40 Weirdo Products On Amazon That Keep Selling Out (Like $20 Salt Blocks For Your Feet)

Two things are true about great products: they don't have to cost a fortune to be effective and labeling them as "weird" sometimes simply means they are uniquely addressing a problem you never knew you had. These 40 weird products on Amazon that keep selling out are proof of that.

All of the bizarre products on this list share something in common: customers have looked right past their quirkiness to come to the conclusion that they are so helpful in addressing one or more of their needs. Even better: these affordable products have the kind of following you'd expect from items that cost triple the price.

So, what can you expect to find on this weird list?

How about an acne clearing lotion for your butt or a money-saving spatula that digs up every last drop of lotion or serum from bottles and jars? There's also miscellaneous products like a wearable umbrella hat, a back-stretching device, and a battery charger that can charge up to eight batteries at once.

Whether you're in the market for a better pillowcase that won't give you bed head or you could really use an inflatable seat cushion that makes your office chair more comfortable, this is the list where you'll find unusual — and unusually useful products.

1. A Donut-Shaped Power Strip To Charge All Of Your Devices At Once

This uniquely designed donut-shape power strip doesn't make devices compete for charging time. It boasts three outlets and three charging ports, making it possible to charge all of your phones and tablets, while also keeping your computer and lamp plugged in. The travel-friendly port features a 15-inch extension cord and it comes in black, white, or red.

2. This Secure And Portable Safe For Worry-Free Travel

Traveling with valuables can stress anyone out. But this amazing portable safe with lockbox alleviates worry because it fits jewelry, money, cards, and other important items inside of a roomy water and rust-resistant body. You have a choice of opening the safe with a key or a three-digit combination and it even boasts earphone and charger access. Choose among six colors.

3. An Energy-Boosting Coffee Drink With Organic Mushrooms

Most coffees can give you a little boost in the morning, but this mushroom coffee takes things 10 steps further with the addition of organic Lion's Mane mushroom, a nootropic that is known for its power to support memory, concentration, and focus. You won't have to worry about your coffee actually tasting like mushrooms, and it's vegan and free of gluten. This portable coffee requires nothing more than hot water to get it ready.

4. These Relaxing Himalayan Salt Blocks For Your Feet

This set of two Himalayan salt blocks were designed to deliver a detoxing and relaxing treatment — all for your tired, aching feet. The all-natural blocks cleanse and exfoliate feet with pure salt and help draw out toxins from the body.

5. A Wireless Doorbell With Adjustable Chime Sounds And Volume

Change things up on a daily basis with this fun wireless doorbell, which offers an option of 52 doorbell tones and four volume levels. The set comes with a plug-in receiver unit that fits in any outlet and a remote transmitter button. It even comes in a different colors like lime green, yellow, and pink red.

6. This Tongue Cleaner That Gets Rid Of Bacteria And Germs

Your best oral hygiene can be achieved with both a toothbrush and this amazing tongue cleaner that features bristles and four tongue scrapers to lift up bacteria, germs, and food particles. One reviewer writes: "I used to be that person who used their toothbrush to scrub their tongue. NO LONGER! This product is absolutely AMAZING. The brush allows you to dislodge the yucky buildup on your tongue, and the scraper allows you to collect it and remove it all. It's oddly satisfying to see everything come off."

7. The Six-In-One Screwdriver Pen To Get You Out Of Every Jam

It would be difficult to find a better multi-tool than this one: a six-in-one screwdriver pen that can be used as a bubble level, ruler, Phillips flathead, screwdriver, and stylus. The pack of two tools are so compact they fit right in your pocket or purse and they come in seven color options.

8. These Wearable Charcoal Pads That Neutralize Gas Odors

Don't spend even a second worrying about bad odors that occur when gas accidentally happens. These wearable gas neutralizer pads are made from activated charcoal that instantly neutralizes bad odors so that people around you are completely unaware of your accident. The disposable pads self-adhere to clothing and come five in a pack.

9. These Waterproof Garden Gloves With Serious Claws

Protect your hands and get some serious gardening accomplished with these waterproof garden gloves, which have four built-in claws on each hand for digging in the dirt. The pair of gloves are one size fits most and come in green, purple, or brown.

10. A Set Of Portable Screwdrivers That Fit On Your Keychain

Be ready for anything when you attach these compact, portable screwdrivers to your keychain — just in case. Made from quality steel, the two-piece set includes a Phillips head screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and a ring. It comes in black, white, or black and white.

11. An Umbrella Hat That Frees Up Your Hands And Has You Covered At All Times

Whether you're out fishing, gardening, or just strolling with the dogs, this umbrella hat sits firmly and steadily on your head to cover you from the elements while freeing up your hands. The lightweight umbrella has a silver coating cloth that keeps the sun's rays from being absorbed. It has an adjustable headband for the perfect fit and comes in three colors.

12. This Glass Weather Predictor That Doubles As A Conversation Piece

It may not accurately predict the weather with 100 percent precision, but this unique glass weather forecaster is one of the most interesting centerpieces you'll own — one that also just happens to serve as a barometer, using a technique that was invented in the 17th century. It's more of a way to interpret if a storm might come, but it's beautiful nonetheless. One reviewer writes that it comes with a "brochure outlining the techniques is developing the storm glass, including its history over the years and instructions to read and interpret the weather."

13. The Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Still looking for a quality aluminum-free natural deodorant that actually keeps you dry and free from odors for longer than an hour or two? The search is over: this vegan solid lotion bar boasts more than 6,000 reviews and relies on pure ingredients like coconut oil and tapioca starch to get the job done. And reviewers say it really does work. One raves: "Overall, this is the best deodorant I've used in my lifetime, organic or not, and I'm glad I decided to make the switch. It is just as effective if not more so that non-aluminum based products for both deodorizing and anti-perspirant but without clogging the pores with harmful ingredients."

14. An All-Natural Cleaner Made With Plant-Derived Ingredients

This incredibly popular natural cleaning spray is made with plant-based ingredients that are powerful enough to remove dirt, grease, and grime from a variety of household surfaces. The non-toxic cleaner is safe around children and pets and is perfect for anything from finished wood to stainless steel.

15. The Smart Battery Charger That Can Charge Up To Eight Batteries At Once

Use this battery charger when you want to save serious time: it has slots that can fit and charge up to eight rechargeable AA or AAA batteries at once. The charger even has a smart indicator that lights up red when batteries are charging and green when they are ready.

16. A Therapeutic Cold Or Hot Pack That Relieves Tense Muscles

Use this hot or cold pack (your choice) on injured areas of your body or tense, overworked muscles to benefit from fast comfort and relief. The large pad can be placed in the freezer, fridge, or microwave and stays completely flexible, making it perfect for areas of your body like your knees and back. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

17. This Money-Saving Spatula That Gets Out Every Drop Of Product

There's nothing more infuriating that throwing out an expensive beauty cream or lotion because you can't access the product still left inside. This genius beauty spatula saves you money by reaching deep into containers or bottles and getting out every last drop. The applicator is also washable and reusable and doubles as a blending tool.

18. These Useful Corn Holders That Are Shaped Like Adorable Dogs

Of course it's always helpful to hold your corn by something other than a hot corn stalk. But if you're going to buy corn holders, it doesn't cuter than these dog-shaped holders, which have stainless steel prongs and are in the shape of a dachshund. The set of eight holders also come in other animal and food or beverage shapes: cow, pig, popcorn, and even beer.

19. A Public Toilet Survival Kit To Make Your Inner Germaphobe Happy

If just the thought of using a germ-ridden public toilet creeps you out, you need this public toilet survival kit in your life. The kit includes one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and one pair of latex-free disposable gloves.

20. The Skin De-Puffing Jade Roller For An At-Home Facial

If your skin feels swollen and puffy from a lack of sleep, or if you're suffering from sinus pain from hell, give this cooling jade roller a whirl. The roller, which also comes with a Gua sha tool, can be stored in the fridge and stays cold for a long time — perfect for de-puffing tired eyes. It also helps serums and moisturizers sink into the skin better, too.

21. The Super Silky Pillowcase That's Gentle On Skin And Hair

Rest your head on a cloud — this zippered silk pillowcase is as close as you'll get to it. Made from 100 percent hypoallergenic mulberry silk, this pillowcase is gentler on your skin and hair (hello, no more bedhead). And it comes in seven sizes and 35 colors.

22. An In-Drawer Knife Organizer That Frees Up Counter Space

Free up major counter space by swapping cumbersome knife blocks for this much sleeker in-drawer knife block, which fits up to 15 knives. The block is made from quality, sustainable bamboo and features carved slots that make it easier to pick up and deposit knives.

23. This Self-Massager And Back Stretcher For Comfort From Pain

Relieve back pain and aches with this simple, but effective back stretcher, which doubles as a self massager. The massager provides lumbar support for your lower back and features several acupressure massage points that hit all of the right spots.

24. These Non-Stick Copper Baking Sheets That You Can Reuse

Keep food from sticking and save money (and the planet) when you switch from disposable foils to these copper non-stick baking mat, which come three in a pack. The washable, reusable (and dishwasher-safe) mats are perfect for your barbecue, oven, or grill.

25. The Sweat-Proof Bra Liner That Absorb Moisture And Keep Clothes Dry

Prevent uncomfortable chafing and keep your clothing from getting wet and suffering from sweat stains by simply inserting these moisture-wicking bra liners beneath your bra. The one-size-fits-all liners are made from bamboo and spandex and come in black, nude, and pink.

26. A Natural Stain-Removing Stick Powerful Enough To Get Rid Of Red Wine Spills

No matter what nasty stain life throws at you — even the most dreaded ones like red wine, chocolate, or grease — this natural stain-removing stick attacks them and lifts them up from surfaces like clothing and carpet. The stick is completely free of toxins and dyes and is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

27. An Aloe-Infused Pair Of Socks That Moisturize Dry Feet

When your dry, cracked feet need a soothing spa treatment — but you're way too busy to stop and visit an actual spa — these aloe-infused socks are the next best thing. The comfortable, hydrating socks are warm and fuzzy on the outside, with a hydrating layer of aloe inside that soften tough calluses and dry skin. The socks are one size fits all and come in four colors: mint, yellow, pink, and blue.

28. The Holy Grail Of Butt Acne Clearing Lotions

If you have butt acne, you already know how difficult it is to treat and how most creams and lotions come up short. But this butt clearing lotion, with alpha hydroxy acids, is considered the holy grail of butt acne products — with more than 600 reviews to provide it. One reviewer writes: "I have tried probably well over 30 different products in my lifetime who all claim to clear the rear and blahblahblah. Well, here I am - living proof and going on my 4th bottle of Butt Acne, this product I believe in with all my heart and investment. I saw results on day 2 of use - I never could say that before."

29. This Screen Magnifier For Your Smartphone So You Can Finally See That Movie

It's really easy to pull up a movie or TV show on your phone — less easy to actually see it clearly on such a small screen. This screen magnifier magnifies your smartphone screen three times, features an amplifier, and sits on a foldable holder stand.

30. A Dog Hair Roller That Doesn't Require Sticky Tape

Groom your dog with this dog roller without the need to remove and re-apply sticky or adhesive papers. The roller traps fur and hair in a roomy compartment that is then easy to empty and it doubles as a lint roller for your clothing.

31. An Inflatable Seat Cushion That Turns Hard Chairs Into Comfortable Ones

If you're looking to make a wheelchair more comfortable, or have a hard-as-a-brick office chair — or any other chair — that could use some softening up, this is the inflatable seat cushion that will do it. The cushion is durable, has ring-shape holes that distribute your weight evenly, and it comes in blue or gray.

32. This Eyelash Separating Comb For Natural-Looking Lashes

This curved eyelash comb has metal teeth that glide through mascara clumps and make lashes look lush and long. A better fit for your hand than most lash brushes and combs, you can sweep this comb upward and its design mimics the shape of your eye.

33. A Mesh Net For Steaming And Blanching Foods Like A Chef

This mesh cooking net makes it so easy to steam or blanch vegetables and other foods like fish. The dishwasher-safe net allows you to control cooking time and, another added bonus: it actually saves you a ton of time. One reviewer notes: "The other day, I boiled water in my 4-qt pot and fist put a half dozen tomatoes in it. I need to boil tomatoes only for 20 seconds or so to peel those skins off. After I took those out, I immediately put a dozen Brussel sprouts in it and boiled them. After I took those out, I boiled several eggs for my egg salad. I was able to cook those with only 1 pot and without re-boiling the water in between."

34. An Egg Separator That Clips Onto Bowls

Split up your yolk and egg white without drama or mess. This cute egg separator clips right onto your bowl and has an easy-to-hold egg handle. Crack your egg over it and watch as it perfectly captures and retains your yolk. When you're finished using it, pop the tool into your dishwasher for a quick wash.

35. The Rice Cooker That Cooks Up Perfect Rice Each Time

There are rice cookers that do the bare minimum and then there's this perfect rice cooker that cooks up perfect rice and can be used to serve the dish. The cooker comes with a 2-liter pot, a colander, measuring cup, and a rice paddle that can be stored securely on top of the lid. Best of all: all of the components are dishwasher-safe.

36. This Staple-Free Stapler That Never Jams

Eliminate the absolute worst thing about using a stapler — staple jams — when you swap yours for this staple-free stapler. The stapler fastens up to five sheets of paper at once and can be used comfortably with just one hand — and it even comes in seven fun colors like bright green and pink.

37. An Immune System-Boosting Tea To Tackle That Nasty Cold

Getting sick is a bummer — but taking this natural cold and flu supplement tea can help alleviate those nasty symptoms and get you on a faster road to recovery. The tea boosts your immune system with ingredients like vitamin C, echinacea, green tea, and ginger root. It won't make you jittery and tastes delicious, according to hundreds of satisfied reviewers.

38. These Travel-Friendly Cosmetic Containers With Tight Lids

Travel and take your favorite creams, lotions, and makeup with you — these cosmetic containers, which come three in a pack and have tight, secure lids. The TSA-approved containers are made from sturdy silicone and each fit 20 milliliters of lotion, cream, or powdered cosmetics.

39. A Two-In-One Drain Stop And Hair Catcher

Minimize the number of tools you need to keep your pipes clear and your bathtub filled with this dual drain stop and hair catcher. This flexible, durable silicone drain stop has a center button that you can press on to allow water to flow and use to catch every strand of hair before it has a chance to mess with your drain.

40. This Umbrella That Folds In Reverse So That It Stores Dry

This sturdy, wind-proof umbrella will hold up against the elements and is compact enough to take anywhere — but it also has a secret power. The umbrella folds in reverse, which means the wet side will be on the inside and the dry side on the outside, which of course keeps everything around your umbrella dry when you store it. It comes in 20 colors and prints, including splashy florals. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.