45 Fascinating Products On Amazon That'll Calm You The F Down

The economy isn’t great and adulting requires more paperwork than ever before. It’s no wonder everyone’s so stressed out all the time. Luckily, self-care items are on the rise, including loads of genius products that’ll help you chill the F out. After all, when things hit the fan, a trusty arsenal of relaxation items could help you to recuperate a whole lot faster.

Imagine getting home from work and instantaneously letting go of the day's tension, all thanks to an aromatherapy-infused pillow, an air purifier filled with sea salt, or a unique light bulb that emits healing infrared wavelengths. These fascinating items exist, and believe it or not, they're actually highly-rated and well-reviewed. (If you're experiencing symptoms indicative of an actual anxiety disorder, these items shouldn't be used in place of a professional treatment — but for those encountering everyday tension, they could help you to boost your mood and mindfulness levels.)

Even better, these instantly-calming products are all available on Amazon, so expensive shipping, delivery headaches, or a lack of buyer feedback? Those are a few more stressors you won't have to deal with. Check out these 47 fascinating products, so the next time stress hits, you're ready for it.

1. This Aromatherapy Spray That "Calms And Soothes" So You Can Fall Asleep

Asutra Mist Your Mood Aromatherapy Spray, $15, Amazon

Made with only gentle, non-toxic ingredients — like lavender and chamomile essential oils — this Asutra Mist Your Mood spray provides "relaxation in a bottle," according to reviewers. You can utilize its soothing aromatherapy benefits by spraying it in the air, on your pillow, or even on your body — and it also has jojoba and aloe to nourish your skin. "Not only smells great but works almost instantly," one reviewer says.


2. These Stretchy Chair Bands So You Can Bounce And Fidget At Your Desk

Gafly Therapeutics Chair Bands, $13 (3 Pack), Amazon

Simply stretch these Gafly Therapeutic bands between your chair legs, and you've got an instant bouncy footrest. According to reviewers, they're great for fidgeting, getting out excess energy, and maintaining focus and concentration in an otherwise-stressful environment — plus, they work between virtually any two chair legs that are at least 10 inches apart.


3. This Special Journal To Calm Your Brain Before Bed

Knock Knock I Can't Sleep Journal, $11, Amazon

According to the description, the Knock Knock I Can't Sleep journal is fit for both beginner and advanced insomniacs. This highly-rated pick from the Inner-Truths line features dozens of thought-provoking quotes and plenty of space to get all your thoughts out, so you can finally let your mind rest. "This is surprisingly helpful for my anxiety," one reviewer says. "If I wake up in the middle of the night I write down whatever popped in my head that woke me up... It's weird, but it helps."


4. A Silk Eye Mask That Heats Up To 125 Degrees Fahrenheit

Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask, $26, Amazon

Thanks to its convenient USB plug, you can power the Aroma Season heated eye mask via your laptop, phone charger, or external battery. On one side, it has real Mulberry silk, and on the other, there's smooth cotton — and the elastic band is adjustable for the most comfortable fit. This pick is available in two colors, and even allows you to set timers and temperatures.


5. A Game-Changing Purifier That Uses Salt Therapy To Cleanse And Calm

Salin Plus Salt Air Purifier, $80, Amazon

This isn't your average air purifier. The Salin Plus utilizes dry salt therapy to release micro-particles of salt into the air. These tiny particles purify the space of allergens and pollutants, but they also aim to improve your breathing and your sleep quality — especially if you have asthma, sleep apnea, cold symptoms, and sinus issues. Reviewers say it's "truly a game changer" because they "sleep better and wake up refreshed."


6. A Set That Includes Everything You Needed To Get Started With Aromatherapy

Bushberry Mist Aromatherapy Gift Set, $40, Amazon

Looking to start your aromatherapy collection? The Bushberry Mist gift set comes with everything you need, including four essential oil blends (Relaxation, Stress Relief, Refreshing, and Good Night) and a unique ultrasonic diffuser with color-changing LED lights. "I was actually impressed with how well it diffused the essential oils throughout the entire room and how quietly it operates," one reviewer writes.


7. This "Amazing" Vape That's Filled With Natural, Sleep-Inducing Ingredients

HealthVape Soothe Aromatherapy Inhaler, $18, Amazon

Reviewers call the HealthVape aromatherapy inhaler "amazing," "effective," and "super convenient." Simply breathe in to inhale non-habit-forming ingredients like chamomile, Valerian root, and melatonin — all of which aim to relax your body and calm your mind, so you can sleep.


8. A Journal That Combines Writing, Adult Coloring, And Affirmations

School Datebooks Adult Coloring Journal, $10, Amazon

Science shows that those who expressively journal on a regular basis experience health benefits — and similar studies have proven that adult coloring books can boost mindfulness and decrease anxiety. The School Datebooks adult coloring journal combine both of those practices into one gorgeous, uplifting notebook. It even has affirmations and comes with five double-sided colored pencils.


9. These Shower Steamers When You Don't Have Time For A Bath

Lavender Shower Steamers, $12 (Set of 3), Amazon

Not everyone has time to draw a bath, throw in a bath bomb, and soak for 45 minutes. For those on the go, there are these handmade lavender shower steamers. Simply place them right outside the stream of water and allow the steam to carry the soothing scent into your lungs. They're made with ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils — and reviewers "love them" because they last more than one shower.


10. This Aurora Night Light That Projects Mesmerizing Patterns On Your Ceiling

SOAIY Aurora Light And Sound Machine, $34, Amazon

"This helps to soothe my stress," writes one reviewer who believes that the SOAIY aurora light is not "just for kids." This mesmerizing projector creates colorful, wave-like patterns on your walls and ceiling, and it doubles as a sound machine and Bluetooth speaker. Buyers say it's great for meditation, relaxing after work, or helping to phase out the TV before bedtime.


11. A Best-Selling Weighted Blanket At A Great Price

YnM 15-Pound Weighted Blanket, $80, Amazon

Scientific studies have found that weighted blankets may be able to help with anxiety, stress-relief, and insomnia because they create a "cocooning" feeling that simulates the pressure of a hug. The YnM weighted blanket is one of the more affordable options and is available in various weights and colors — no wonder it's a best-seller. "This blanket had me sleeping like a baby," one reviewer says, while another raves, "What a great thing for my stress and quality of life."


12. A Weighted Lap Pad That You Can Take To Work With You

Sensory Goods Large Weighted Lap Pad, $36, Amazon

If you're not ready to invest in a full blanket (or you're looking for something a little more portable), the Sensory Goods weighted lap pad is filled with evenly-distributed glass beads and "feels like a hug." Reviewers use it at work, at home, or while driving to help them feel more mellow and less jumpy. It's available in three sizes and seven colors, and all of them are machine-washable.


13. This Gorgeous Necklace That Diffuses Your Essential Oils Anywhere

Maromalife Aromatherapy Lotus Necklace, $12, Amazon

Inside its stainless steel lotus pendant, this Maromalife necklace contains an absorbent lava stone bead that'll soak up your favorite essential oils and diffuse the scent throughout the day. It even comes with eight replacement beads in various colors, and the 24-inch chain has a 2-inch extension tail. This one is available in rose gold, silver, and black.


14. A Tiny, Portable Hammock So You Always Have A Place To Rest Your Head

West Original Head Hammock, $20, Amazon

Whether you're meditating in the office, taking naps on the beach, or getting cozy in an airport, the West head hammock helps you calm the F down — because it's essentially a comfortable, collapsible headrest. Its foldable frame is made from quick-drying wood and durable fabric, and it even has a pocket on the side for your phone, wallet, keys, or glasses.


15. These Brilliant Flat Headphones For Naps, Travel, And Jogging

Azzker Sleep Headphones And Eye Mask, $22, Amazon

Instead of uncomfortable buds or bulky earphones, this brilliant band lies flat against your head and delivers clear sound right to your ears. It's also warm and secure enough for cold-weather jogs, but lightweight enough that you can wear it as an eye mask while sleeping or traveling. Needless to say, reviewers are asking, "Where have you been all my life?"


16. A Pen That Doubles As A Fidget Toy

Ztylus Gadget Addix Fidget Pen, $16, Amazon

Reviewers say the Ztylus is a "great pen" that "writes so smoothly" — but thanks to a genius addition, it also "relieves stress" and keeps you "entertained during boring meetings." The built-in spinner and ergonomic finger grooves turn it into a fidget toy that you can use anywhere (don't worry, it's pretty quiet), and it comes in multiple colors and designs, too.


17. This "Apple Pie" Tea That's Designed To Relax You

Tiesta Tea Relaxer Blend, $12, Amazon

This loose-leaf blend is called Tiesta Tea Relaxer, and reviewers say it tastes like "liquid freakin' apple pie." The real apple, cinnamon, beetroot, and almonds create an herbal tea that's delicious with or without sweeteners — and since it's caffeine-free and calming, buyers say it's a "nice hot drink to wind down with before bed."


18. A Textured Disk That Supposedly Reinvigorates Your Feet And Your Energy Levels

IntiFit Premiere Living Foot Reflexology Disk, $28, Amazon

After using this IntiFit reflexology disk, buyers report "tingly and energized feet" — and a "boost of energy" to the rest of their body. The textured acupressure nodes are meant to stimulate reflexology points in the bottoms of your feet, while the built-in magnets supposedly boost circulation. Some buyers even stand on it at their desks or while getting ready in the mornings.


19. Some Positive Affirmation Cards To Uplift You When You're Feeling Low

She Believed She Could, So She Did Insight Cards, $10, Amazon

With bright, unique illustrations and a different message on each card, this deck of 50 affirmations keeps reviewers encouraged and positive. They make for a thoughtful gift, but they're also a great thing to keep at your work desk for stressful days. Thanks to the protective keepsake box, they even travel well, so you can store them in your bag or car, too.


20. These Aromatic Indoor Plants To Freshen Up Your Space

The Three Company Stress-Relieving Aromatic Herbs, $25 (Set of 3), Amazon

Studies show that indoor plants purify the air in your space — but they could also help your body to heal faster, research says. These aromatic herbs come already alive and ready for your love, but since they're lavender, rosemary, and lemon-balm, they also fill your space with fresh, stress-relieving scents.


21. This Lumbar Pillow With Magnets And Acupressure Spikes

Zenguru Acupressure Lumbar Pillow, $30, Amazon

Much like your average acupressure mat, this pillow from Zenguru has hundreds of tiny spikes that stimulate pressure points in your back. That said, since it takes the form of a lumbar pillow, you can use it at your work desk or during your morning commute. It even has built-in magnet therapy and an adjustable strap to keep it secured onto your chair.


22. A Sparkly Ring That Doubles As A Fidget Spinner

PAURO Worry Ring, $12, Amazon

It may look like a typical (albeit pretty) ring, but the PAURO worry ring has a manual-spinning center that you can fidget with when you're anxious. It's available in five colors and nine sizes, and reviewers say, "I use this every day." Since it's made from sandblasted stainless steel, it also holds up well to showers, dish-washing, and dings.


23. A Tiny Rechargeable Speaker With Built-In Nature And Fan Sounds

LectroFan Micro, $29, Amazon

For those who feel more at ease while working or sleeping with white noise, the LectroFan Micro is a sound machine that goes everywhere with you. It fits in the palm of your hand — and it has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 16 hours of fan or nature noises without a power source. It even doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, and the top can swivel in virtually any direction.


24. This Weekly Planner Pad That Won't Clutter Up Your Desk

POURVOUS Harmony Weekly Planner Pad, $13, Amazon

A chaotic schedule won't help you calm down, but neither will a cluttered desk. Luckily, this planner pad gives you a place to record all your important meetings and to-dos for the week — and it fits right below your keyboard to save space. Thanks to the metal spiral binding and clear protective cover, you can slip it in your bag at the end of the day without having to worry about damaging it.


25. These Stylish Glasses That Prevent Eye Strain And Block Blue Light

DONNA Blue Light-Blocking Glasses, $23, Amazon

No one will ever know that these special glasses block the blue light (typically given off by electronics) that interrupts your circadian rhythm. That's because the lenses are clear and the composite cat-eye frame is fashionable and comes in seven color options. Wear them before bed to stop your phone from keeping you up, or use them at work while you're at your computer in order to prevent eye strain.


26. A Cleaning Spray With Essential Oils For Aromatherapy-Enhanced Chore Day

Greensentials All-Purpose Essential Oil Cleaner, $15, Amazon

Most cleaning products contain harsh, foul-smelling chemicals that you'd never want to breathe in — but because this Greensentials all-purpose cleaner is made with real essential oils, it provides a burst of aromatherapy during chore day. Reviewers have used it on everything from mirrors and counters to floors and appliances, and they say it "cleans well and smells great."


27. A Bracelet That Tells You Exactly Where And When You're Most Stressed

WellBe Stress Balancing Bracelet, $90, Amazon

Get complete, real-time feedback on your stress levels with the WellBe bracelet. It comes with an integrated smartphone app (compatible with both Apple and Android) that detects your reactions over a 24-hour period — so you can pinpoint which times, locations, and people make you the most stressed. It also encourages mindfulness and relaxation through various exercises, and comes in two sizes and three colors.


28. These De-Puffing Eye Patches That Reviewers Call A "Definite Must"

Elixir Premium Lab Eye Patches, $19 (5 Pairs), Amazon

After using Elixir Premium Lab eye patches just once, reviewers have noticed a "huge improvement" in their puffy under-eyes. They're calling them a "definite must" and the "best eye patches ever" because they use green tea, aloe vera, and collagen to create a moisturizing hydrogel that firms, soothes, and brightens.


29. A Rechargeable Shiatsu Massage Pillow That Has Won Awards

Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Massager, $50, Amazon

Most modern Shiatsu units are significantly more portable than massage chairs, but you're still limited by the length of the cord. Not with the Mynt massager. This award-winning pillow can run up to two hours when fully charged — and it has heat as well as four deep-kneading nodes. Put it behind your neck or lumbar, or slip your hand into the sleeve like a mitten to soothe your feet, legs, and arms. Reviewers are even calling it the "best massager [they've] ever owned."


30. This Simple And Accessible Introduction Into Daily Meditation

5-Minute Daily Meditations, $13, Amazon

Most people "don't have time" for a meditation practice — but just about everyone can spare five minutes. Reviewers call 5-Minute Daily Meditations "simple, direct, and impactful" because it effortlessly guides you into mindfulness using clear, digestible prompts. It's also extremely portable, so you can do your exercises on the train, at your work desk, or while traveling.


31. These Yummy Chocolates That Actually Impact Your Mood

Good Day Chocolate Supplements, $13, Amazon

This variety mix of Good Day Chocolate supplements comes with four different flavors: Sleep, Energy, Calm, and Probiotic. They're made from premium fair-trade chocolate and feature ingredients like green tea, L-Theanine, beneficial bacteria, and melatonin to help you achieve your preferred mood and physical state. Best of all, they "taste just like an M&M-style candy," reviewers say.


32. A Nostalgic Candle To Bring You Back To Your Childhood

Homesick Memory Scented Candle, $30, Amazon

As always, Homesick makes their candles with natural soy wax that's been hand-poured in small batches — but their Memory line aims to induce nostalgia and remind you of simpler times. With scents like Beach Cottage, Road Trip, Summer Camp, and Grandma's Kitchen (which smells like warm apple pie and ice cream), you can revisit those moments wherever you happen to be. Each candle burns for up to 80 hours, and reviewers say it's a "clever" and "classy" touch for your space.


33. These Air-Purifying Salt Lamps That Don't Take Up Any Desk Space

AMIR Himalayan Salt Night Lights, $22 (Set of 2), Amazon

No more space on your bookshelf, desk, or bedside table? No worries. These Himalayan night lights plug directly into your outlets to produce a warm, soothing glow — and they supposedly release negative ions to purify the space. That's because, inside the chic iron baskets, you'll find real Himalayan salt rocks from Pakistan, just like the full-sized lamps.


34. A Neck, Back, And Shoulder Wrap That Reviewers Use "At Least Twice A Day"

Huggaroo Microwavable Neck Pad, $36, Amazon

The Huggaroo is not your average heating pad. For one, it has an ergonomic shape that hugs your shoulders, neck, and upper back simultaneously, and it's slightly weighted, so it stays put and feels like a hug. For another, it's filled with clay beads and flaxseeds that retain heat from the microwave or cold from the fridge. Finally, it has natural dried herbs (like lemongrass and chamomile) that give off a soothing scent for aromatherapy purposes.


35. This Unique, Mess-Free Way To Unwind And Boost Creativity

Paint by Sticker Book, $10, Amazon

Forget adult coloring books. This Paint by Sticker book minimizes messes while maximizing creativity — and reviewers who loved stickers as kids say it brings out their inner child. Each of the 12 nature-inspired projects comes with low-poly stickers that give it a shimmery, 3-D effect. Since it doesn't require paint, crayons, or pencils, you can take it anywhere and there's zero clean-up time.


36. A Calming Chime That You Can Use To Center Yourself (Or Others)

Woodstock Zenergy Chime, $25, Amazon

Some reviewers use the Woodstock Zenergy chime to calm their students or commence meetings at work. Others keep it on hand to inspire their own "teeny-tiny meditation moments" throughout the day. Either way, this wood-and-aluminum chime creates three pure, soothing sounds, and even comes with a rubber-tipped mallet.


37. This Head Massager That Feels Like Someone Running Their Hands Through Your Hair

Tezam Vibrating Head Massager, $15, Amazon

If you enjoy the feeling of fingers massaging your scalp, reviewers say you'll "love love love" the Tezam head massager. This five-pronged gadget has soft resin fingers that vibrate to reduce tension, relieve headaches, and provide a sense of relaxation after a stressful day. It's also battery-operated and surprisingly portable.


38. This Washable, Water-Resistant Cushion To Help You Unwind In The Tub

BodyHealt Home Spa Bath Pillow, $22, Amazon

Thanks to its thick foam padding, two-panel design, and contoured shape, the BodyHealt spa pillow cushions your neck, back, and shoulders while you're in the tub. It also has a fast-drying, water-resistant mesh that resists mold and mildew, as well as two strong suction cups that keep it adhered to your bath without causing damage. You can even wash it in the machine — so it's no wonder reviewers "wish [they'd] bought this years ago."


39. An Infrared Bulb That Supposedly Emits Healing Wavelengths

TheraBulb, $22, Amazon

Studies show that infrared therapy could be an effective, low-risk treatment for pain. The TheraBulb emits infrared wavelengths (between 700 and 1,200 nanometers) that supposedly reduce stress and body pains. Reviewers have plugged it into clamp lights and desk lamps and say it's "great for relieving muscle tension and anxiety." Some even report that it's helped with their sinuses, digestive issues, and headaches.


40. A Magnesium-Infused Cream For Muscle Pain And Stress

Natural Vitality Calm Cream, $17, Amazon

Magnesium is an essential mineral that the body requires for hundreds of processes. This Natural Vitality calm cream is packed with the stuff, and reviewers therefore use it to help with cramps, tension, and relaxation. Bonus: it's super hydrating and absorbs into the skin "without leaving a greasy feeling."


41. A Brilliant Travel Pillow That Helps You Block Out The World

Lights Out Hoodie Travel Pillow, $24, Amazon

When things get especially hectic, you may wish you could just crawl into a hole. The Lights Out travel pillow is as close as it gets without having to excavate. This neck-supporting pillow has a zip-off hoodie that comes with drawstrings and a face cover. Whether you're traveling, taking an office nap, or trying to sleep in the presence of loud roommates, all you have to do is pop in some headphones and retreat into your calming abyss.


42. This 10,000 LUX Therapy Lamp That Fits Just About Anywhere

TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp, $34, Amazon

For those who get the wintertime blues, scientific research shows that light therapy could be an effective way to boost your mood and reset your sleep schedule. The TaoTronics light therapy lamp provides 10,000 LUX of sun-mimicking illumination. It's also sleek, space-savvy, and comes with three adjustable brightness levels as well as a very reasonable price tag. "I have more energy and feel so much better," reviewers rave.


43. An Extremely Well-Reviewed Book About Managing Your Anxiety

Dare, $16, Amazon

With nearly 1,000 reviews and an astounding 4.7-star rating, Dare is definitely worth the read if you often find yourself feeling tense and panicked. This step-by-step guide was written by Barry McDonagh, a best-selling author and anxiety expert, who has years of science- and experience-backed evidence to support this new method. "Coming from the worst of the worst and a non-reader," one reviewer says, "this book changed my life overnight."


44. This Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator To Manage Tension

AUVON Rechargeable TENS Unit, $29, Amazon

Using its upgraded electrode pads, 10-hour rechargeable battery, and remote with 16 different modes, the AUVON TENS unit stimulates muscles and sensory nerves in order to reduce discomfort and tension. Even though it's pocket-sized, reviewers say it "packs a punch" and "actually relieves pain."


45. An Inflatable Cushion For Energizing Posture Wherever You Are

Gaiam Balance Disc, $22, Amazon

Because the Gaiam balance disc is filled with air, it's both adjustable and extremely portable. Use it at work to improve your posture and engage your mid-section, keep it in your car so you always have an impromptu seat, or use it as a meditation cushion for on-the-go mindfulness. Reviewers say it even improves aches and pains by realigning your spine — and that their hips and back felt "so much better," even "after one use."

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