42 Hidden Gems On Amazon That Are Skyrocketing In Popularity

There's nothing better than discovering a gem of a product. And when an item works really well or is special in some way, it's only a matter of time before word catches on. These hidden gems on Amazon — ones that are skyrocketing in popularity — are as different as can be, but they're all on their way up and poised to become the next big thing. Luckily, you can be the pioneer among your friends and family who discovers their greatness first.

A good number of genius products on this list were designed to make your life easier in some way. A magnetic wristband that holds tools and nails keep you from having to run back and forth to your tool kit, a lotion and sunscreen applicator for your back that means you won't have to ask anyone else for help, and a pet hair remover brush that comes with its own self-cleaning base eliminates the need to pull fur off with your hands (thank goodness).

There are items here that will keep your closet organized, moisturize and nourish your skin, hair, and nails, and make food prep easier and faster (imagine pulling kernels off corn cobs in seconds). Grab these hidden gems before they become household names and find out why they're already skyrocketing in popularity.

1. The Plushest Weighted Blanket That Can Relieve Stress

Hiseeme Weighted Blanket, $79, Amazon

Relieve stress and improve your sleep, all thanks to this one plush weighted blanket, which weighs a whopping 17 pounds — but is breathable, feels light as air, and is great for anyone who wants to feel a little comforted. Filled with glass beads, padding that prevents noise, and made from 100 percent cotton, the soothing blanket comes in grass green (you can also score this blanket in 23 or 30 pounds).


2. An All-Natural Bug Bite Stick To Take The Itch And Pain Away

Emu Joy Bug Bite Stick, $14, Amazon

Get sweet relief from itchy and painful mosquito and other bug bites with this natural bug bite stick, made from emu oil. The stick is perfect for travel and you can re-purpose this as a lip balm or as a treatment for sunburn and dry skin. One reviewer writes: "I bought this initially to help ease itchiness related to bug bites; however, my fair-skinned daughter got a sunburn over the weekend. I applied this emu oil stick, and she stated that the itch went away right away."


3. These Berry Boxes That Keep Delicious Fruit Fresher For Longer

Hutzler 3-In-1 Berry Box, $12 (Set of 3), Amazon

Your beloved berries will stay fresher for longer with these berry boxes. The 3-piece set includes a colander, a 2-pint serving container, and a lid — and you can choose among six bright colors. It's dishwasher-safe and will last for years, too.


4. This Soothing Himalayan Salt Night Light In Pearl White

Pearl White Himlayan Salt Lamp, $33, Amazon

Maybe you already own a Himalayan salt lamp or are looking for something different — this pearl white Himalayan salt lamp fits the bill with its soothing white rock design and sturdy bamboo base. The air purifier and night light boasts a dimmer switch control so that you can adjust its brightness. It even emits negative ions to improve air quality.


5. The Dry Eye Mask You Can Heat Up In The Microwave

Mediviz Dry Eye Mask, $20, Amazon

Keep your eyes hydrated and healthy — and prevent dreaded dry eye symptoms — when you relax for just a few minutes while wearing this dry eye mask. The mask has an adjustable Velcro strap can be heated in your microwave or placed in the freezer, and it helps to heal painful styes, as well.


6. This Handy Lotion Applicator For Your Back So You Never Miss A Spot

Slick Solutions Lotion Applicator, $10, Amazon

Chances are you're applying lotion everywhere but your back — that's about to change because this lotion applicator is precisely designed to target hard-to-reach areas. Apply lotion or sunscreen to the soft velvet band, and simply rub it onto your back. It has handles on both ends and rolls up conveniently for travel.


7. A Pet Brush With A Self-Cleaning Base For Easy Grooming

Orly's Pet Assistant Brush For Pet Hair, $12, Amazon

Groom your pet and keep furniture spotless with this double-sided pet brush, which comes with a self-cleaning base that eliminates the need to remove fur with your hands. The set comes with two brush — a larger one to keep home and a travel-size brush. You can even use soap to clean it so it'll never begin to smell: and it works as good on furniture as it does on clothes.


8. This Magnetic Wristband For Tools That Gets DIY Jobs Done Faster

GOOACC Magnetic Wristband, $9, Amazon

Boasting 15 powerful magnets, you can store nails, screws, drills, and bits on this convenient tool wristband. The band is adjustable, water-resistant, and will save you from having to leave your project every time you need a tool.


9. A BB Cream That Brightens Skin

Skin79 Gold Super Plus BB Cream, $25, Amazon

Brighten skin and make it look more even and glowing with this popular BB cream, which contains nourishing gold and caviar extract, as well as a protective layer of SPF 30. One reviewer writes: "Not trying to brag, but people compliment me on my skin just about every day, and I have to give a lot of that credit to this product. I have seen a consistent improvement in the texture and evenness of my skin tone since I began to use this. It lasts such a long time as well because I only have to use a very small amount."


10. The Ultimate Tool You Need To Be Safe In Your Car

LUXON Car Safety Tool, $22, Amazon

Don't stress about all of the things that could happen in your car — be prepared with this incredible car safety tool. This multitasking tool can be used to break windows and cut safety belts, plus it has a USB charger and cable, a hand cranking charging system, SOS lighting, and a bright LED flashlight.


11. These Deep Conditioning Pods That Revitalize Dry, Damaged Hair

Remilia Keratin Hair Treatment, $23, Amazon

This hydrating keratin hair treatment is proof of the power of word of mouth and great reviews. It boasts a nearly flawless rating for its ability to deep condition dry, damaged hair with a blend of vitamins and amino acids. One reviewer raves: "I'm not usually one for reviews but this product is straight out of heaven! It smells amazing and keeps my hair so soft and shiny all day! STRONGLY recommended! And it comes in the cutest bottle (which is always a plus!)." Just twist the top and apply the serum straight to the head: it's great for fine, thick, or curly hair.


12. A Secure Passport Travel Wallet With RFID-Blocking Protection

Krosslon Travel Passport Wallet, $16, Amazon

Protect your passport, ID, and bank cards from thieves with this RFID-blocking passport wallet. The wallet is made from eco-friendly PU leather, and has a hand strap and a number of compartments for cards, cash, and your passport. It comes in 20 colors.


13. An S-Style Hanger That Fits More Pairs Of Pants, Towels & Accessories

DS Pants Hanger, $16 (4 Pack), Amazon

This S-style hanger cleverly allows you to hang more pairs of pants, accessories like scarves, or towels in the same place, freeing up your closet for other items. Each hanger can fit five pairs of pants, and it's sturdy, too.


14. The Safe Storage Solution For Hot Hair Tools

Luxebeauty Hair Dryer Holder, $19, Amazon

You won't have to wait until your hot hair dryer or straightening iron cools off — store it in this heat-resistant silicone hair dryer holder and get on with your day. The holder grips onto most counters, and can hold one dryer or up to three smaller styling tools. It even has little holes, so you can use it in the tub to store your loofah, too.


15. An On-The-Go Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Stick Made With Charcoal

Yes To Tomatoes Face Scrub and Cleanser Stick, $10, Amazon

Get two major skincare benefits — exfoliation and cleansing — in this one portable scrub and cleanser stick, which is the most travel-friendly beauty item you'll own. The formula is made with natural ingredients like charcoal, tomatoes, and avocado that soak up excess oils, brighten, and hydrate your skin.


16. The Space-Saving Collapsible Colander

Vremi 5-Quart Collapsible Colander, $12, Amazon

Use this sizable 5-quart collapsible colander to strain and prep everything you cook, but then fold it flat and store it anywhere. The silicone colander is resistant to temperatures up to 175 degrees, comes in gray or red, and is dishwasher-safe.


17. This Roomy Pocketed Trunk Organizer That Keeps Cars And SUVs Neat and Tidy

KangoKids Trunk Organizer, $14, Amazon

Say good-bye to messy car and SUV trunks — this trunk organizer consists of four roomy pockets where you can organize groceries, baby items, clothing, and whatever else you need to take along with you. Designed from strong PVC material, it's simple to install and collapses so that you can fold and store it when it's not in use.


18. These Pain-Relieving Insoles Designed With Magnets That Massage Feet

Massaging Insoles, $12, Amazon

If you suffer from foot pain, these massaging insoles provide instant relief. They have magnets that stimulate the soles of your feet and promote better blood circulation. And you can cut the insoles to fit your shoes and even wash and reuse them.


19. An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bra That's Soft And Free Of Clasps

Boody Body EcoWear Shaper Bra (XS-XL), $15-$25, Amazon

Quite possibly the most comfortable bra you'll ever own, this soft bra is made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo (80 percent) and slips over your head like a shirt — you won't have to deal with a single annoying clasp. It comes in black, white, beige, and three nude shades.


20. This Unusual Matte Black Knife Set That's Resistant To Rust

Wanbasian Matte Black Knife Set, $20 (6 Pieces), Amazon

Sure, these matte black knives are conversation pieces because they look cool, but the six-piece stainless steel and titanium knife set is also made really well. They're resistant to rust and won't bend, break, or scratch over time. It comes with a paring, chef's, Santoku, utility, carving, and bread knife.


21. The Multi-Tasking Spoon And Spatula That Can Be Used In A Million Ways

Dreamfarm Mini Supoon, $8, Amazon

This versatile cooking spoon can be used in so many ways — it has a flat tip and flexible sides and is perfect for mixing, scraping food from pans, and reaching deep inside of jars to scoop out ingredients. The nylon and silicone spoon has a clever bend in the handle that lets you sit it on the counter without getting them messy.


22. A Raunchy, Hilarious Adult Party Game

Adult-Loaded Questions: A Rousing Adult Party Game, $16, Amazon

Gather your friends and prepare to have a blast playing this wickedly funny and fun adult party game. One player draws from a stack of 308 cards and asks a personal, hilarious question out loud. The other players write down their answers and the first player chooses their favorite response.


23. This Rotating Makeup Organizer That Can Fit Everything

Ameitech Makeup Organizer, $27, Amazon

With eight layers, a transparent design, and the capacity to spin 360-degrees, this is the most convenient makeup organizer you'll own. You can adjust the height of its compartments to fit various makeup and skincare products and every component is washable, so don't worry about staining it with mascara or powder.


24. The Tiny, But Powerful LED Flashlight You Can Carry Anywhere

Hatori Mini LED Flashlight, $8, Amazon

This miniature LED flashlight fits in the palm of your hand, but don't let its compact size fool you: it provides a powerful source of light. This waterproof flashlight has a clip that you can attach to your belt or purse and it runs on an AAA battery (which isn't included).


25. An Organic, All-Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask For Clearer Skin

Spa's Premium Dead Sea Mud Mask, $20, Amazon

The six organic, all-natural ingredients that make this Dead Sea mud mask a favorite among customers are refreshingly identifiable: shea butter, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, hickory bark extract, and calendula oil. Use it on your face and body to banish dry spots, reduce acne, and leave your skin soft and glowing.


26. The Cold And Germ Fighting Essential Oil That Will Make You Feel Better

Plant Therapy Essential Oil, $15, Amazon

Aromatherapy can help cure what ails you — in the case of this powerful essential oil blend, that means relief from sinus headaches, colds, and congestion. This pure, undiluted oil is made with a blend of organic ingredients like lemon, rosemary, clove bud, and cinnamon cassia. One reviewer writes: "The positive reviews are true. For the first time in twelve years, my family of five had a fever-free winter."


27. These Oversize & Absorbent Mitts For Washing Your Car

AmazonBasics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Ordinary rags and paper towels can never do the work of these oversized, highly absorbent car wash mitts, made from microfiber. The mitts are capable of absorbing seven times their weight in water and have an elastic wrist cuff that keep them in place on your hands.


28. An Exfoliating Gel Cleanser So Gentle You Can Use It Daily

Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser, $10, Amazon

This exfoliating gel cleanser is lightweight and effective at sloughing away dead skin and excess sebum, but it's also gentle enough to use every day. Thanks to a mild acidic pH level, BHA, and tea tree oil, your acne will get the boot — but your skin will feel and look healthy and smooth.


29. These Genius Oven Rack Shields That Protect Your Arms From Burns

FitFabHome Oven Rack Shields, $13 (Set of 3), Amazon

These oven rack shields, made from heat-resistant silicone, are simple to install and cover the length of your oven. The next time you reach into your oven to grab your cooking creation, you can rest easy knowing they'll protect you from burns.


30. The Travel Coffee Press For A Delicious Brew On The Road

Espro Travel Coffee Press, $31, Amazon

Being far from home is no excuse for not being able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. This travel coffee press boasts a double micro-filter and double-walled insulation that keeps coffee hot for hours. Simply pour coffee grinds into the mug, add hot water, wait a few minutes, press down with the plunger, and enjoy. The cup comes in seven shades.


31. A Mineral-Rich Seaweed Powder For DIY Skincare Recipes

Natural Escentials Seaweed Powder, $22, Amazon

Consider it the new charcoal powder — seaweed powder is the mineral rich, natural, detoxifying ingredient you need to whip up DIY scrubs and masks for your face and body. One reviewer raves: "Love how my skin feels after using the seaweed powder mixed with vinegar. I use it as a body scrub once a week and I leave it on for 15 to 25 minutes. After I rinse it off and my skin is super super soft, clean, and makes it a lot easier to shave my legs too."


32. These Colorful Bag Cinch Grips That Replace Flimsy Ties

OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch, $6 (3 Pack), Amazon

Twist ties are flimsy — but these bag cinches grip onto bags with secure plastic teeth and only let go when you squeeze to release them. They come in bright, assorted colors and will keep every bag of bread, nuts, pasta, and rice fresh — all while preventing messy spills.


33. An Amazing Meat Injector Kit That Gives Meals Intense Flavor

Miusco Meat Marinade Injector Kit, $10, Amazon

Your roast is about to become a hundred times more flavorful and moist. This meat marinade injector kit comes with everything you need to easily inject a rich marinade into chicken, turkey, and beef, no matter how thick or thin the cut of meat.


34. This Wrap-Around Heating Pad For Your Shoulders And Neck

TheraPAQ Heating Pad, $28, Amazon

This uniquely designed heating pad wraps around your neck and upper shoulders, delivering soothing comfort that alleviates tension and pain. Place the pad in the microwave (or, if you prefer a cooling sensation, the freezer) and wear it anytime you need relief from discomfort.


35. These Recyclable Sheets Of Paper That Keep Produce Fresh

FreshPaper Food Saver Sheets, $10, Amazon

They may seem like ordinary sheets of paper, but these food saver sheets are infused with organic spices that extend the life of your produce and keep it super fresh. Use these sheets in your produce fridge drawer, fruit bowl, or fruit cartons. Each sheet lasts about a month and is recyclable and compostable.


36. The Tea Tree Oil Ointment That Heals Irritated Skin And Zits

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment, $8, Amazon

This natural tea tree oil ointment can be used as a spot treatment for bug bites, pimples, and minor burns — or to provide cooling relief after shaving or waxing. It contains a blend of essential oils, including lavender, and one reviewer writes: "I am a repeat customer - this product is wonderful not only for cuts/scrapes, but also my eczema, which is especially problematic during the winter. I much prefer this ointment to the prescription medication!"


37. This Makeup Brush Cleansing Mitt For Easy, Breezy Cleaning

Aesthetica Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Mitt, $10, Amazon

Spotless makeup brushes that are free of germs and bacteria are so much easier to achieve on a daily basis when you slip on this makeup brush cleansing mitt: Just add a drop of mild soap and water and get to work cleaning them in minutes. The silicone glove is covered with textured bumps that help rid brushes of makeup and dirt, and it's naturally resistant to mildew.


38. A Simple Corn Stripper That Pulls Off Kernels In Seconds

Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper, $8, Amazon

Enjoy fresh corn straight off the cob with the help of this corn stripper, which boasts the simplest, most effective design: just insert a corn cob into the tool and with one twisting and pushing motion, it easily removes kernels.


39. These Tightening, Brightening Skin Pads Made With Wine

Neogen Dermatology Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, $18, Amazon

Exfoliate, brighten, and tighten skin with these gentle peeling pads, which are infused with antioxidant-rich wine extracts. The pads remove dead skin cells, balance oil production, and give you a moisture boost that makes your skin glow.


40. A Vented Cover With Magnets That You Can Store In Your Microwave

Microwave Plate Cover, $9, Amazon

Make juicier, more delicious meals in the microwave with this vented plate cover, which prevents splatters, keeps food moist, and is designed with a convenient magnet so you can store it in your microwave. The lid measures 11.3 inches and fits most bowls, plates, and platters.


41. The Nourishing Oil That Strengthens And Repairs Brittle Nails And Cuticles

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil, $16, Amazon

Keep cuticles and nails healthy and strong by applying a few drops of this nourishing cuticle oil, which repairs brittle nails and gets rid of hangnails. The formula is free of irritating fragrances, and comes in a dropper package that's easy to carry around and apply.


42. An Adorable Snail Cream That Packs A Powerfully Hydrating Punch

Ladykin Korean Snail Cream, $13, Amazon

There's no cuter packaging — but this snail cream is as effective as it is adorable. Made with 80 percent snail secretion filtrate, the hydrating cream improves elasticity and prevent moisture loss. One reviewer writes: "I wasn’t expecting great quality. I bought this mostly because it was so cute, but it honestly works better than most any brand of facial moisturizer I have ever used and it leaves skin looking toned and vibrant."

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