This Zodiac Sign Should Let Go Of One-Sided Friendships Next Month

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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For some signs, Scorpio season comes in like a tropical storm. The intensity of the energy turns the leaves if their lives upside-down and every little thing lights up with importance and severity. You'll want to know the zodiac signs that Scorpio season will affect the most, because if your sign is sensitive to this energy, you'll want some time to prepare for it.

Scorpios are negatively characterized often, to the point that it's popular to do so. But, it's unfair to do this: Scorpios get a bad reputation for being intense, but in reality, their intensity is mostly used for good. Your friends who are Scorpio zodiac signs are likely the the most charismatic people you know, and also the only people you know who are able to love deeply and and absolutely.

No matter what or who it is that has a Scorpio's heart — whether it's a hobby or a lover — that Scorpio gives it their everything. Catch a Scorpio on a bad day and you might notice that it's a little bit harder for them to pull their head out of the clouds than other signs, but as a whole, Scorpios are passionate, creative, loyal love bugs.

Bustle talked to astrologers Lisa Stardust and Didi Daze to identify the four signs that are honestly blessed to be strongly influenced by the Scorpio energy and here's what they predicted:



Scorpio's energy is going to inspire you to think deeply about your relationships, and that might ignite some serious change. As Stardust tells Bustle, you're going to be in the mood to reconcile and transform relationships, but you should know that it might lead to heartbreak, so be ready for all outcomes.



According to Daze, "your views are shifting now, allowing you to evolve your mindset," so don't be surprised if you find yourself on the opposite side of an argument. Any opportunity to open your mind is a good one, so explore these brave new thoughts and see where it takes you. Maybe there's something that you made up your mind on too quickly, maybe there's something you've been avoiding for all the wrong reasons. If your views were shaped in an unhealthy or unprogressive manor, they're going to change.



Show the people around you just how much they mean to you, and use this moment in the spotlight to be as expressive as you can. Remember that everyone else in in Scorpio season too, so now is the time to connect with people on the same level.



"The sun in Scorpio will be glowing over your house of career and the public image, making it the perfect time to change the perception people have of you for the better," Daze tells Bustle. If you've felt misunderstood or like you haven't been representing yourself in a way that feels authentic, now is the time to adjust. This is the beginning of a bigger clarification and transformation for you that will carry on throughout the year.