Leo Season Is Going To Be A Bumpy Ride For All Zodiac Signs — Except These 3

Leo season 2018 begins with four planets retrograde, another starting its backspin July 26, and a full blood moon and total lunar eclipse July 27. It's safe to say that everyone is going to feel the effects of Leo season. However, the zodiac signs Leo season will affect the least won't get as bogged down in bajiggity cosmic chaos as other signs. Because the energy of bold Leo is at odds with Mercury retrograde's communication-kerfuffle vibes, some signs could feel the need to speak their minds and end up in intense arguments.

Luckily, for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius — yes, even the zodiac sign from whom this season gets its namesake! — the opposites-attract relationship between Leo season and myriad retrograde planets will actually work to your advantage. Don't question this karmic gift. Just go with it and enjoy a reprieve from summer 2018 cosmic dumpster fire. "As nurturing, heartfelt Cancer season draws to a close, Leo season turns our attention away from our cozy creature comforts, putting us under the proverbial spotlight to showcase our heart’s truest passions and desires," the Astro Twins noted on Astro Style.

"Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the force of our solar system. This is the sign that literally gives us life." Along with birthday-sign Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will also enjoy some time in the spotlight getting all the love they deserve.

While other signs are fumbling around in the dark and trying to smooth over misunderstandings, leader-of-the-zodiac, Aries will have no problem shaking off any dark and twisty vibes and feeling the warmth of the sun. For the ram, Leo season 2018 is all about play, spontaneity, and adventure, the Astro Twins revealed. During Leo season, Aries can do no wrong. You might have a social media post go viral, step into a new role, overhaul your wardrobe or even get a dramatic new haircut. Have the urge to shave your head? Do it.

For the birthday babes, Leo season will provide you with a teflon shield against this summer's ongoing cosmic chaos. Consider this your birthday gift from the universe, and don't forget to share the wealth. Throw yourself a big birthday party where you can take center stage. Your contagious energy can rejuvenate other signs that are having a more difficult time. Remind yourself that sharing your fiery spirit with others is not only kind, it's sure to bring you some good karma later when you're the one being held down by astrological energy.

Sagittarius, Leo season is going to have you thinking: Retrograde, what retrograde? The combination of Leo season, all things retrograde, and the full blood moon (and accompanying total lunar eclipse) are creating a cosmic cocktail that leaves you feeling euphoric. Nothing can bother you for the next four weeks, which means you'll be able to help other signs through rough patches without getting annoyed.

"We generally are looking to have more fun, express ourselves more freely, and get more attention for our actions and behaviors. We are more apt to show off our talents and skills during Leo Season 2018," Numerology Sign explained on its website. Sagittarius, this is you all day. Share yourself with the world and you'll most certainly receive many gifts in return.

For the next four weeks, the signs exhibiting these traits — Aries, Leo, Sagittarius — will experience the least amount of negative astrological effects. Hitch your wagon to their stars to increase the chances of some of that stardust rubbing off on you. In the end, everyone will get through Leo season with a little help from their friends.