40 Cool Products On Amazon That You'll Get So Much Freakin' Use Out Of

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Even though it feels good in the moment, there's nothing worse for a budget than spending money without thinking about it first. For some people, that's shelling out $40 for sushi when they just went grocery shopping. For me, it's buying random products I don't need — but luckily, there's no better investment than some of the extremely useful products on Amazon. It's really putting my dollars to good use.

Not only does Amazon have quite the variety of products to choose from, but a ton of them are surprisingly affordable as well. You'd think that a bamboo drying rack would set you back at least $50, whereas on Amazon it's less than $20. And if paying $50 for professional gel manicures is beginning to put a dent in your wallet, you can even pick up a gel manicure kit (UV light included) for just $40.

Speaking from personal experience, it just takes a little bit of persistence to tame your spending habits. And it probably helps that the commerce team here at Bustle has found a ton of the genius products available on Amazon — all the research is basically done for you. So all you need to do now is sit down, kick back, and figure out whether you really need to eat a California roll for the fifth time this week.

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