44 Handy Products On Amazon That Are Doing The Absolute Most

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You have to have respect for a product that can seriously multi-task. In a sea of products that you really, really want, there's nothing like a product that you actually need — and these 44 handy products on Amazon are doing the absolute most.

These innovative products are true winners that will make your household more organized and your life less stressful. Several genius items on this list serve more than one function and will save you money, time, and storage space in the long run.

Prime examples include a three-in-one makeup brush that contains a sponge and angled brush applicator directly inside of a traditional powder brush. Or a curling iron that travels like a dream and converts to a straightening iron with the push of one button. Or even a sleeping eye mask that blocks all light and features adjustable built-in speakers so you can fall asleep to your favorite music.

Other products serve one purpose — but serve it so well.

When you get a huge zit, don't stress — cover it with hydrocolloid acne patches and it will shrink by morning. A camping blanket is even more practical when it folds up in to a tiny square that takes up no space. And a rechargeable book light ensures you can keep your late night reading habit without annoying the people around you who are trying to sleep.

These functional, practical products are exactly what you need to live your best life.

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