41 "The Best Feeling In Five Words" Tweets That'll Put A Smile On Your Face


You know those moments where happiness washes over you and it feels like every worry you've ever had doesn't matter? It's a moment in time where, to quote The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, you feel "infinite." Whether big or small these moments give us happiness and relief from the trials of the world. While Twitter may not always be our go-to platform for joy these days, sometimes it's surprising. Such was the case when Twitter users started the hashtag #TheBestFeelingIn5Words, describing moments guaranteed to make you smile.

Ranging from the practical to the beautiful, peoples found a way to describe each moment clearly while limited to just five words. While the hashtag may not have a blatant mental health angle, when reading the tweets, my mind immediately went to those suffering with mental illnesses such as depression. For someone to feels like their world has lost it's light, reading these tweets may provide some reassurance of the amazing moments humans experience every day.

Even for those who are not struggling with a mental illness, reading some of these tweets may remind you to appreciate all the wonderful parts of life you'd otherwise overlook, however small they may seem. In fact, there may be something to recording your happiest moments. A 2012 Chinese study, tracked the effect of keeping a daily gratitude journal, with participants reporting better sleep and less anxiety, Psychology Today reported.

Looking for some inspiration on how to get those good feelings flowing? Here are some of the greatest #TheBestFeelingIn5Words tweets that you're sure to really feel RN.

1. When Your Head Hits The Pillow

closetedsass on Twitter

2. Being Wanted By Others

mishka1599 on Twitter

3. Having Breakfast In Bed

startrunning2 on Twitter

4. Knowing You Are Loved Unconditionally

butterflybtc on Twitter

5. Being Appreciated For What You Do

p5ychomegan1016 on Twitter

6. Feeling Safe In Your Partner's Arms

amr1ibunny on Twitter

7. Watching The Snowfall For The First Time

deboramarshal20 on Twitter

8. Being Treated The Way You Deserve

iamalmostlegend on Twitter

9. Removing Bad People From Your Life

alli_cakes on Twitter

10. Falling In Love With Yourself

1moreemily on Twitter

11. Enjoying Gut-Busting Laughter

utoepeea on Twitter

12. Wrapping Yourself In That Dryer-Warmed Blanket

imadiabetic on Twitter

13. Throwing Your Bra Far Away

erinlea7 on Twitter

14. Living After Conquering The Worst

mentalhunnie on Twitter

15. Watching Your New Favorite Show

shutupamanda on Twitter

16. Drinking A Great Cup Of Hot Cocoa

kittybubbles99 on Twitter

17. Being Able To Support Yourself

phucdatbich_nga on Twitter

18. Knowing You Don't Have To Face Life Alone

keshatedder on Twitter

19. Putting On Your Comfiest Clothes

fivefortweeting on Twitter

20. Having Your Love Returned

coolcam101 on Twitter

21. Discovering Cash You Forgot About

bigmacher on Twitter

22. Adopting A Rescue Animal

akshayshakira on Twitter

23. Accomplishing Your Wildest Dreams

pg_lee_80s_baby on Twitter

24. Getting That Alone Time You've Been Craving

shutupamanda on Twitter

25. Going On A Midnight Pizza Run

bellamoonp on Twitter

26. Finding The GIF That Says It All

dudebrojimi on Twitter

27. Becoming Enveloped In A Hug

keshatedder on Twitter

28. Being Able To Help Someone Else

klf113 on Twitter

29. Getting Your Life In Order

robin46_2 on Twitter

30. Knowing Another Season Of Your Favorite Show Is Coming

tvserieshub on Twitter

31. Finally Paying Off Your Student Loans

iris_bestia on Twitter

32. Sitting Down With A Glass Of Wine

rehegoomusic on Twitter

33. Going Back To Sleep

rinkeeyar on Twitter

34. Getting The Delivery You've Been Waiting For

kimhechevarria on Twitter

35. Having Your Flight Leave On Time For Once

thesinghabhi on Twitter

36. Knowing Someone Gets Your Mental Health Struggles

xcharlottefoxx on Twitter

37. Only Caring What You Think Of Yourself

sarah_moore26 on Twitter

38. Knowing Someone Has Your Back

dawnpatrol62 on Twitter

39. Finally Being Able To Charge Your Phone

elizabeth__hay on Twitter

40. Seeing Progress After Working Hard

redtraccoon on Twitter

41. Listening To The Rain Fall As You Read

shanruss07 on Twitter

Odds are, you've felt more than one of these feelings before. If so, then you know allowing yourself to be in the moment and experience what you're feeling is truly amazing. Everyone deserves that "best" feeling as often as they can get it. Go find yours.