45 Absurdly Clever Products On Amazon That Deserve More Than Five Stars

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A five-star rating on Amazon is nothing to laugh at — but there are times when a product is so convincingly effective and useful that it seems to deserve all of the stars in the world. Take these absurdly clever products on Amazon as the perfect example. Each of these items will leave you thinking: I need that in my life, ASAP. And the cherry on top is the number of glowing reviews from customers who can confirm that you really do need that item.

A clever product has to fulfill more than just a desire, but also a need that you have in your universe. It doesn't have to be fancy or cost a lot of money, either — affordable products like a melon slicer that (finally) slices perfect portions of watermelon or a rain repellant for your favorite leather boots and bags are proof of that.

From beauty products like a highly popular hyaluronic acid eye gel, a space-saving hanging jewelry organizer with 80 pockets, or a magnetic sneaker accessory that eliminates the need to stop, drop, and tie your shoelaces during a run, this list is full of clever, useful gadgets and tools.

One thing they all share in common: they totally deserve more than five stars.

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