These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel The Wrath Of Mercury Retrograde The Most This Summer

by Brittany Bennett
David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just when you were beginning to believe that this summer's retrograde season was going to be a breeze, Mercury retrograde decides to storm in. The retrograde we all love to loathe is joining the retrograde rendezvous on Jul. 26 and sticking around until Aug. 17. While we'll all ~feel~ its arrival, there are some zodiac signs Mercury retrograde will affect the most during this summer. But, even if your sun sign feels the heat from the planetary slowdown more than others, your pool party isn't completely crashed.

Mercury retrograde, as we all know far too well, occurs around three to four times a year. Each time, countless people's travel plans and communication seem to spin out of control. E-mails send with regrettable typos. We book the wrong dates for our vacation. Our ability to articulate specific feelings seem to get lost in frustrating translation. While it may be tempting to set an "Out of Office" automatic message as "sorry, Mercury is retrograde," we must continue to function. And, thankfully, Mercury retrograde summer 2018 is mostly about slowing down.

According to Forever Conscious, "things are going to slow down and we may not have a lot of motivation or ambition to move forward." It might feel like we're all stuck in some sort of mid-summer rut. It's just that some zodiac signs might just feel like that rut is a little bit more accentuated. All Mercury retrograde periods have their end date and just remember: we've survived all the ones before.


Retrogrades are perfect opportunities to do as the planets do and slow down. Cancers will have to beware of classic communication blunders and might face a few set backs. According to Astrostyle, "A promising financial lead could ghost you, or a key meeting could be delayed." But a delay doesn't mean not-happening-canceled-forever. The Astro Twins remind the crab of the zodiac to use this extra time wisely and spiffy up projects in the works.


The mighty organizer of the zodiac might want to pencil in "Mercury retrograde." As per the advice of Cafe Astrology, now is not the time to begin new projects. Instead, it's prime time to revisit the past as Mercury's retrograde transits through your twelfth house of closure, according to Astrostyle. Any issues that have been recurring might have the opportunity to finally be categorized as finished. While revisiting the past can seem like a looming chore, taking care of unfinished business will rear its reward ... at some point.


Libra, Mercury is hard at werk in your sign through July. According to Cafe Astrology, "You have Mercury in your friend sector all month, inspiring your connections and communications with others. Mercury does clash with retrograde Mars on [July 4-5] and turns retrograde itself on the 25/26, however." Once the planet does turn direct, there's a chance that drama erupts on your social scene. Certain relationships — platonic or romantic — could seem fuzzy and hard to navigate.

Don't worry, the heavy handed forecast comes with a slice of positive advice. The astrology site assures Libras, "Try not to take disagreements personally and find ways to set your own pace rather than rely on others, who may not be moving at the right speed for your liking for the time being." Take this time to tune into you.


With Mercury retrograde, this mutable air sign might start to feel a little frustrated at the flow's significant slow down. Mercury will turn retrograde in your partnership sector which means misunderstandings might ~be a thing~. Watch the words your flinging from your mouth. Cafe Astrology forecasts says that "impatient communications" might lead to "a self-destructive way of shooting yourself in the foot." Neither you nor the significant person you're entangled with wants to deal with a major misunderstanding. Dearest air sign, take a deep breath and a hot second to formulate thoughts before spewing fire.