have learned to harness even its negative traits to achieve positive results ... [onyx] is perhaps the best talisman of Strength and Self-mastery on the planet." It's a highly protective stone, and a powerful one to use to connect with lunar, nighttime energy.

How to use it: Onyx is believed to be a powerful conduit for psychic development and spiritual work — and it's great for dream work, too, so use it in a dream ritual on the eve of the full moon. Before falling asleep, hold your onyx and focus on bringing to the surface of your mind any issues, energetic drains, or outdated habits that you've been carrying with you. Sleep with the onyx next to you. A special quality about onyx is that its thought to actually be able to store the memories of people who work with it, so when you wake up, trying scrying into the reflective surface of the stone. Take note of what it shows you: The subconscious messages that you dreamt of the night before may be revealed to you through the crystal.


Bronzite Tumble Stone, $1.62, Etsy.

The bronzite crystal is a grounding and purifying force of nature, which can help guide us toward the simplest, most sensible paths that lead to our wildest, most outlandish dreams. "[C]all on the Bronzite crystal to not just repel negative energy but also send it back to the owner," wrote Energy Muse on its site. "What lies ahead on your spiritual journey can be a daunting prospect, but when you live life with the full force of your soul and its true desires, get ready for your dreams to manifest into reality." This crystal has the dual power to pin you down to earth and keep your feet on the ground while also gassing up your self-esteem and encouraging you to reach for the stars.

How to use it: Do a crystal cleanse and charging ritual with your bronzite to program it with your full moon intention, as instructed by Energy Muse. The site advised, "one way to set your intention is by bringing awareness to your heart with a few deep breathes and observing the stillness within. On the inhale and exhale, let go of all negative emotions and grudges and feel the radiant light of harmony and stability shining bright within your soul."