40 Things That Make Having A Pet 10x Less Gross

Schnauzer Dog grooming

Your pet is your best friend, part of your family, your fur baby, and you can't imagine life without them. But that feeling of joy also comes with stains, odors, debris, and dander that can wreak havoc on your home. These 40 things that make having a pet less gross alleviate some of the nuisance of cleaning up after your dog, cat, bird, or fish so you can focus more on the joys of being a pet owner.

No matter how much you love your pet, there some nasty cleaning jobs you would probably prefer not to do — this list of genius products for pet owners is here to provide some relief. Products like fur deodorizing sprays, waterproof blankets, fish tank cleaning tools, and paw cleaning cups can help to keep your home spotless. Then, there are other smart pet products that may seem odd at first, but are actually amazing — like soothing fingertip toothbrushes, cooling mats for hot days, and calming treats that keep your pet clean, healthy, and comfortable on a daily basis.

Whether you're an avid pet lover or just dog sitting for a friend, keep scrolling to find dozens of items that make having a pet in your home feel a whole lot less gross.

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A Stain And Odor Remover That's Orange Scented

Get rid of nasty pet stains and odors using this oxy formula cleaning spray. It works to eliminate debris and smells left behind from dirt, grime, urine, feces, and more. This formula is safe to use on floors, carpets, furniture, clothing, and more. It comes in a fruity, orange scent that you're going to love and that will have your home smelling great in no time at all.


This Pack Of Dog Poop Bags Is Safe For You And The Environment

These extra strength dog poop bags make cleaning up after your pup easier than ever before. They promise to be 100-percent leak-proof and are made of lavender scented, odor-blocking recyclable materials that are safe for both you and the environment. This set offers 270 in total so they're sure to last you for a very long time to come.


The Transportable Dog Water Bottle That Doesn't Leak

Your pet will be able to easily drink from this transportable dog water bottle. It's super easy to use, offering one-hand operation, while the bottle's BPA-free materials safeguard your pet from toxins. Thanks to its leak-proof design, this bottle carries with you easily wherever you and your pup may go.


These Natural Dog Treats That Fight Plaque And Tartar

Keep bad doggie breath at bay with these dental dog treats. Made of natural ingredients that are nutritious and easy on the tummy, they work to keep teeth and gums healthy by fighting plaque and tartar while preventing puppy halitosis. They come in a box of 130 and offer a a great flavor that your pet is sure to love.


A Grooming Brush With Retractable Blades

Keep your cat or dog's shedding under control with this neatly designed grooming brush. It works by gently helping to remove dander and hairs from your pet's top and undercoat. The device features retractable stainless steel blades, which make it super easy to clean, while the ergonomic grip makes it simple to handle.


The No Chew Spray That Deters Your Dog From Ruining Important Items

Stop your dog from ruining your shoes and other items with this no chew spray. It's formulated with cayenne pepper and citronella and contains all nontoxic ingredients, making it safe for your pet and family, as well as objects that you may need to spray it on.


A Tick Removing Device That Dislodges Parasites Without The Use Of Chemicals

Remove ticks from people and pets without squeezing and pain with this tick removing device. The kit comes with two hooks designed to dislodge ticks of any size within seconds, creating a method that keeps your family safe from parasite-borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease, without the use of harsh chemicals.


The Waste Bag Carrier So You Won't Have To Carry Your Dog's Poop Bags

You'll never have to worry about carrying a poop bag around again thanks to this waste bag carrier. This device totes both used and unused bags and is compatible with any leash and bag type. It's super easy to attach and remove as needed, allowing for a hands-free experience as you spend time walking your dog.


This Probiotic Pet Shampoo And Conditioner Keeps Your Dog Feeling And Smelling Great

Safeguard your dogs from shedding, dryness, and odors with this probiotic pet shampoo and conditioner. Made of a blend of avocado oil and omega-3, this multitasking solution soothes and conditions your dog's coat, keeping it healthy and glowing under all conditions. It's sulfate and paraben-free, offering a pH-balanced option for your doggie's skin care.


These Pet Calming Treats Help Curb Your Dog's Anxiety

Use these pet calming treats to soothe your dog's stress and anxiety. Soft and chewy, these non-GMO snacks are made of stress-relieving ingredients like hemp meal, chamomile, and valerian that help to heal and nurture your pup's nervous system. They're additionally great for reducing aggression and can be used as a travel support supplement to curb anxiousness when taking your pet on the road.


A Waterproof Dog Blanket That's Made Of Snuggly Fleece

Protect your bed or sofa while giving your pet a cozy place to lounge with this waterproof dog blanket. Designed to safeguard against urine, saliva, dander, scratching, chewing, and more, this cover is perfect for any space. It's made of warm and snuggly sherpa and fleece and comes in various colors and sizes that makes it just as great for large dogs as it is for small kittens.


A Dog Eye Stain Remover That Also Helps Remove Fleas, Lice And Ticks

This dog eye stain remover gently lifts and whisks away built-up clusters that may form around your dog's eye, nose, whiskers, and paws. The handheld, two-piece tool is perfect for all breeds and can also be used to rid your pet of fleas, lice, ticks, and more.


This Wax Stick That Protects Your Dog's Paws

Protect your pet's paws from becoming sore and cracked with this paw protection wax stick. It's made of is nourishing shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil and comes in an easy applicator that makes is simple to rub into your pet's paws when you're on the go.


The Portable Shower For Dogs That Allows You To Rinse Your Pet Before Coming Into The House

Give your pet a quick rinsing with this portable outdoor shower for dogs. The shower head screws onto the top of any 16 ounce to 2 liter bottle, allowing you to transform it into a quick rinsing device for pets, kids, and adults so you won't have to track mud, dirt, or sand into your house.


This Drinking Bowl That Eliminates Mess

This water dispenser bowl helps to alleviate mess left behind from your pet's drinking bowl. The device works with a floating disk that's designed to slow down your animal's drinking speed, in turn, stopping water from getting all over your floor. It prevents overflowing and has a capacity large enough to satisfy your pup for the entire day.


A Pet Seat Cover Large Enough To Fit The Entire Back Row Of Your Vehicle

Keep your car in tip-top shape with this pet back seat cover protector. This waterproof cover is super easy to install and is designed to cover all four sides of the rear of your vehicle, preventing the area from becoming stained or wet. It comes complete with a storage space that also holds all of your dog's small necessities.


The Fur Ball Remedy That Protects Your Cats' Digestive System

This chicken-flavored fur ball remedy gel can help reduce and ease the occurrence of hair swallowing that can cause pain and damage to your cat's digestive system and throat. It's formulated with vitamin E, soybean oil, rosemary extract, and cod liver oil to keep your pet happy, healthy, and feeling great.


A Brush That Effectively Cleans Your Bird Feeder Brush

If you're a bird lover, this bird feeder cleaning brush is going to be just the thing you need. It's compatible with all tubular-style feeders, reaching up to 24 inches to help you maintain the cleanliness of your bird's feeding space. This one is made with soft bristles that won't damage or scratch surfaces.


These Pet Grooming Wipes That Eliminate Odor And Dirt

Eliminate odor and dirt with these pet grooming wipes. Made with lavender oil and aloe, these moisturizing wipes are great to use on your pets after walks, bathroom runs or anytime they needs to be freshened up. The disposable cloths are hypoallergenic and nontoxic, making them safe for animals with delicate or sensitive skin.


An Innovative Cat Litter Mat That Catches And Traps Loose Litter

Keep your cat from tracking litter all over your floors — while saving a bit of money in the long run — with this uniquely designed cat litter mat. The waterproof mat has large honeycomb holes that collect litter as your cat walks and an envelope design that traps debris inside until you're ready to discard it or transfer it back into a litter box. The nontoxic mat also cleans like a dream.


An Anti-Scratch Tape That Trains Your Cat And Protects Your Furniture From Being Damaged

Deter your cat's scratching habit and protect your furniture and other belongings with this premium anti-scratch cat training tape. These large sheets are made from durable materials that are nontoxic and safe for your kitty. Each piece comes in a transparent and non-damaging design that won't affect your decor, making it a happy home for both you and your pet.


A Microfiber Grooming Towel Soaks Up To Five Times More Water Than Ordinary Towels

Soak up water and dirt after an outing or bath with this microfiber grooming towel. This oversized towel absorbs up to five times more liquid and grime than regular towels, keeping both your home and pet neat and comfortable. Made to be tossed in the washing machine for easy laundering, these grooming towels come in variety of colors and patterns (including cute paw prints).


These Pet Toothbrushes That Fit On The Tip Of Your Finger

Keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy with these fingertip toothbrushes. They're tiny enough to fit on the top of your forefinger and help reduce the occurrence of plaque, tartar, bad breath, and more. The washable, reusable brushes feature soft bristles and fit easily into small areas for more precise cleaning.


These Pet Grooming Brush Gloves That Remove Loose Dirt And Hair

These gentle grooming pet gloves quickly and effectively reduce the amount of fur and pet hair that gets tracked around your house and car. Simply put them on, massage your pet, and allow the soothing silicone bristles on the palm to brush away and trap loose dirt and hair from your cat or dog's coat. The set comes with two gloves for each hand.


A Pet Shower Sprayer That Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors

Pamper your pup with the relaxing feel of this pet shower sprayer attachment. It comes in a contoured shape that offers a convenient, thorough, and more speedy washing for dogs of all sizes. This device can be easily installed in your shower or attached to your outside water hose.


This 85-Piece Pet First Aid Kit

Create peace of mind for your household with this pet first aid kit. The waterproof tote contains 85 pieces of medical grade supplies designed with your pet's well being and safety in mind, including first aid tape, scissors, bandages, emergency blankets, tongue depressors, tweezers, nail trimmers, and more.


A Pet Hair Dryer That Brushes And Dries At The Same Time

Give your pet the total salon treatment using this pet hair dryer. Great for after bath time, it features two temperature speeds and comes with soft bristles that help brush through your pet's coat to remove knots and matting as you go along.


The Nail Grinder That's Painless, Cordless And Quiet To Use

This cordless nail grinder grooms your pet's nails quickly and effectively without pain or noise that may cause stress or anxiety. The device comes with two different speeds, three grinding ports, and is completely portable and rechargeable for simple use.


These Fish Tank Cleaning Tools Will Keep Your Aquarium Spotless

These fish tank cleaning tools make cleaning your tank easier than ever before. The set contains a siphon, net, algae scraper, sponge, plant fork, and gravel rake that work together to keep your tank free of debris and odor. Each piece is made with durable plastic that should work for years on end, keeping your fish healthy and tank in pristine condition.


This Gentle Ear Cleansing Solution That Is Effective For Cats And Dogs

Clean and deodorize your pet's ear canal using this pet ear cleansing solution for dogs and cats. This product is formulated with alcohol and lactic acid to cleanse while softening the surrounding skin. It's blended with soothing aloe vera and is gentle enough for use during every bathing session with your four legged friend.


A Washable Cooling Mat For Hot Days

Use this cooling mat to keep your dog or cat chill and comfortable during warmer months. These breathable pads are double sided and can be laundered in the washing machine after use. They come in various sizes and can be used inside of your pet's bed, on the ground, lawn, car seat, or any other place they could benefit from a cool down.


This Mini Algae Scraper That Uses A Magnet To Keep Your Tank Clean

These magnetic mini algae scrapers keep your fish tank neat and clean without scraping or damaging its glass or acrylic surface. The device, which is available in various colors, features strong cleaning power that stays magnetized inside your tank for up to three years, keeping your tank and its accessories clear of debris and algae for an extended period of time.


A Paw Cleaning Cup That Cleanses Muddy Paws In An Instant

Perfect for larger dogs, this paw cleaner helps get rid of all the dirt and grime that collects on the bottom of your pup's paws. Made of quality silicone, this cup-like device is designed to be filled with water and soap for your pet's paws to be dipped in while soft interior bristles gently whisk away trapped debris. You simply insert the dirty paw, twist a few times, remove, and repeat.


These Doggie Toothbrushes That Double As Chew Toys

Part dog toothbrush, part chew toy, your pooch will be so caught up playing with these natural rubber pet toothbrushes they won't even know they are simultaneously removing food debris, plaque, and more from their teeth and gums. The brushes come in two sizes for dogs that weigh between 20 and 90 pounds.


This Healthy Salmon Oil That Mixes Into Your Pet's Food

This nourishing salmon oil is a great healthy treat for cats and dogs. It is formulated with all-natural ingredients and omega fatty acids that nurture your pet's coat, joints, heart, and immune system. The supplement works well with your pet's existing food — simply mix in a few drops to keep them both happy and healthy.


A Lavender Pet Spray That Deodorizes Your Dog In Between Baths

Keep your dogs smelling fresh and clean in between grooming with this natural lavender and primrose pet spray. The formula is sulfate, paraben, and tear-free and made of ingredients that also help to calm your pet's stress and anxiety. To use, you simply spray it on and wipe your dog down for quick, easy, rinse-free deodorizing.


A Dry Dog Shampoo That's Gentle On Sensitive Skin

This dry shampoo for dogs will extend the time in between your pet's bathing schedule. The waterless shampoo deodorizes and a smoothes the coat, helping to detangle and cleanse. It's made of super gentle and nontoxic ingredients that are great for pups with dry and/or more sensitive skin. It comes in three scents: lavender, oatmeal, and lemongrass.


An Unscented Odor Neutralizer That's Completely Natural

Made of plant derived ingredients, this odor neutralizer helps to get rid of your pet's unpleasant scents. This product is completely odorless and works by simply spraying it onto your pet's coat or other items in your home that may be in need of freshening.


This Cat Litter Scoop That Sifts Through Your Litter Box In Seconds

Using this cat litter scoop will help you sift through your kitty's litter box in just seconds. It's made of gridded, stainless steel coated wire, with a sturdy handle that makes lifting up debris a breeze. It comes in five different colors.


A Pet Waste Cleaner That Has A Rotating Bin For Easy Collection And Dumping

Scoop up your pet's waste with ease using this swivel bin and rake pooper scooper. The rake is great for use on various surfaces such as grass and dirt, while the lightweight swiveling bin provides a quick and easy way to collect and dump waste with minimal contact.