40 Surprisingly Ugly Products On Amazon That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

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There's a popular saying that goes, "The best things come in small packages." There's also a lesser-known version that I personally prefer to abide by: "The ugliest products are sometimes the most useful, especially when it's one of the most brilliant products available on Amazon." Now, I know that probably seems a little specific and a little odd, but it's true.

For instance, my favorite exfoliating face mask is from Amazon, and it makes me look like a dying reptile shortly before it peels away to reveal a brightened complexion. The mega-retailer also offers egg separators designed to look like human faces, body pillows shaped like other people so you can pretend you're not sleeping alone, and colanders that look like spaghetti monsters — but those aren't even half of the strange but awesome Amazon products featured on this list.

So whether you're looking for some impulse purchases that you'll actually wind up using, or simply trying to impress your friends with some new, quirky products, there are tons of so-called gross Amazon products with high reviews; you just need to know where to look. (And in case you weren't sure, this is the absolute best place to start looking.)

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