35 Unconventional Birthday Party Ideas For Adults, Because It's Time To Have Some Fun

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I'm the first to admit it: I'm kind of a birthday-zilla. Growing up with a big extended family, birthdays were basically celebrated all month long so everyone could get in on the celebrating — which meant multiple parties (and multiple cakes). And why not go big? It's an excuse to party. I have friends who aren't fans of celebrating birthdays as adults, which I get. Birthdays come with expectations, the stress of organizing it, that fear of getting older, plus no one ever wants to feel like they're forcing people to honor their existence.

But for real, it's one day (or one week, two weeks, a month, whatever) out of year that you get celebrate however you want to with whoever you want to, so why not make the most of it?

Whether you love birthdays or sort of dread them, there are a ton of ways to make these celebrations more exciting, fun, and unique. The first step? Thinking outside the box for the type of birthday party you'll have. By no means are you limited to a restaurant or bar.

Below are 35 unconventional birthday party ideas for adults, from scavenger hunts to cupcake crawls, because you've done the group dinner thing for 20-something years now and you deserve more.

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