45 Absurdly Clever Products On Amazon That Deserve More Than Five Stars

A five-star rating on Amazon is nothing to laugh at — but there are times when a product is so convincingly effective and useful that it seems to deserve all of the stars in the world. Take these absurdly clever products on Amazon as the perfect example. Each of these items will leave you thinking: I need that in my life, ASAP. And the cherry on top is the number of glowing reviews from customers who can confirm that you really do need that item.

A clever product has to fulfill more than just a desire, but also a need that you have in your universe. It doesn't have to be fancy or cost a lot of money, either — affordable products like a melon slicer that (finally) slices perfect portions of watermelon or a rain repellant for your favorite leather boots and bags are proof of that.

From beauty products like a highly popular hyaluronic acid eye gel, a space-saving hanging jewelry organizer with 80 pockets, or a magnetic sneaker accessory that eliminates the need to stop, drop, and tie your shoelaces during a run, this list is full of clever, useful gadgets and tools.

One thing they all share in common: they totally deserve more than five stars.

1. These Magnetic Shoe Accessories That Provide A No-Tie Solution

Tired of tying sneakers, especially when you're out for a run or are busy working out? These magnetic lacing accessories slide right into an open shoe and hold laces together so that your foot is secure, without actually requiring you to stop everything and tie them. They come in 13 colors.

2. A Gel Support Sleeve For Your Foot That Alleviates Pain

These reusable silicone support sleeves for feet fit comfortably over arches and heels, providing a soft cushion that alleviates pain and discomfort from conditions like plantar fasciitis. The gel sleeves are reusable and completely transparent — you can easily wear them under shoes and socks.

3. An Easy-To-Use Water Flosser For Super Clean Teeth & Gums

Remove food particles and plaque from teeth and gums without abrasive flossing string. This gentle but effective water flosser gets in between teeth and along your gum line and includes four jet water flossers with three cleaning modes (normal, soft, and pulse). The convenient cordless tool has a 360-degree rotating nozzle that ensures a complete cleaning.

4. The Supportive Knee Strap That Eases Your Discomfort

Alleviate pain and discomfort in your knee and joints with this supportive knee brace strap, which is fully adjustable and provides tight compression. The lightweight strap comes in three colors and is made from moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you comfortable and dry throughout the day (and tough workouts).

5. This Moisturizing Eye Gel With Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturize the delicate skin under and around your eyes with this soothing eye gel. This formula is made with hyaluronic acid — which traps in moisture — as well as peptides and plant stem cells that strengthen your skin and help alleviate dark circles and puffiness. It can even help fight the effects of sun damage, and it can help to plump skin up as well.

6. A Portable Fan That Cools You Down In An Instant

Cool down instantly with this portable handheld fan, which features three speed settings and can run up to 18 hours before requiring a recharge. The fan is surprisingly powerful for its compact size, runs incredibly quietly, and comes with dual rechargeable batteries.

7. These Emergency Escape Tools For Car Safety

Keep these emergency car safety tools in your car at all times (they come two in a pack) and they'll provide peace of mind, no matter how far you roam. The tool features a seat belt cutter on one end and another tool to break through windows on the other side.

8. This Watermelon-Slicing Gadget For Perfect Portions

Finally slice and serve your favorite watermelon and melon in perfect portions with this melon slicer. The tool doesn't have sharp edges, but its tong-shaped blades easily slice through melon uniformly each time. Best of all: its handle folds up and in for easy storage.

9. A Protective Water-Repellant Spray That Keeps Shoes & Purses Looking Great

The next time you get caught in the rain, you won't have to worry about destroying your boots or purse. This water-repellant spray provides an invisible barrier between your shoes, accessories, or furniture and rain — and can also prevent potential stains from grease, sweat, or coffee. Simply spray on a layer of product and never worry about it affecting the color or texture of your fabric.

10. An Adjustable Tablet Stand That Provides The Ideal Viewing Angle

Get the ideal viewing angle every time when you position your tablet vertically or horizontally on this tablet stand. The stand has a rubber base that won't damage surfaces, and it comes in three colors: silver, black, or rose gold.

11. The Matcha Tea Lip Mask For Seriously Soft Lips

Heal and hydrate dry, cracked lips overnight with this matcha green tea lip mask, which locks in moisture while you sleep so you wake up with soft, smooth lips. The mask is made with a powerfully soothing combination of green tea extract, vitamin E, and coconut oil. It can heal cracked lips, and has a lightly pleasant flavor of lemon.

12. A Bunion Corrector That Reduces Pain And Helps Straighten Toes

Find relief from the pain and discomfort of bunions with this bunion corrector, a wearable device that straightens toes and can be worn under socks and shoes. The corrector is fully adjustable to fit all feet and reviewers describe it as "sturdy" and "thick."

13. An Electric Shaver That Prevents Nicks And Cuts

Thanks to no fewer than four heads on this electric razor, you can painlessly remove unwanted hair from your legs, underarms, bikini area, and anywhere else — without worrying about nicks, cuts, and razor burn. The cordless razor glides around areas like your knees and ankles with ease, and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Reviewer say the larger size makes it very easy to use and navigate.

14. The Travel Fork And Spoon That Won't Take Up Space

Enjoy lunch on the go with a real spoon and fork — this travel utensil set snaps together to save space in your lunch bag and can be connected end-to-end if you prefer (this is useful for deeper takeout containers). Made from durable nylon, it comes in a variety of colors and is dishwasher-safe.

15. This Running Belt For Hands-Free Workouts Or Travel

With two expandable, waterproof zippered pouches designed to hold your phone, keys, wallet, and any other small item you need to keep with you on runs or workouts, this running belt provides a hands-free way to listen to music or take phone calls while you're walking, exercising, or traveling. The belt comes in 14 colors and can be adjusted to fit.

16. A Space-Saving Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Organize all of your jewelry in one spot and see everything you need when you need it with this hanging jewelry organizer. The two-sided organizer has 40 transparent pockets on each side and hangs from a hanger in your closet. It comes in 13 colors and styles, including zippered pockets.

17. An Apple Slicer And Corer For Easier Snacking

Whip up snacks in no time with this apple slicer, which swiftly cores and slices apples into 16 perfectly sized portions. All it takes is one push to prep your apple for snacking, and the gadget is dishwasher-safe. It also comes with a cover to safely store this gadget in your drawer.

18. An Extra-Strength Antiperspirant That Keeps You Dry For Days

Consider this powerful antiperspirant the one you need when you're dealing with unwanted sweat. The clinical strength treatment was formulated to help with hyperhidrosis and can keep you dry for up to seven days after an application. One reviewer writes: "I would not have believed these work without the amazing reviews. Decided to give it a try and almost immediately started to notice results. Really thought I was wasting my money. Go for it!"

19. A Screen Cleaning Kit To Keep Devices Spotless

Wipe away fingerprints, dust, and smudges from your computer, tablet, phone, or television screen — all with this screen cleaning kit duo, which consists of a 16-ounce cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth that polishes perfectly. The spray is free of alcohol and ammonia, and won't leave streaks on screens.

20. An Infuser Water Bottle For Tastier Water

Not a fan of plain water? Give your water a delicious boost with this 24-ounce water infuser bottle, which features an infuser basket that holds fruit, veggies, and herbs like mint. The bottle is made from tough plastic, and has a neoprene insulated sleeve that keeps water colder for longer.

21. The Safe Jewelry Cleaner That Restores Your Favorite Keepsakes

All of your gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings will stay shiny and looking brand new when you use this jewelry cleaner to make them sparkle. The non-toxic cleaner safely gets in between stones (and is safe to use on the settings and the diamonds or gems) and around them to lift up dirt and stains — and it comes with a dip tray, brush, and lint-free cleaning cloth.

22. An Indestructible Steel Water Bottle You'll Have Forever

If longevity is a problem with most of your water bottles, make the switch to this sturdy stainless steel water bottle and prepare to own it forever. The eco-friendly bottle has a double-wall insulation that keeps beverages cold or hot for hours, a leak-proof bamboo cap, and it comes in five colors.

23. This Night Cream That Keeps Your Skin Smooth And Glowing

Give your skin the ultimate glow and keep your complexion moisturized with the help of this retinol night cream, which is made with 2.5 percent retinol, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and shea butter. This protective cream clears up skin and fades acne scars, while delivering an intense boost of hydration. One reviewer writes: "The results are amazing, quick, painless and cheap! My skin tone is even and the texture is smooth! And to be honest, I only put it on when I remember to, which is maybe a few nights a week. Get it."

24. A Set Of Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Keep Everything Organized

This set of four bamboo drawer dividers can be adjusted to fit most drawers — and are the perfect accessory that you need to turn a chaotic space into a perfectly organized one. They feature a spring-loaded mechanism that makes them simple to install and remove, and can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. Use them to organize kitchen gadgets or your junk drawer.

25. The Organic, Natural Body Soap For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin (and even if you don't), this all-natural, organic soap will cleanse without stripping skin of natural oils. It's perfectly pH balanced, with soothing ingredients like organic aloe vera, chamomile, and shea butter. It's lightly-scented with peppermint essential oils, and it's been used for centuries in Asia to soothe and heal skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

26. An Odor-Resistant Sponge That Smells Like Peaches

The problem with most sponges is that they accumulate mold and mildew fast, which means they start to stink and need to be thrown out. This money-saving silicone sponge avoids that dilemma: it is resistant to mold and bacteria and will last about three months before tossing. The set of three sponges are tough on grease and can be used to scrub and clean — plus, they boast a fresh, peachy smell.

27. This Clever Travel Makeup Bag That Fits Everything You Need To Take

This travel makeup bag is designed with enough pockets and pouches to fit everything from eyeshadow palettes to makeup brushes (which can be put in a little compartment away from the other makeup to keep it more sanitary). It boasts zippered compartments, a makeup mirror, and it comes in two sizes (large and extra-large) and two colors — black or pink.

28. An Ice Mold For Large Cubes That Dilute Drinks Slower

This set of two silicone ice cube molds make large 2.25-inch cubes that take longer to melt in drinks, which means cocktails and beverages retain their cold temperature and flavor for longer. The molds have a leak-free top and a unique design that makes it difficult to tip them over in the freezer. Fill them with coffee for a little boost in your new homemade cold brew.

29. The Shoe Deodorizer Spray Made With Essential Oils

This natural shoe deodorizer gets rid of unwanted stale odors using powerful essential oils like organic lemongrass, mint, and bacteria-killing tea tree oil. It's safe on fabrics and your skin and so easy to use — one quick spray protects shoes and prevents smells.

30. A Three-In-One Bottle Cleaner With Brushes For Accessories

Your deepest stainless steel bottle will get squeaky clean with this long bottle brush, which includes two additional tools to remove gunk from inside of reusable straws and lids. The three-in-one tool has a convenient hook so you can easily hang it to dry.

31. This Painless Hair Nose Trimmer For Fast Grooming

Tend to unwanted nose and ear hair fast and painlessly with this electric nose hair trimmer, which has a 360-degree rotating blade that trims and clips hard-to-reach hair without discomfort. The waterproof tool can be used in the shower and it's simple to clean. One reviewer even wrote: "Honestly, one of the best $15 purchases I have made in my life."

32. The Huge Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink Up

What's the point in investing in a decent water bottle if you're always forgetting to drink? This generously sized bottle —which comes in sizes up to 128 ounces — features measurement markings that prompt you to drink just enough each hour so that you get your daily recommended dose of water by the end of the day. The portable bottle has a strap, is made from BPA-free plastic, and has encouragements on the bottle to inspire you.

33. An Adhesive Glue For Quick Shoe Repairs

Got a heel or shoe sole that's coming undone — and you need to wear the pair today and don't have a minute to waste? This shoe repair glue is the fast shoe-fix solution — it creates a flexible bond that can withstand heat, cold, and moisture. It's also safe to use on rubber and vinyl soles, so it can fix everything from boots to sandals.

34. This Stone That Cleans Grills Without Scratching Them

Safely clean grills and remove caked-on food and debris — without leaving so much as a subtle scratch behind — when you use these grill cleaning stones. The 4-inch pumice stones are gentle but effective, and will do away with abrasive brush bristles. You'll get three stones in a pack — and they can be used on a variety of surfaces, including in bathrooms.

35. The Cooling Towel Band That You Can Wear To Beat The Heat

Wear this cooling band in one of 12 ways — including as a scarf or headband. Just soak the band in cold water, wring it out, and it's ready to keep you cool for hours. It comes in four colors: blue, grey, teal, and purple. One reviewer writes: "It was 80 degrees out when I went for a 45 minute walk, and I was super comfortable. I wanted to see how long it would stay cool and left it on 4 hours. It was still cool! I snapped it a couple of times and it was cold again. I rinsed it and hung it over the shower curtain and it was dry in the morning."

36. A Carpet Cleaner That Removes Dirt Better Than Your Vacuum

Deep clean carpets and lift up dirt and stains far better than you can with a vacuum alone when you use this carpet cleaner. The set comes with a brush cleaner with a long handle and Resolve's tough-on-dirt shampoo. It can even protect against future stains, too.

37. This Mess-Free Oil Dispenser That Makes Food Prep A Snap

Spray just enough oil on foods without going overboard, dousing them, and making a major mess all over counters. This oil sprayer bottle is glass and has a one-button push design and comes with a brush for even application. It's a fairly fine mist, and you can use it with other condiments like vinegar as well.

38. A Massaging Foot Scrub That Gets Feet Clean And Soft

Use this foot scrubber, which boasts gentle but firm bristles, to exfoliate feet, cleanse them, and boost circulation for a perfectly soothing experience. The scrubber has suction cups on the back that keep it adhered to floors, and it comes in three colors.

39. The Most Effective Mold And Mildew Cleaner You've Ever Used

Just when you thought nothing could tackle that stubborn mildew and mold on bathroom tile — along comes this mildew and mold cleaner that cuts right through the yuck to get grout sparkling clean. Just remember to stick with it. One reviewer writes: "After the third treatment, the mold is significantly lighter! This stuff works!"

40. This Tofu Press That Dries Wet Tofu In Minutes

If you're a fan of tofu, but not so much a fan of the time it takes to prepare tofu (especially when it comes soaking wet in its package), you need this genius tofu press in your life. The gadget press dries wet tofu in less than 15 minutes and can accommodate both small and large tofu blocks. Reviewers swear this is a game-changer: "Absolutely love this. Makes perfectly firm tofu, is easy to use, and has totally changed my tofu game."

41. An Ultra-Conditioning Treatment For Nails And Cuticles

Hydrate and condition nails and cuticles daily with this nail treatment — which strengthens weak nails and prevents peeling and dry cuticles. The reviews are certainly off the charts, like this one: "These days, since purchasing CND's Solaroil I notice that I can go bare-naked nails and it takes an act of epic proportion to get my nails to even think about chipping, breaking, hairline snagging, or cracking."

42. The Most Durable Umbrella That Can Withstand Strong Winds

This super-strong umbrella will withstand the strongest winds and thunderstorms — and it's made with a Teflon coating that makes it dry faster than most umbrellas. The lightweight umbrella folds up into a compact, portable umbrella that you can easily toss in your bag or luggage.

43. These Slip-On Water Shoes For The Beach & Pool

Slip on these water shoes and keep your feet protected when you're walking on the beach or poolside. The shoes are flexible and comfy and come in women's sizes 4 to 13.5, as well as more than 30 colors and prints.

44. A Shoe Stretcher That Makes Your Shoes Or Boots Fit Better

If your shoes, boots, or sandals could stand to be slightly longer or wider, but you can't exactly fit into the next size up, use this shoe stretcher to modify and adjust their size. Each stretcher comes with eight pressure relief pads that can be inserted into shoes to alleviate pain from blisters.

45. An Organizer For Your Purse That Fits Everything You Need To Take

Keep your bag organized with this felt purse organizer insert, which consists of a variety of compartments where you can store everything that you need to take with you. The organizer comes in four sizes and 11 colors. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.