The 4 Best Crystals To Meditate With During This Month’s Full Moon

Holly Mazour/Shutterstock

Known adorably as the "pink moon," the April 2019 full moon is taking place on Friday, April 19 and will rise in the airy, Venus-ruled sign of Libra — putting a spotlight on relationships of all kinds, and bringing resolution to some of the matters we've been dealing with over the course of the last couple lunar cycles.

It's important to note that this is the second consecutive full moon to take place in the zodiac sign of Libra (typically, because the moon only stays in each sign for approximately two and a half days, each lunar cycle will take place in a new zodiac sign — but in this case, both March and April 2019's full moons are in the same sign). "Astrologically, the Double Full Moon is characterized by making conscious the unconscious, or what was intended to keep hidden," explained WeMystic on its site. "As this [moon] occurs in the sign Libra, the main themes are the patterns or cycles in relationships, which merit a conclusion." Think of this second Libra full moon as an additional opportunity to review and reintegrate whatever was on your plate during last month's full moon.

Working with crystals is a great way to take full advantage of this second-chance pink moon, as crystal energy can help you navigate some of the more challenging astrological aspects that this luminary brings along with it. Here are four crystals for the April 2019 full moon to help soothe you, keep you grounded, and help you connect with the energy of this upcoming luminary.


Rhodochrosite Stones, $28, Etsy.

One of the most gentle and loving stones around, rhodochrosite is a major heart opener and healer, making it ideal to work with under the influence of a Libra full moon. With relationships under the spotlight, working with rhodochrosite will help you navigate issues with total compassion — for yourself and others. Plus, its gorgeous pink tone is the perfect complement to the pink moon.

How to use it: Use this healing stone to find clarity in relationship issues that may bubble up to the surface during this moon. "This stone strengthens one to go within the self for effective solutions to problems," explained Crystal Vaults. "[P]laced over the heart can gently help disentangle the ties of outgrown relationships."

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Cluster, $29.95, Energy Muse.

This full moon is rising opposite to Uranus, the planet of sudden change, which adds an element of major unpredictability to the lunar event. We're likely to feel impulsive and may even feel reckless, so working with smoky quartz is a brilliant way to help you plant both feet on the ground and stay sane. This crystal is protective against negative energy, and it's also one of the most grounding crystals around — so it can help temper some of your manic or anxious full-moon-induced impulses.

How to use it: Keep smoky quartz with you through the day during this full moon weekend and take a quick moment to connect with its energy anytime you're feeling over-intense. "For a quick midday pick-me-up, hold a stone in each hand and feel the calming waves of the Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties infusing your mind and body with its powerful yet gentle spiritual nutrition," advised Energy Muse.

Green Calcite

Raw Green Calcite Pocket Stone, $2.99, Etsy.

Calcite of all varieties, with its smooth, milky appearance, is soothing and calming to the spirit — and green calcite is especially helpful for anything related to the heart chakra. It's thought to be helpful for facilitating positive changes — something this full moon is a great time for — and it can help us to stay present and not put so much anxious emphasis on the future, which will keep us clear-headed in the midst of the full moon's chaos.

How to use it: The nourishing, gentle healing energy of green calcite is a refuge from the intensity of the world's troubles. If the energy of this full moon is overstimulating you, meditate with green calcite out in nature — or even indoors near some house plants! A little greenery combined with green calcite is a super healing combo.


Eudialyte Crystal Heart, $9, Etsy.

As you bring matters to their natural resolutions under this second 2019 Libra full moon, eudialyte can be a helpful tool for accepting changes gracefully and keeping an open mind to necessary endings — and subsequently, the new beginnings, too. Eudialyte is described by Crystal Vaults as a stone of understanding. "It is used to connect your conscious mind to your unconscious mind to allow you to understand your true desires and needs," wrote the site. "It helps overcome self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-deprecation."

How to use it: The gorgeous violet ray of eudialyte is the perfect conduit to help you connect with yourself spiritually. Use this crystal in some dream work rituals under the April full moon, or use it in a third eye meditation to help enhance your intuition to allow you to see what changes need to be made in your life.