Tayshia From 'The Bachelor' Won Over Fans On Twitter During The Most Recent Episode

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Rick Rowell; Kristina Schulman/Twitter

Colton Underwood is dating a lot of women on his Bachelor season, so there unfortunately isn't enough time in each two-hour episode to get to know all of the contestants. But during Monday night's episode, Tayshia became a Bachelor contestant Twitter is rooting for after mostly staying out of the spotlight. When she first got that one-on-one date card, there were plenty of Bachelor viewers asking on Twitter, "Who is that?" But that's only because she just didn't get much screen time previously.

Ultimately, fans went from asking "who?" to asking for more. Even if Colton doesn't end up falling in love with Tayshia, there are plenty of The Bachelor viewers who already did. The chemistry was there, the conversation had depth, and of course, she ended up nabbing that rose. It's safe to say that she will be around for a while. Most people may not have seen this coming, thanks to whoever edited the earlier episodes, but let's hope she gets significantly more screen time from this point forward.

Tayshia was a breath of fresh air after all of the petty pageant drama. She encouraged Colton to bungee jump, she somehow managed to jump feet-first, and she opened up about her divorce. It really seemed like a great date all-around, so Tayshia is certainly someone to keep an eye on this season. Or at least that's what the fandom thinks.


Who Is She?

Viewers did not see this one-on-one date coming. Tayshia did not get much time to shine during the first three episodes. Neverthelesss, we all know her now and love her.


She Took On Bungee Jumping

That bungee jumping date really serves as the perfect metaphor for The Bachelor. It's all about "falling in jump," taking "a leap of faith," and that's pretty much what fans witnessed. Their relationship definitely did move forward during that solo date.


She Poked Fun At Colton's Scream

When Colton took his jump he let out a high-pitched squeal. No one can blame Tayshia for not finding comfort in that before her own turn to jump.


She Shared Some Surprises

Tayshia revealed that she was previously married before coming on the show. No one saw that coming.


They Make A Good Match

They have a lot of chemistry together. They got deep with the conversation. There's a very good chance that Bachelor alum Kristina Schulman is right about the potential love story here.


She Would Be A Great Bachelorette

If she doesn't end up with Colton, will we end up with a whole season centered around Tayshia? She would absolutely kill it as the lead on The Bachelorette.


She FINALLY Made An Appearance

And now people just want more. The fans want to see more Tayshia and hear more about her life.


She's Great, But...

The fans love her! So, of course, she's not going to win, right? It seems like production is always trying to throw off the fandom with these edits.


She Needs More Screen Time

We want more Tayshia and we want it now. Or at least in every episode from this moment forward.


She Will Stick Around

There's no way she's not going to stick around for a while after that ocean makeout session.


Less Drama, More Love

Let's move away from the drama and focus on the potential love story. There's definitely a strong connection between Tayshia and Colton.

Fans didn't really know Tayshia at the beginning of the episode, but she truly won everyone over on her solo date with Colton. Let's hope we get to see a lot more from her in the upcoming episodes.