40 Wildly Popular Home Products On Amazon That Are Honestly SO Useful


A product can be cute or fun or interesting — but if it isn't incredibly functional, is it actually worth it? These wildly popular home products on Amazon combine great aesthetic design and an affordable price with what really and truly matters: they work so darn well, you'll keep pulling them out day after day to help you complete all of your duties and tasks.

These genius products are as different and unique as a list of products can get, with two characteristics uniting them: they are brilliant products that have racked up hundreds of great reviews and they live up to their promises in terms of how well they work.

There are towels that suck up dirt and dust using just water, without a single harmful chemical cleaner needed. A cat furniture protecter saves your furniture without making your room look cluttered. Bamboo drawer dividers ensure your drawers are neat and organized so you can find everything you need. And a number of stink-free sponges are tough on grease and caked-on food, but are also resistant to mold and mildew — and last longer than traditional sponges.

And that's just a small sample of the innovative products you'll find on this list that work so, so well. Snag a few items that you need in your life and find out just how easier life can be.


An Antibacterial Bath Mat With Strong Suction Power That Won't Slip And Slide

If you really want to be sure your bath mat doesn't slip and slide, look no further than this stylish, super sturdy version. This antibacterial mat features hundreds of suction cups that keep it safely adhered to your tub or shower surface. It's resistant to mildew, machine-washable, and even comes in nine shades.


The Space-Saving Organizer That Lets You Stack Cans And Jars

Store up to 36 cans or jars in this can rack organizer and still feel like you've barely taken up space in your pantry. The sturdy chrome organizer has six adjustable dividers and allows you to stack cans on top of one another. It assembles quickly with no tools, and it's durable.


This Portable Air Purifier And Night Light For Any Room

This portable air purifier is perfect for any room or office and has three-stage air filtration, with both HEPA and activated charcoal filters. In addition to filtering 99.9 percent of dust, pollen, smoke, and other allergens, it doubles as a soothing night light. One reviewer writes: "This air purifier has really helped with the air quality in my studio apartment (about 250 sq ft). I have a neighbor who occasionally smokes inside, bringing secondhand smoke inside my apartment. This product makes that far less noticeable when it happens, and after a bit of working totally eliminates the smell altogether. I have also noticed far less dust settling in my apartment."


A Wall Mount Surge Protector That Can Charge Everything At Once

With four AC sockets, two charging ports, and a built-in night light with an automatic sensor that turns on only in the dark, it's easy to understand why this wall mount surge protector is so popular. It even features a holder at the top that's the perfect size for storing your phone while waiting for it to charge.


The Flexible, Super Long Sink Snake That Removes The Toughest Clogs

Get ready to pull up a whole lot of of hair and debris from clogged drains — this sink snake has 360-degree rotation and measures a lengthy 18 inches so nothing will escape its grasp. One reviewer raves: "Not only did I use this product on my bathtub, I snaked all of my drains with it...even those that I had used a different snake for. This one pulled out more 'stuff' than the other one, and now all of my drains work perfectly." It has a rotating handle to get into crevices, and comes with five refills.


These Genius Furniture Protectors That Keep Cats From Ruining Sofas And Chairs

Keep your cute kitty from tearing up your expensive furniture with the help of these furniture protectors. Made from non-toxic clear vinyl, the protectors bend and contour around furniture, providing a post for cats to get their scratch on without ruining the upholstery. The pins won't damage the furniture, and can be removed without visible marks.


An Inventive Hair Catcher And Tub Drain Protector That Fits Inside Drains

Unlike most drain protectors that fit over drains (and can slip away when your tub gets too full), this tub drain protector is inserted right into your drain, where it captures hair and debris before anything has a chance to pass it and clog your pipes. It comes in six colors and fits most sinks and tubs.


The Rolling Storage Unit That Gives Small Kitchens Extra Storage Space

If you've got a small kitchen or simply need more storage space for food and spices, this narrow storage cart slips between slim cracks and provides space for up to 6.5 pounds of supplies. Thanks to its rolling casters, you can easily slide this cart into the space between your oven and dishwasher (or anywhere else) and then roll it in and out as needed.


This Flat Knife Block That Frees Up Counter Space

A cumbersome knife block that takes up counter space isn't your only option if you want to own a set of quality knives. This flatter drawer knife block is made from 100 percent bamboo and can fit up to 16 knives of various sizes. But the best part is that the block fits nicely in drawers, freeing up . counter space for food prep and other appliances. It's easily cleaned with soap and water, and can be rubbed with oil to revive it when it's looking dull.


The High-Tech Laser Thermometer That Doesn't Require Contact

This digital infrared thermometer is perfect for indoor or outdoor use: Check the temperature of your grill or the food you're grilling, make sure your AC is working properly, and more It takes precise measurements and displays them on an easy-to-read LCD screen.


An Egg Poacher That Delivers Perfectly Cooked Eggs With No Guesswork

Prepare up to seven eggs at one time in this electric egg poacher, which can make soft, medium, hard, and poached eggs and even omelets. Just set the device to cook the style of eggs you want and relax — there's no need for you to guess how long it will take the cook perfect eggs.


This Stress-Relieving Weighted Blanket That Helps You Sleep

Customers who love this weighted blankets — and there are more than 1,700 — can't stop raving about how the breathable blanket helps them sleep more soundly and sweeps stress to the curb. Filled with glass beads and with a cotton exterior, this blanket weighs 25 pounds, but it comes in weights that range from 5 to 30 pounds.


An Underwear Organizer With Dividers For All Of Your Lingerie

No more rooting around your lingerie drawer to find that one pair of underwear or that one bra you need to wear today. This closet organizer drawer divider has four bins with dividers that separate bras, underwear, socks, ties, and scarves. It is made from fabric and comes in gray or brown.


The Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum That Keeps Furniture And Stairs Spotless

If you own a pet, you need this pet hair vacuum in your life. The handheld, corded vacuum is perfect for furniture, stairs, and counters. It has a dirt cup that's simple to open and clean — and the strong rubber nozzle suctions up messes fast. It also works on larger objects like cat litter or dog food.


An Electric Air Fryer That Whips Up Crunchy Foods Without Oil

Make healthier snacks and foods (like oil-free French fries) with this eight-in-one digital air fryer, which fries, bakes, grills, and roasts foods. The fryer can hold up to 5.8 quarts of food (so prepare to feed the whole family) and features a built-in cooking timer. The temperature goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and has an alarm so you know when to move the food around to achieve maximum crunch.


This Wake-Up Alarm Clock That Mimics A Sunrise

Wake up gradually — with light that simulates sunshine — when you swap your ordinary alarm clock with this wake-up alarm clock. 30 minutes before the sound goes off, the warm yellow light starts to get brighter, making your morning a little easier. The alarm has a large, easy-to-read screen and 10 brightness settings. One reviewer writes: "I wake up so well rested and with the whole room lit up, your body wakes up thinking its daylight so it doesn't feel groggy! This is incredible and has really worked for us and our home!"


A Cleaning Brush With Wrap-Around Bristles Designed For Knives And Cutlery

Clean knives and forks fast and without hurting yourself or slicing into your sponge when you use this smartly designed knife and cutlery cleaning brush. The brush has tough wrap-around nylon bristles and a non-slip hand grip. Reviewers say it never scratches the cutlery.


The Peachy Clean Sponge That Never Smells Or Gets Moldy

Credit its silicone construction as the reason why this amazing antibacterial scrubbing sponge never accumulates mildew or mold — or gets smelly like every other sponge on the planet. It's really a game-changer. This sponge won't scratch pots and pans (but will remove caked-on food), and it lasts three months before needing to be replaced.


An Eco-Friendly Towel That Cleans With Just Water

Save money on paper towels and keep your use of chemical cleaners to a minimum by switching to these eco-friendly nano towels that can clean surfaces using nothing but water. The highly absorbent towels capture dust, dirt, and liquid spills like a magnet. It gets rid of stains that have been there for a long time, and can easily be refreshed in the washing machine. One reviewer even promises: "Nano Towels actually work on soap scum on the shower stall better than abrasive cleaners."


These Stink-Free Sponges Made From Walnut Shells

Strong, durable, and resistant to nasty smells, these sponges are made with walnut shells scrub and clean without scratching surfaces. Plus, they last 30 days without acquiring a single scent. They come in rectangle and leaf shapes so that you can use them to really clean everything from dishes to corner and the insides of glasses.


This Wireless Charger With A Built-In Fan That Cools Off Devices

Keep your phone from overheating with the help of this smart wireless charger with a built-in cooling fan, which is compatible with most devices. You can keep your phone's cover on while charging it, and the silent fan regulates your phone's temperature so that it charges faster and more efficiently.


The Smart Plug That You Can Control With Alexa Voice Commands

This smart plug works with Alexa voice commands so that you can schedule appliances and lights to turn on and off whenever it's most convenient for you. The plug, which also allows you to control it remotely using an app, leaves your second outlet free for other gadgets. One reviewer even writes: "I have owned several different brands of smart plugs, and this one was BY FAR the easiest to to set up."


This LED-Battery Operated Table Lamp With Daylight And Nighttime Shade Options

Keep this motion sensing LED-operated table lamp on your nightstand, office desk, or anywhere else you want a versatile source of light. The lamp boasts daylight shades that will keep you alert and soothing nightlight options. It has an automatic motion sensor that turns off 60 seconds after motion has ceased.


An Effective Universal Cleaning Sponge For Every Stain Under The Sun

Activate these thick magic cleaning pads with a bit of water and they can be used to get rid of every stain and weird spot imaginable — from ink to grease to dirt. The universal cleaning sponge is gentle and won't scratch surfaces. Pro tip: They're also great at getting rid of scuffs off your sneakers or walls.


The Soothing Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp That Promotes A Peaceful Atmosphere

Give any room a more soothing ambiance with this Himalayan pink salt lamp, which has an adjustable dimmer switch. The naturally antibacterial lamp is the perfect night light or source of sweet light to keep on hand when doing yoga or meditating.


A Pet Hair Removal Broom With A Built-In Squeegee For Liquid Messes

The rubber bristles on this sturdy fur remover broom attract hair, fur, dust, and debris better than standard brush brooms. But this tool takes things one step further: it has a built-in squeegee edge that tackles liquid messes and a telescoping handle that extends from 36 to 60 inches, and is perfect for any height.


These Expendable Bamboo Dividers That Bring Order To Chaotic Drawers

The difference in your quality of life when you start organizing items with these drawer dividers can not be understated. Instead of feeling like everything is a chaotic mess, your cooking tool, utensils, and office supplies will exist exactly where you can find them, exactly when you need them. The bamboo organizers are expandable and can fit nearly every drawer.


A Space-Saving Collapsible Colander That You Can Store Anywhere

Free up space in your kitchen counters and drawers with this collapsible colander, which can hold up to 2 quarts of food and then folds flat for easy storage. The durable silicone colander has handles, and can be hung on a hook from its handle.


The S-Shape Vertical Hanger That Lets You Hang More Clothing

Whether you have a tiny closet or an obscene number of outfits, this S-shaped hanger maximizes closet space by providing a vertical hanging solution that can accommodate several pairs of (heavy!) pants, jeans, scarves, ties, or towels on one hanger. The durable stainless steel hanger prevents creases and is resistant to rust, too.


These Color-Changing Strip Lights For Your Television

Install these versatile LED strip lights behind your television screen (easily, using nothing but adhesive tape) and they provide amazing mood lighting that creates a more fun atmosphere in any entertainment or living room. With 16 changing colored lights and four dimmable modes, these long-lasting lights give you plenty of options.


This Moldable Glue That Bonds To Most Surfaces For DIY Projects

DIY projects and small jobs are so much easier when you use this moldable glue to bond objects to nearly any surface, including wood, ceramic, metal, and more. The glue sets overnight into a silicone rubber that is waterproof, resistant to cold and heat, and electrically insulating — plus, it comes in a number of colors.


A Set Of Silicone Magnetic Twist Ties That Hold Wires And Cables In Place

Replace flimsy twist ties with these strong-as-it-gets magnetic twist ties, made from flexible silicone with embedded magnets to hold items securely in place. The multi-colored ties are perfect for holding together cables, wires, curtains, guitar chords, and other more sizable items.


These Reusable Oven Liners That Are Non-Stick And Keep Ovens Clean

Set these reusable oven liners down under food and pans in your oven and never worry about greasy drips or food spills making a royal mess on oven floors. These thick fiberglass liners are safe up to 500 degrees, compatible with gas and electric stoves, and can be popped into the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.


An Adhesive Removing Liquid Cleaner For Any And All Goo On Walls And Counters

Goo happens — and when you can't identify those sticky messes on walls, tables, and counters, apply this Goo Gone cleaner to get rid of them pronto. Perfect for stickers, gum, glitter, glue, and every other unpleasant culprit, the citrus-smelling cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces (even glass).


The Fog-Less Shower Mirror That Saves Time On Busy Mornings

Hang this anti-fog shower mirror in your shower and multi-task by getting your grooming routine on as you shampoo and wash up. The mirror stays in place without suction cups, using just an adhesive hook, and it works by holding it under water until its temperature mimics your shower water.


This Multi-Purpose Lap Desk With Storage Space

This multi-purpose lap desk can do it all — it's a breakfast table that fits over your lap, a laptop table, and it can be adjusted to five angled positions. The desk holds up to 17 pounds, contains storage space inside of it, and comes in three wood shades: natural, brown, and black.


An Aromatherapy Mist For Your Sheets & Pillowcases

This aromatherapy mist contains a soothing blend of chamomile and lavender that promote rest and sleep. Spritz the mist on pillowcases, sheets, clothing, and anywhere else you need a dose of calm. The eco-friendly, natural formula — which comes in seven scent options — also boasts moisturizing aloe vera and jojoba oil, and is safe on skin.


A Powerful Water Filter Shower Head That Locks Out Chemicals

Thanks to its impressive 15-stage filtration system, this water filter shower head keeps chlorine, metals, and rust out of water, while infusing it with healthy vitamins C and E — and activated carbon that is better for your skin and hair. The shower head is simple to install and one reviewer writes: "My hair definitely has more life since using this shower. My absolute favorite part about this is the bump up in water pressure. The holes for the spray are fine and it aerates the water a bit, so the stream has almost a silky feeling. I love it."


This Two-In-One Food Chopper And Cutting Board

Cut down on the number of cooking prep tasks you have and the cookware you need to use and wash. This two-in-one knife and cutting board chops veggies, fruits, cheese, and meat in seconds with a strong stainless steel blade — and then holds them in place on its built-in cutting board until you deposit ingredients into bowls, pots, and pans. The tool is dishwasher-safe, too.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That Frees Up Counter Space

Free up major counter space by replacing your current cumbersome drying rack with this roll-up rack, which fits right over your sink. The flexible silicone-coated steel rack is perfect for drying wet glassware, bowls, and utensils because . all of the water will drip directly into your sink, leaving counters clean.

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