4 Signs That Tayshia Could Be The Winner Of 'The Bachelor'

Josh Vertucci/ABC

It's finally here — The Bachelor is nearly over, and Colton will soon get down on one knee to propose to the woman of his dreams. There is, of course, a lot of speculation about just whom he will choose, and it's down to three — Tayshia, Hannah G., and Cassie. These are three amazing women, but in the end, Colton will only choose one to build a life with. And there's a good chance that Tayshia wins The Bachelor, at least based on some hints and clues dropped both on social media and along the season's way.

Tayshia and Colton may not have the fiery relationship that say, Hannah G. and Colton have, but they certainly do have a blast together. Tayshia and Colton's relationship has grown really organically (or as organically as a relationship can grow in six weeks), and they certainly seem to be on the same page when it comes to their feelings for each other. The one caveat is that Tayshia's family isn't exactly keen on her being with Colton.

On her hometown date, Tayshia's dad made it clear that he wasn't thrilled with his daughter marrying a man she's known for six weeks because he doesn't want her to get her heart broken again. So understandable. Maybe Tayshia and Colton will take their time in walking down the aisle, and then Tayshia's family can see that Colton really is the man that their daughter should be with. Here are some more reasons that Tayshia and Colton could end up together.

Tayshia Is Really Into Colton On Social Media

Girl, I thought you weren't supposed to post so much about your man if you win The Bachelor, but either Bachelor producers don't think it's a big deal or they don't care. Tayshia posts a lot about her time on The Bachelor which tends to make me think that she is still on The Bachelor, kind of.

She & Colton Share The Same Faith

Colton is very open about his Christian faith and beliefs, and Tayshia is, too. She speaks often in social media about her faith, and her Instagram profile even has the phrase "Psalm 46:5," which, if you look in the Bible, is: "God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day." Colton really wants a wife who shares the same foundational belief structure that he has, so already, Tayshia and Colton have a lot in common.

Tayshia May Not Get Along With The Other Girls

Tayshia's Instagram had plenty of posts of her and the other Bachelor contestants a few weeks before The Bachelor's finale, but those seem to have dwindled. Is it because Tayshia spilled the beans on Caelynn and Cassie wanting to be the star of The Bachelorette? Or is it because Tayshia was the one who went home with Colton (so to speak) and some of the other contestants are sad or jealous? Could be either, to be honest.

They Have So Much Fun Together

Colton is an open book, but he is still a pretty reserved guy. You have to be ready for new experiences in order to be the Bachelor, but Tayshia definitely takes Colton out of his comfort zone, and that's huge for him. She was the one who blindfolded him and took him on a joy ride during hometown dates — Colton needs someone to push him, and Tayshia is so that person.

Who will win Colton's season of The Bachelor? It's still up in the air, but I'd say Tayshia has a good shot.