31 Times Celebs Got Caught Checking Each Other Out On The Red Carpet

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Let's be honest, at one point or another, everybody has been guilty of checking somebody out. It's basically human nature and totally not always our fault. Right? Right. And from what I can tell in the celebrity world, it's also apparently very much the nature of the red carpet. When you consider that it's basically the showroom of terribly beautiful people in spectacular and sexy outfits, it's hardly a surprise to find celebrities caught checking each other out on the red carpet. Because, honestly? I definitely wouldn't know where to put my eyes during a situation like that. But then again, I also have no tact.

Thankfully, though, even when they're checking each other out, celebrities still maintain some sense of decorum with the whole thing. Not all celebrities caught ogling other celebs on the red carpet are simply having a gross peek at their peers. Not at all. Some of these people happened to be romantically involved at the time or were checking each other out in order to share a joke regarding the whole red carpet process. And sometimes, it's clearly just a couple of friends happily celebrating how phenomenal their buddy looks, which is something I have endless scores of applause for.

Whatever the reason, the red carpet often feels like the last place that kind of behavior should happen, which makes the following celebrity antics all the more amusing.

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