43 Handy Products On Amazon That Are Doing The Absolute Most

You have to have respect for a product that can seriously multi-task. In a sea of products that you really, really want, there's nothing like a product that you actually need — and these 44 handy products on Amazon are doing the absolute most.

These innovative products are true winners that will make your household more organized and your life less stressful. Several genius items on this list serve more than one function and will save you money, time, and storage space in the long run.

Prime examples include a three-in-one makeup brush that contains a sponge and angled brush applicator directly inside of a traditional powder brush. Or a curling iron that travels like a dream and converts to a straightening iron with the push of one button. Or even a sleeping eye mask that blocks all light and features adjustable built-in speakers so you can fall asleep to your favorite music.

Other products serve one purpose — but serve it so well.

When you get a huge zit, don't stress — cover it with hydrocolloid acne patches and it will shrink by morning. A camping blanket is even more practical when it folds up in to a tiny square that takes up no space. And a rechargeable book light ensures you can keep your late night reading habit without annoying the people around you who are trying to sleep.

These functional, practical products are exactly what you need to live your best life.


This 10-In-One Multi-Tool That You Can Store On Your Keychain

It's as unassuming as a key, but this multi-tool has 10 different capabilities in one compact package. It can pry open bottles or boxes and has three wrenches, a flathead screwdriver, hex bit driver, and more. The best part is you can attach this stainless steel tool to your keychain and forget it's there until you really need it.


The Ultimate Travel Razor That Fits Everything You Need In One Compact Package

Other razors claim they're portable and travel-friendly, but this razor is the real deal: it holds two razor blades, one refillable water spritzer, and a pre-shaving moisturizer bar in the same compact round package. This razor is TSA-friendly, comes in four colors, and the blades are replaceable so you can buy this once and keep it for a lifetime.


A Smart Wristband Wrap That Turns Headphones Into A Bracelet

You'll never leave home forgetting your headphone earbuds again, nor will you struggle to find a way to store them that won't require that you spend 20 minutes unraveling wires when you need them. This smart wristband headphone wrap lets you wear your buds as a fashionable accessory, while keeping them in perfect condition. The band comes in six colors, too.


The Strong, Waterproof Backpack That Folds Into A Small Square

Coated in a waterproof fabric, this durable and lightweight backpack is perfect for every single trip you take, whether it's to class or a hiking trip in a faraway place. It has a roomy main compartment, lots of exterior pockets, and comes in 10 vibrant and fun colors. But the best thing about this backpack? It literally folds up into a small square that you can pop right into your suitcase — which means you can bring home more souvenirs.


An Efficient Three-In-One Makeup Brush That Includes A Blending Sponge

Get three makeup application tools in one convenient makeup brush. Boasting a genius design, this brush contains a small blending brush and a blending sponge right inside of a traditional angled powder makeup brush. The three-in-one brush easily disassembles so you can use each tool and then reassembles in a flash for easy portability.


The Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight With Four Lighting Modes

This super bright LED tactical flashlight will light the darkest paths and corners — and it's waterproof, making it ideal for hiking and camping. It features four lighting modes: high, low, strobe, and SOS. It boasts 90-degree rotation and is so compact it easily fits in your pocket or bag.


A Five-In-One Utensil That You Can Use To Prep Foods, Cook And Bake

This one unassuming cooking utensil is actually a five-in-one superhero in the kitchen. You can use it as a slotted spoon, solid spoon, food turner, spatula, and a cutting tool for prepping and putting the final touches on your dish. Made from durable nylon, the utensil is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees and dishwasher-safe.


This Travel Makeup Mirror Compact With 10X Magnification For Brow Grooming

This is the one and only travel makeup mirror you'll need in your life. Its light mimics daytime light so you can be sure your makeup will look flawless outside. It boasts one times the magnification on one side and 10 times magnification on the other (which is perfect for close up work like tweezing brows), and the small compact fits in your purse or pocket with ease.


An Alarm Clock That Projects The Time Onto Your Ceiling Or Wall

You'll never squint to read those little numbers on your alarm clock again. This cool, futuristic clock projects the time right onto your ceiling or wall — and gives you the option of adjusting the level of dimness on your clock's display. It also has a handy USB socket that you can use to charge your device, and it doubles as an indoor thermometer and humidity gauge.


The Odor-Killing Car Air Purifier That Lets You Breathe Well Again

It's possible you spend a lot of time in your car — and the last thing you should have to deal with is stale air and nasty odors that are the result of smoke and allergens that tend to linger. Clean the air around you by simply plugging this car air purifier into your car USB port and letting it go to town destroying and neutralizing all of those odors and particles.


A Tool Pen With Six Useful Functions That Include Screwdrivers

It looks exactly like a pen, but acts exactly like the most useful six-in-one multi-tool you've ever owned. This tool is a screwdriver, stylus, bubble level, Philips screwdriver flathead bit, ruler, and, yes, an actual pen with black ink that comes with ink refills. And it comes in more than 15 color options.


This Smart Wi-Fi Plug That You Can Control From Anywhere Via Your Phone

This smart Wi-Fi plug works with both Alexa and Google Assistant — and can be scheduled to automatically turn devices and appliances on and off whenever it's most convenient, even if you're not home. Control it with your smartphone via the Kasa app and it gives you control of your electrical devices even if you're out of town. One reviewer writes: "These are a must have with your Echo. Without them, it is like having a computer with out a printer. Easy to set up too."


An Alarm That You Can Keep On You In Case Of An Emergency

You'll benefit from peace of mind when you travel anywhere alone while carrying this personal alarm. The miniature alarm attaches to bags, purses, belt loops, and keychains — and makes a very loud noise to alert others if you need help. The alarm also features a bright LED light to light your path in the dark.


The RFID-Blocking Credit Card Holder That Protects Your Personal Info From Thieves

Protect your credit cards and other personal information from thieves by safely storing them in this RFID-blocking credit card holder. The thin wallet has eight card slots and a middle pocket where you can stash receipts, and other papers. The scratch-resistant wallet is made from leather and comes in 16 colors.


This Cordless Handheld Vacuum For Cars And Every Corner Of Your Home

You may deep clean once a week, but this is the cordless handheld vacuum you'll use daily to get rid of debris, crumbs, dust from every corner of your home and car to keep things a little cleaner. The vacuum has a strong suction, removable and washable HEPA filter, and it comes with several attachments that make cleaning a variety of surfaces a breeze.


The Strongest Phone Or Tablet Mount That You Can Adjust By 360-Degrees

Your phone or tablet effortlessly adheres to this magnetic mount, which holds it steady, secure, and in place and offers 360-degree angle adjustments. Its base provides a strong suction power with an Apple Watch mount. One reviewer writes: "I love the small size/big strength of this low-profile phone magnet. NOW my phone is easily at hand on the dash, less than arm's reach, so convenient. The magnetic pad it comes with to attach to your device is also unobtrusive, fine on my phone's plastic case. This doesn't interfere with my car's vents, and I like it so much we will buy another for our other vehicle."


A Curling Iron That Transforms Into A Straightening Iron With The Touch Of A Button

Not only is this curling iron one of the most portable and perfect for travel — it has worldwide dual voltage and comes with a slick carrying case — but it also boasts a magic trick that saves you time, money, and space. With one click of a button, the tool transforms from a curling iron to a straightening iron, and heats up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.


An Adjustable Measuring Spoon That Saves You Space

Save money and kitchen cabinet space when you replace all of your measuring spoons that are sitting on a key ring with this one slick adjustable measuring spoon. The double-sided spoon can be adjusted from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. It works for wet and dry ingredients, as well.


This Wearable Nail Polish Holder For Easier DIY Manicures

Your DIY manicures just became easier (and steadier). Insert any bottle of nail polish into the top of this wearable nail polish holder, wear it like a ring on two fingers for extra stability, and polish your nails with the ability to safely tilt the bottle and not worry about it spilling. The holder comes in 12 colors.


A Travel Jewelry Box With Mini Compartments For Each Accessory

The unique design of this portable jewelry case allows you to store different accessories in one of three stackable cups that are positioned against a velvet background. When you're ready to pack up and go, the case rolls up and snaps with one button, transforming it into a sweet jewelry box case.


An Espresso Machine For Travel That Doesn't Require Electricity

Early mornings out on the trails, camping, or at the office require a strong dose of caffeine that you can only get from an espresso — thanks to this portable espresso machine. The hand-operated coffee machine requires nothing more than hot water and coffee. And each component stacks for easy storage and comes apart for cleaning.


This Multi-Tasking USB Wall Charger With An Adjustable Night Light

This plug-in USB wall charger makes the most of every outlet by giving you back two USB ports, two grounded AC outlets, and an adjustable LED night light in one unit. The warm white light has a dusk-to-dawn sensor and three levels of adjustable brightness.


An On-The-Go Facial Scrub And Cleansing Stick Made With Natural Ingredients

Bright, exfoliated can be yours when you travel, without the need to lug around containers and bottles that explode and spill all over your luggage. This two-in-one face scrub and facial cleanser stick is packaged perfectly for portability, plus it's made with a blend of 95 percent natural, exfoliating ingredients like charcoal, avocado, and coconut oil. It's offered in two styles: charcoal or coffee.


The Bluetooth Eye Mask For A Totally Dark, Soothing Sleep Experience

Block out light, play your favorite tunes, and get lulled to sleep with the help of this Bluetooth sleeping eye mask, which has built-in, adjustable speakers and can play for nine hours straight on a full charge. The mask is compatible with most devices and has an adjustable Velcro strap to fit everyone.


A Smart Car Charger That Picks Up Radio, Lets You Make Phone Calls, And Has Two USB Ports

Charge your devices in your car while streaming songs or playing the radio with this smart car charger with Bluetooth. The device features two USB ports and allows you to make and take crystal-clear phone calls.


An Innovative Tool That Bonds Things You Thought Were Impossible To Fix

Fix anything — from cables to plastic, metal, and wood — with this innovative welder pen, which fixes things you probably assumed were destroyed for good. This high-tech, simple tool consists of a sticky applicator that bonds objects together and a UV light that hardens and seals it. One reviewer found a hilarious use for it: "If your cat is plotting to kill you (yes, there's an app for that), then you need this product. Use it to repair the tiny claw holes he put in your washing machine drain hose in an attempt to flood your house and drown you. You may also need it to repair the damage to your cell phone charger when he tries to bite it in half so you can't call for help."


This Practical Mini Pocket Blanket For Outdoor Trips

It's always a smart idea to bring a blanket along on camping trips and other excursions, but dragging along a cumbersome, heavy piece like that isn't exactly practical. And that's why this miniature pocket blanket is perfect. It's large enough for one person to recline on or for two people to sit on, is made from water-repellant and puncture-proof fabric, and folds up into a super compact pocket-size square that won't take up any room.


A Free-Standing Reading Light That You Can Charge With A USB Cable

Shed some light on your reading material at night without disturbing the people around you with this rechargeable book reading light. The light stands up by itself and can be adjusted to suit a variety of angles — and then it folds for easy storage. Charge it with a USB cable when necessary, and it will always be ready to go.


The Magnetic Wristband To Store Nails And Screws For DIY Projects

Every one of your DIY projects is about to become easier — instead of having to stop what you're doing to run around looking for screws, nails, and drill bits you can store them all on this smart magnetic wristband. The tough nylon band has a comfy and breathable mesh inner layer and is embedded with 15 strong magnets.


A Personal Water Filter Kit That Kills Germs And Bacteria

Whether you store this personal water filter kit and straw someone in your home in case of an emergency or take it with you on outdoor trips, it will ensure that the water you are drinking is safe and free from germs and bacteria (it removes 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria, like salmonella and e. coli). The kit comes with a water pouch for collecting water, a straw that attaches to the filter, and and a syringe for cleaning.


This Ultra-Strong Carabiner Clip That Holds Up To 50 Pounds

Don't let its compact size fool you — this durable and strong carabiner clip can hold up to 50 pounds of gear. Hang it from a tree branch, table, bicycle, or baby stroller and use it to hold everything from cables and helmets to grocery bags. The clip comes in six colors.


The Veggie And Fruit Peeler With Two Different Types Of Blades

With a rotating blade head and two different types of blades —serrated and straight — this multi-peeler gives you options when you're prepping fruits and vegetables. Its design includes a potato eye remover and it's dishwasher safe.


A Teeth Whitening Spray That Freshens Your Breath On-The-Go

Don't just pop a piece of gum in your mouth when you want fresh breath — actually whiten and brighten your teeth at the same time with this teeth whitening spray, which comes in a small, portable pump. The spray is made with a stain-removing hydrogen peroxide formula and tastes like delicious spearmint, according to reviewers.


These Silicone Food Savers That Keep Produce Fresh & Are Better For The Planet

Don't trust your delicate cut-up produce to plastic bags and wraps. Not only are these reusable silicone food savers better for the planet, but they'll keep vegetables and fruits fresher for much longer. Simple cover them with these colorful savers and it keeps it air-tight to prevent spoilage.


The Natural Pimple-Fighting Patches That You Wear To Sleep

Fight pimples and the inflammation they cause with these natural hydrocolloid pimple patches, which come in different size dots and are totally transparent. Wear them around the house or while you sleep, and they'll instantly start working to extract pus from your zit — making it much smaller in the morning.


An Electronics Accessories Organizer With Pockets And Protective Padding

Fit your tablet, phone, and a dozen accessories like cables, wires, flash drives, and more in this practical electronic accessories organizer. The organizer is made of double layers of waterproof nylon and has padding to protect your tech accessories — and the secure zipper ensures that everything stays safe while you travel. The bag comes in four colors.


This Precise Laser Level And Tape Measurement For Pitch-Perfect Mounting

This three-in-one tool is a laser level, an 8-foot tape measure, and a triple-positioned leveling bubble. Pull out this tool anytime you want to mount objects, pictures, and holiday decorations with precision or take exact measurements. Reviewers say things like they have "zero complaints" about it.


These Pocket-Size Hair Brushes With One-Fingered Loops For Scalp Massages

Use these amazing pocket-size palm brushes to massage your scalp and stimulate blood circulation — or as helpful shampoo or conditioner brushes that help the product lather up effectively. They double as beard brushes and feature a practical one-finger loop that keeps them attached to your hand so they won't slip while you brush


A Battery-Operated Facial Hair Trimmer For Peach Fuzz And Brows

Groom your brows and banish peach fuzz with this trusty little battery-operated facial hair trimmer. The tool has a pivoting head that moves with the curves of your face and a gentle blade that's safe on sensitive skin. The cordless razor comes with two eyebrow shaper comb attachments.


This Flexible Tripod For Taking Hands-Free Photos And Selfies

Position your phone in landscape or portrait mode on this flexible tripod, and you'll be able to grab the perfect shot each time. The tripod has three stretchy legs that you can maneuver in a variety of ways to snag the right angle with a 360-degree rotating ball head for your phone. It's compatible with most phone devices.


An Infinity Scarf With Hidden Zipper Pockets For Keys And Cards

There are few things better than a stylish accessory that's also practical — and this infinity scarf — which can be worn in a variety of ways and boasts zippered pockets — fits the bill. The scarf is an all-seasons accessory with room to stash keys, cards, and cash. It comes in 12 colors.


This Soothing Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier With Seven LED Lights

You don't have to choose between a humidifier or a diffuser — you can have both with this one mini, travel-friendly device. The USB essential oil diffuser can also be used as a cool mist humidifier — one with a waterless auto shut-off function — and it boasts seven LED night light colors.


The Dual-Purpose Herb Stripper With Strong Shears

Chop your favorite herbs with sharp shears or run them through one of the holes in this smart herb stripper, and it instantly pulls off leaves, leaving the stem behind. The sturdy stainless steel tool locks in place when it's not in use.

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