39 Interesting Products On Amazon That Solve Problems You Never Thought You'd Solve

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For every problem, there's a solution — although it may be one you never thought existed in product form. Whether you're faced with a cleaning job that feels impossible or a pain that won't go away, these interesting products on Amazon that solve problems you never thought you'd solve are here to help and make your life easier.

These life-changing products truly run the gamut and touch upon a variety of categories that include cleaning, health, grooming, cooking, and even tech.

Not sure how the heck you're supposed to split open avocados without making a royal mess? Rest assured: there's a specially designed avocado slicer for the job. Tired of not being able to find your keys in the vast expanse that is your purse? The pocketed purse insert on this list keeps every single item you need perfectly organized and within reach.

Or maybe you desperately need a place to pile up your favorite books for nighttime reading, but your room is way to small for a night table. A genius product like a bedtime shelf that attaches to your bed is the simple solution you need (one that can hold up to 15 pounds).

Before you throw up your hands and give up on a problem that seems unsurmountable, check out this list of amazing products that can solve that dilemma in no time.

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