39 Surprisingly Ugly Products On Amazon That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

There's a popular saying that goes, "The best things come in small packages." There's also a lesser-known version that I personally prefer to abide by: "The ugliest products are sometimes the most useful, especially when it's one of the most brilliant products available on Amazon." Now, I know that probably seems a little specific and a little odd, but it's true.

For instance, my favorite exfoliating face mask is from Amazon, and it makes me look like a dying reptile shortly before it peels away to reveal a brightened complexion. The mega-retailer also offers egg separators designed to look like human faces, body pillows shaped like other people so you can pretend you're not sleeping alone, and colanders that look like spaghetti monsters — but those aren't even half of the strange but awesome Amazon products featured on this list.

So whether you're looking for some impulse purchases that you'll actually wind up using, or simply trying to impress your friends with some new, quirky products, there are tons of so-called gross Amazon products with high reviews; you just need to know where to look. (And in case you weren't sure, this is the absolute best place to start looking.)


This Egg Separator That Makes The Whites Look Like Snot

If you like egg-white omelets, baking, and gross things, you'll love the Mr. Sniffles egg separator. All you have to do is crack an egg into his head, then tip him forward — the egg whites will drip out of his nose like snot, and the yolk will remain safely inside his noggin. (For those who aren't big on eggs, you can also use Mr. Sniffles as a creepy gravy pourer or syrup dispenser.)


A Pillow That's Designed To Feel Like You're Being Cuddled

Some people prefer feeling like someone is lying next to them, and the Boyfriend Pillow acts as an adequate stand-in when you need it. This pillow is made with extra-fluffy cotton (so it's most likely softer than your potential partner), and it's hypoallergenic so that it won't irritate your skin. You can also give it as a gag gift to friends — plus many Amazon reviewers noted how it's actually "extremely comfortable" when used as a body pillow.


3. These Sunglasses That People Bought For 70s Parties But Kept On Wearing

One reviewer says they bought these FEISEDY sunglasses as part of a 70s costume "and they worked perfectly for that, but I just love them period." They're ideal for festival season, throwback outfits, and daring fashion trends. The metal frame is surprisingly sturdy, but each order comes with a carrying case for extra protection. Get them in nine different colors.


A Strainer Shaped Like A Spaghetti Monster

The OTOTO spaghetti monster strainer is a fun and quirky way to strain your pasta — or anything else you might be cooking. It's BPA-free and made with 100-percent food-safe materials, plus it's heat-resistant to stand up to boiling water, which means it's safe for the dishwasher. The eyeball handles keep your hands far away from any hot liquids, and reviewers say, "Fun, well designed and effective. What more can you ask for?"


The Pillow That Stimulates Pressure Points

If you find that you have trouble falling asleep at night due to tightness in your neck and shoulders, try using the Ajna acupressure pillow. The spikes on this pillow stimulate the trigger points in your muscles to help alleviate tension and soreness, plus it's thought to boost endorphins for improved relaxation and sleep. You can also use this pillow underneath your feet if you're experiencing soreness there, or to get the blood flowing in the morning.


A Pair Of Loose Overalls For A Cute Laid-Back Look

Made from light and breathable premium cotton, Aedvoouer overalls can be dressed up with some bangles and heels, or dressed down with a comfy shirt for a casual day out and about. The large, baggy fit makes them perfect for keeping cool during the summer, and you can also roll up the legs to play with their length on hotter days.


This Tiny Vacuum That Removes Dirt From Your Keyboard

Not only does this vacuum get rid of dust, hair, crumbs, and other scraps from your keyboard, but it also comes with a moldable green gel that you can press into difficult nooks and crannies. The vacuum comes with two different nozzles that allow you to get into tight spaces, plus the battery is rechargeable so you won't have to worry about stocking up on spares.


A Wearable Ice Pack That Wraps Around Your Head

Most ice packs require you to play the balancing game in order to keep them in place, whereas the Headache Hat is designed to wrap around your head so that it can quickly alleviate pain from migraines or cool you off during a hot-flash. It's made from cotton that's exceptionally breathable and soft, and you can also use it as an eye mask, neck pillow, or an ice pack on your legs and arms.


Some Hedgehog Dryer Balls That Help Your Laundry Dry Quicker

They may be shaped like adorable hedgehogs, but the hedgehog spikes on the Handy Laundry dryer balls are actually functional; they help to break up and aerate your laundry, allowing it to dry faster than it would with regular dryer sheets. The design is also great for helping to soften and massage your clothes so you don't need to use fabric softener, and because your laundry takes less time to dry, they also help save you money on your utility bills.


A Functional Fanny Pack That's Resistant To Water

With a slim profile despite its multiple pockets, the Waterfly fanny pack is perfect for jogging, hiking, or even just walking around town. Unlike other competing fanny packs, this one is resistant to water so that your belongings will be safe regardless of the activity, and the waist-belt is adjustable so that you can always find a comfortable fit.


The Cooling Globes That Help Shrink Your Pores

The Allegra M. France magic globes can help shrink pores, lessen under-eye puffiness, or soothe a headache. All you have to do is store them in the fridge and press them against your face once they're cold, which in turn stimulates circulation and shrinks pores. The cooling sensation may even help reduce sinus pain. You can get them in four different colors, and reviewers have given them a 4.3-star rating.


A Waterproof Walking Sandal With Added Arch Support

With a braided rope design, MEGNYA walking sandals are the ideal shoes to take on vacation with you. They're extremely comfortable and easily transition from beach, to boat, to dinner out. The midsole in these sandals is cushioned in order to give you extra arch support, and they're water-resistant so that you can easily wear them while doing outdoor activities. They're even adjustable so you can choose how tight or loose they fit.


A Derma Roller That Helps Increase Your Blood Circulation

If you've noticed your complexion isn't as bright as it used to be, try using the Lolysenta derma roller to increase blood flow and collagen production. Not only does this derma roller help boost elasticity, but it's less than a third of the cost of having a professional do it for you at a salon. Each order also comes with a protective carrying case so that you can easily keep it with you anywhere you go.


These Slippers That Help Keep Your Floors Clean

Using their microfiber fingers, Evriholder slippers are hard at work whenever you walk around your house, picking up any dust, pet hair, or dirt along the way. One size is designed to fit most, and the cleaning-pad bottoms detach via velcro so that you can pop them right into the washing machine. When they come out, they're like new and ready for more hassle-free chores.


The Crossbody Bag That You Can Easily Take Into Sporting Events

I can't tell you how many times I've had security hassle me about my handbag when I'm trying to see a Capitals game. Luckily, the Yocatech clear crossbody bag is completely transparent, giving security zero reasons to complain. It's waterproof and can also be worn as a messenger bag, handbag, or shoulder bag — plus the turn-lock closure keeps your valuables safe from any pickpockets in the area.


A Spot Treatment That Targets Acne With Light

If regular creams and serums have a tendency to irritate your skin, try the Neutrogena light therapy treatment instead. This pen-sized tool uses blue and red lights to target acne-causing bacteria as well as inflammation, and since there are zero harsh ingredients involved, even those with sensitive skin say it's a "great alternative." Last but not least, it's small enough that you can easily keep it in your purse for any emergency breakouts.


These Compression Socks To Lessen Pain And Inflammation

I make sure to wear a great pair of compression socks anytime I'm getting on a plane, because the added pressure helps to increase blood flow to my legs; this in turn helps prevent them from becoming sore and stiff while I'm sitting. These socks are also great to wear while you're playing sports or hiking, since the improved oxygen flow aids in muscle recovery — and the fabric is stretchy and breathable to keep you dry and comfortable.


A Spooky Vampire That Crushes Garlic With Ease

Prepping garlic can be a hassle. If you pop a clove into the OTOTO garlic twist crusher, on the other hand, your fingers stay far away from the knife and free of that pervasive scent. With a few twists, your clove is almost immediately crushed and ready for the pot. The materials are 100-percent BPA-free as well as food-safe, and besides — who can say "no" to that fun design?


A Hands-Free Foot Scrubber That Attaches To Your Shower Floor

No one likes bending over to clean their feet, and with the Messar foot scrubber, you never have to. Simply attach this scrubber to the floor of your shower using the powerful suction cups on the bottom; then when you're showering, drizzle some soap onto it and begin running your foot back and forth against the dual-sided bristles. There's a removable pumice stone built into the heel so that your feet get exfoliated, and the soft bristles easily clean in-between your toes.


This Bizarre Travel Pillow That's Revolutionizing On-The-Go Naps

Not only does the plush fabric feel incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin, but the Trtl neck pillow also has a flexible structure on the inside that helps keep your neck in an ergonomic position. It weighs less than half a pound so that you hardly notice it in your carry-on, but most importantly, reviewers say it's the "best travel pillow" they've ever tried.


The Sleep Mask That Contours To The Shape Of Your Face

It may look like a 3-D headset — but unlike other sleep masks, which exert pressure on the bridge of your nose and eyes, the Merssyria sleep mask is ergonomically contoured to allow space for your features. As a result, it's way more comfortable. It's made from 100-percent pure, soft cotton that's breathable so your face won't feel suffocated as you sleep, and the velcro band is adjustable depending on how loose or tight of a fit you prefer.


A Sun Visor With An Extra-Large Brim

Is it a hat? A visor? It's both. The CAMOLAND sun visor hat has the brim of an extra-large sunhat to protect your eyes, yet the open back of a visor so that your head doesn't get hot or sweaty. Not only does it allow you to easily wear a ponytail, but the breathable panel liner helps prevent moisture and chafing. Get it in two solid colors and four combinations.


The Chameleon Cable Protector That Eats Your Wires

Despite the description that says "chameleon," the Dreams cable bite sort of looks like it has a tail, a dorsal fin, and feet. Regardless of which animal it is, this handy accessory will prevent your lightning and USB cables from fraying where the plug meets the cable. And as an added bonus, you can even plug and unplug the charging cable into your phone without needing to remove the creature.


An Umbrella That You Can Use Completely Hands-Free

Sometimes you just don't have a free hand to carry an umbrella, which is why the Inoutdoorkit umbrella hat is so great. It's designed so that it can be adjusted to fit most head sizes, and the eight internal ribs are made from steel for added durability. It's large enough so that it covers all of your head and most of your body when it's raining, and it folds down into a compact size so it's easy to store in a backpack.


25.This Slime That Gets Dirt And Dust Out From Your Electronics

If you can't seem to reach those crumbs, dirt patches, and dust balls, try mushing the ColorCoral keyboard cleaner into those difficult nooks and crannies. Not only is this gel biodegradable, but it also won't stick to your hands, or release any funky chemical odors. Instead, the sweet lemon fragrance makes your work area smell clean, and it's reusable until it loses its grime-gripping power.


These Biodegradable Drain Cleaner Packs That Break Down Soap Scum And Oil

Whereas competing clog removers rely on potentially-toxic chemicals to dissolve the clog, these Green Gobbler packets use a biodegradable formula that's still super effective at unclogging grease, hair, soap scum, body oils, and lime buildup. You don't need to measure anything out, either — just dump the single-use packages down your clogged drain, and use the included hair grabber tool to loosen things up without getting dirty.


This Weird Sweatshirt That Feels Like A Cozy Blanket

By combining the softness of a fluffy sherpa blanket with the fit of an over-sized sweatshirt, THE COMFY blanket sweatshirt lets you keep warm and cozy no matter where you go. This sweatshirt covers you completely, yet allows you to walk around freely without dragging on the floor like a regular blanket would. One size is designed to fit all, and there's even a tube pocket in the front where you can store items.


A Face Mask That Helps Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

If you have a tendency to wake up with tired, puffy eyes no matter how many hours of sleep you get, try implementing the PerfeCore facial mask into your morning routine. You can store this mask in the refrigerator or freezer depending on how cold you like it, or you can even heat it up by popping it into the microwave; the micro-gel beads will retain the temperature either way. Get this mask in four different colors.


The Nasal Accessory That Prevents You From Snoring

For those who can't get their significant other to stop snoring (or for those who have trouble with it themselves) JAPSUN snore stoppers are worth a shot. These handy nasal plugs are vented so that you can still breathe easily, but they'll expand your airways so that you can no longer snore. They're designed to fit the natural shape of your nostrils, and they're completely reusable as long as you keep them clean and washed.


A Freaky Mold That Turns Your Boiled Eggs Into Skulls

Add some fun horror to your mornings with the Fred and Friends skull egg mold. All you have to do is remove the shell on your boiled egg before closing it into the mold; the eyes, teeth, and temple shapes are then automatically sliced away. It's made from 100-percent food-safe plastic, and there are no sharp edges where you could harm yourself. (It's also available in chick and dinosaur designs.)


These Elastic, High-Waisted Shorts For A 90s Throwback

Yeah, they might look like they're straight out of a Limited Too magazine, but Milumia high-waisted denim jean shorts have reviewers pretty thrilled. There are four pockets that aren't just for decoration so that you can actually carry your phone, and they can be dressed up with heels or down with sneakers. Last but not least, they're available in tons of colors and sizes and the elastic waistband is stretchy, comfortable, and adaptive.

  • Available Sizes: XL — 3XL


A Measuring Tape That Looks Like A Pug's Tongue

Sure, there are tons of life-changing inventors out there, but can we take a minute to appreciate the genius that it took to come up with the Paladone pug tape measure? It's unlikely to change any lives, but it's still a cute and practical desk accessory that can stretch out to 3.3 feet. It's a great gift for pet owners or as a gag, and the little button above his hind legs lets you easily retract the tape back into his mouth.


The Putty That Helps You Concentrate On The Task At Hand

Quirky little toys can be a great way to focus your mind and channel your fidgeting, which is what makes Crazy Aaron's thinking putty great for reviewers who have trouble sitting still. The colors change depending on the lighting so it's always visually interesting, and it's designed so that it won't dry out over time.


These Odd Masks That Help Plump Your Lips Before Showtime

Using ingredients like aloe vera, strawberry extract, and vitamins, CCbeauty lip masks aim to plump up your lips — all without a trip to the plastic surgeon. The pack of 20 adds moisture as well as shine, and the added collagen also helps to heal overly-chapped skin. "I will try and exfoliate away the dead skin and [then I'll] put one of these babies on," says one reviewer. "My lips look so much better when I am done."


A Pair Of Rain Boots That Cover Your Existing Shoes

Rain boots are obviously great in the rain, but they're not always suitable for work, outings, or events. These ARUNNERS rain boots covers simply cover your existing shoes so that they stay dry in the wet weather. They're made from 100-percent waterproof material that keeps your feet and shoes dry while you walk to your destination, and once it stops raining, you can just pop them into the included waterproof storage bag.


The Stool That Helps You Easily Eliminate Waste In The Bathroom

The Squatty Potty bathroom stool might look a little strange hugging your toilet, but reviewers say it's entirely changed their lives. This stool puts your body into a squatting position while you sit on the toilet, which helps align your intestines so that eliminating waste is easier. I actually own one, and I basically can't "go" anywhere without it — that's how much of a difference it makes.


A Splint That Alleviates Pain From Plantar Fasciitis While You Sleep

Covered with soft padding and supported by a flexible aluminum strip at the instep, the Enjoyee night splint is a great way to alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis while you sleep. It's designed to fit most feet regardless of whether you wear it on the left or right, plus the elastic straps are adjustable so that you can choose your ideal fit. As an added bonus, each order also comes with extra arch support and a spiky massage ball.


A Pack Of Facial Masks That Turn You Into An Animal

These Masque BAR animal face sheets are formulated with essential oils that help exfoliate away dead skin as well as detoxify your pores — plus, you only have to wear them for 10 minutes in order to feel the benefits. The best part? Just like the name implies, each sheet mask makes you look like the animal printed on its cover.


These Toe Separators Could Help With Pain, Bunions, And Hammer Toes

According to reviewers with hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or general foot pain, the AgileToes toe separators help to realign the bones and ease discomfort. Since they're made from soft, flexible, medical-grade gel, you can wear them with shoes or barefoot depending on what you've got planned for the day. They're also BPA-free and may help to improve dexterity in your feet.

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