These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected By Aries Season The Least

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Come March 20, Aries season will officially be upon us. With it — not dissimilar to the fiery nature of the Aries sign — will come an uproarious energy that will ignite all kinds of intense reactions within all of the cosmos. That said, the zodiac signs Aries season will affect the least will actually be in store for a pretty tame, progressive, and healing month ahead. Yes, while some more... flammable signs (you know we love you, Aries!) will undergo an emotionally-charged high stakes kind-of-month, other signs will just be chillin' and doing positive things without any intensity whatsoever.

Aries season marks the very beginning of the zodiac solar year — it's like the solar system's New Year's Day, and is all about fresh starts and renewed attitudes. So with that, we can all expect to feel a little bit of encouragement from the universe. Fiery signs can expect to feel a super intense pressure to take chances, start new projects, take relationships to the next level, and make epic personal changes. Signs less affected by this intense energy due to the way Aries falls in their chart, will still feel motivation, just not in the same way. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about who and how:


Though you're usually a mega hustler, you'll actually be feeling a little bit off your game this month, but in the best possible way. When you get that urge to take a step back and recharge, take it. According to Thomas, "this is a healing and private zone in your chart, so trust the urge to remain behind closed doors. You may be planning big things to come or be even sleepier than usual." Aka, lean into those R&R vibes, your heavy lifting will come soon, this is not the time to be brazen — save your energy!


According to Thomas, "for some Leo, you’ll be drawn to travel or going back to school or even just pulled toward meditation. Trust this inner call because if you develop your own sense of curiosity, you can apply what you learn to your physical world." Meaning, this is going to be a big thinking month for you, more so than it is going to be a big doing month. But that's OK, you've got your eyes on the big picture and you're setting yourself up for a bright future, slowly and steadily.


While everyone around you turns up this Aries, season, you're going to be turning in. Thomas tells Bustle this is because "Aries falls in your intimacy sector, as well as puts a focus on the balance in your relationships." So, if you're in a serious and committed relationship, you'll be pretty focused on it, which will lead to some heady conversations about your dynamic and what does and what does not work. This process will be very helpful no matter what the outcome, so lean into it. However, if "you are on your solo adventure, there is less of an ability for this energy to manifest — you may simply be feeling more erotic and intimate at this time, so if you aren’t the type to just feel this with someone casually, you may just be spending more time daydreaming about what you want in your deepest of fantasies." Aka, if you're a single Virgo, looking for something serious, wait until next month when you have a bit more energy. If you're a single Virgo and looking for fun, there's a lot of it to be had.


Sometimes you have a tendency to block out the outside world and overanalyze your personal world. Aries season will be one of those times for you, so just think of it as a blueprint month. You're taking some time to map out your next steps and how you can live up to your greatest potential. "It’s OK to really take time to analyze the messages closest to your heart, so use this stimulation to consider how you can leave a bigger impact on the world through your voice and your vision. Then, later on, you’ll have created a plan to truly do just that," Thomas tells Bustle.