45 Surprising Products On Amazon With A Massive, Loyal Fan Base

Who doesn't love a good surprise — especially when it comes in the form of a really useful, amazingly popular product that you'll want to call your own? These surprising products on Amazon with a massive, loyal fan base all have something just a wee bit uncommon about them. And those oddities are exactly the thing that makes them special (and worth your consideration).

These innovative products run the gamut from beauty and grooming tools to cleaning supplies that will actually make you look forward to cleaning your home or cooking gadgets that make food prep and preparing meals a breeze.

So, what can you expect to find on this list that will surprise you (in the best way possible)? How about a cooling towel that requires nothing more than cold water and a snap to cool down your body temperature by 30 degrees? There are silicone sports water bottles that collapse flat for storage, travel laundry detergent packets for clean clothes anywhere you roam, a pet bathing tool that attaches to your hand (and that your dog will adore), and a cheese grater with six slicing options on one tool.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out this list of surprising products and stock up on the ones that you just know will make your life so much better.


This Dead Sea Mask That Pulls Up Oil And Dead Skin

Sap up excess oil and sebum and exfoliate and detoxify your skin with this natural Dead Sea mask. The mask contains a number of amazing minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulfur — as well as moisturizing aloe vera, shea butter, and jojoba oil.


These Money-Saving Bra Strap Clips That Hide Straps No Matter What You Wear

Don't spend money on a new bra — transform the one you have with the help of these bra strap clips, which are height adjustable and ensure your bra straps stay hidden, no matter what style of top you wear. The set of three straps are simple to clip on, can give you a fuller cup size if that's something you're looking to do, and it comes in a few different colors to match your bra.


A Wall Plate With A Convenient Built-In Night Light

Why use up a single functional outlet with an oversized night light when this convenient wall plate has a built-in LED night light? The plate snaps right in place and its night light keeps children safe (no hot bulbs to touch). It comes in four colors: white, black, ivory, and light almond.


This Cooling Head Scarf That Can Be Worn In 12 Different Ways

Whether you're off to run a marathon or are just battling hot temperatures on a summer day, this cooling gaiter and headwear can, literally, cool your body by 30 degrees when wet. The piece, which comes in six colors, can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a headpiece or scarf, and it provides UPF 50 protection. Wet it, wring it out, and give it three snaps and it will keep you cool for up to two hours.


An Eco-Friendly Food Bag That You Can Wash And Reuse

Kick plastic to the curb and use these reusable silicone food bags instead. These non-toxic bags come in four sizes — snack, sandwich, a larger sandwich bag, and one for storage — and 12 colors. They're even safe in both the dishwasher and microwave.


The Moldable Silicone Glue For DIY Projects

Fix practically anything with this strong silicone glue, which is moldable and works on a variety of surfaces. When bonded, the waterproof glue can hold up to 4.4 pounds — and even turns completely solid after 24 hours. It comes in a number of colors like black, white, green, and yellow and is perfect for all types of DIY projects. It's great for fixing broken phone chargers or the soles of rubber shoes.


This Miniature Facial Vacuum Sucks Out Blackheads Like Magic

Tired of pesky blackheads that don't respond to your skincare products? Try this blackhead suctioning vacuum — which, literally, sucks out sebum and oil from your pores. The magic device features three levels of suctioning power for every skin type and four interchangeable heads for every skin need. Reviewers say if you carefully follow the instructions (and don't leave it on your skin for too long), it works gently and effectively.


An All-Purpose Microfiber Duster That Requires No Chemicals

Dust every inch of your home without a single chemical — because this hand duster captures dirt and debris with its wide microfiber head, which covers more space with one swipe. The head is removable and washable, which saves you money on paper towels. It's flexible enough to fit into tight spaces and corners, too.


A Cooling Towel For Seriously Hot Days

The hottest days are no match for this cooling towel, designed with technology that can cool your body down by 30 degrees. Simple wet, wring, and snap this towel a few times, then position it anywhere on your body where you need to cool off. It comes in four sizes and a variety of colors.


These Ice Popsicle Mold Bags So You Can Make Your Own Frozen Treats

Make your own ice pop treats by filling these ice popsicle mold bags with fruit juice, yogurt, and ice cream — which is extremely easy to do, thanks to an accompanying funnel. The pack comes with 125 disposable BPA-free tubes with zip seals, which prevents messes. One reviewer even suggested a more adult recipe: "Made some legit adult freezy pops with vodka, triple sec, strawberries, pineapple, and mango...These bags are great, no popping, leaking, or stripping of the plastic or seals."


An Acne Patch That Shrinks Pimples Overnight

Shrink pimples overnight and reduce redness and inflammation with these wearable acne patches, made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, hydrocolloid, and calendula oil. Each pack comes with 40 round, transparent patches that blend right into your skin and work within hours. They're also great for anyone who is tempted to pick at their acne.


The Multi-Purpose Grater And Slicer That Provides Six Cutting Options

This hexagonal cheese grater and slicer provides several different cutting options for foods as diverse as vegetables, cheese, chocolate, and more. The stainless steel tool has a sturdy rubber handle and six sides that offer various thickness levels when you cut, slice, and grate.


This Perfect Oil Sprayer For Pans, Salads, And More

It's so hard to get that perfect balance of olive oil and vinegar — but this oil sprayer manages to do just that, making it a must-have tool for salads and other foods. The non-aerosol sprayer covers more cooking surface with one spray, thanks to its fan pattern. It's made from quality stainless steel and will make it possible to actually use the exact amount of oil you want every time you cook or prep food.


A Hand Held Steamer For Wrinkle-Free Clothes Anywhere You Roam

No matter where you travel, this portable hand held clothes steamer can follow along to effortlessly remove wrinkles from clothing and make everything you wear look brand new. The steamer has two steam output settings — standard and turbo — and one full tank of water will last you through 15 continuous minutes of steaming.


This Sports Water Bottle That Collapses For Simple Storage

This 20-ounce water bottle performs a magic trick: it collapses completely flat so that you don't have to take up space in cabinet trying to store it upright. The set of two silicone bottles come with their own storage bags and feature a metal carabiner and retainer band, so you can clip and store them to backpacks.


The Topical Pain Relief Gel That Alleviates Muscle Aches

If you're searching far and wide for a drug-free solution to ease your muscle aches and pains, you've found it: this topical pain relief gel has a cooling menthol formula that alleviates discomfort from joints and areas like your feet. The compact roll-on packaging is TSA-approved and perfect for travel.


An Anti-Fungal Nail Pen That Keeps Nails Healthy And Hydrated

Cure and prevent nail fungus, while keeping your nails and cuticles hydrated and healthy, with this portable nail pen. The pack of four pens contain an effective formula made from fungus-fighting ingredients and they couldn't be more convenient — keep one packed in your purse for easy applications.


A Car Garbage Can To Keep Your Ride Clean And Uncluttered

Your car is probably one of the first places that accumulates clutter — keep that from happening by attaching this car garbage can to the back of your seat. The bin has adjustable straps, comes with 20 liners, and doubles as a cooler for drinks and food when it's not being used to keep your car spotless.


This Electric Shaver With A Precision Trimmer

Groom yourself to your preference — and with ease — using this electric razor, which also features a precision trimmer. The razor has a safe, wide, floating foil (that even safely removes hair that grows in any direction) and is powered entirely by batteries. One reviewer writes: "This is a great electric shaver, on all levels. Quite inexpensive, but made quite well."


The Time-Saving Cooker That Whips Up Ramen Noodles In Three Minutes

Whip up a simple Ramen noodle dinner in just three minutes with this rapid Ramen cooker, a microwavable bowl that's perfect for busy folks and college students. It comes in black or red and one reviewer writes: "All in all, this is a handy gadget for dorms and small apartments. It is also a great gadget to take with you on vacation! Need a can make your ramen!"


These Sturdy Eyeglass Holders That You Can Wear On Your Shirt

You'll never lose your eyeglasses again — because these stainless steel eyeglass holders attach to your clothing and provide a secure, sturdy place to rest your specs. This two-pack of holders comes in black and white.


This Soothing Pet Bathing Tool That Attaches To Your Hand

Bathing your pet shouldn't be torture — for you or your pooch. This pet bathing tool attaches to your hand with an adjustable strap, hooks up to a hose, and features a sprayer and soothing scrubber in one tool. It allows you to hold your dog with one hand and clean with the other — just click the center button on and off to activate its spray feature.


An Adjustable Measuring Cup That Makes It Simple To Pour Out Sticky Ingredients

This adjustable 2-cup measuring cup has a plunger that makes it even simpler to measure out ingredients with complete accuracy. A turning knob makes it a breeze to then transfer ingredients from your cup to your bowl or pan — even sticky things like peanut butter or maple syrup The cup is dishwasher-safe, too.


These Space-Saving Storage Bags For Clothing And Linen

Save and store seasonal items like clothing and linen without taking up major space in your closet or basement. Using valve-suction technology, these storage compression bags don't require a vacuum to suck the air out and make them super compact. You'll get 10 roomy bags that you can actually roll to save even more space. Reviewers even like to use these for packing or moving, too.


A Packet Of Travel Laundry Detergent That You Can Use In Hotel Sinks

Your clothes get dirty even when you're away on a vacation or work trip. Instead of spending big bucks for laundry services, carry around these travel laundry detergent packets and use them in the sink or bathtub. Each of these TSA-compliant packets contains enough detergent to wash two or three garments.


A Cooling Personal Fan That Clips Right Onto Your Desk

When your office temperatures don't meet your needs, this personal fan comes through by providing you with total coolness — all without infringing upon the temperature rights of your co-worker, of course. The fan boasts two speeds, swivel action, and it even has a clip that attaches to most surfaces — but it's removable, so you can also stand it upright on your desk or table.


An Accessory Case That Opens Up To Reveal Secret Storage Boxes

Travel with this small jewelry case secure in the knowledge that your favorite accessories will be in great condition when you arrive at your final destination. The case opens up to reveal three small storage boxes for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches, which then rolls up and closes with a button.


These Meat-Shredding Bear Claws That Make Food Prep A Breeze

Shred through the toughest meat with these bear claw meat shredders. The set of two claws are resistant to heat up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, safe in the dishwasher, super sharp, and come in six colors (so you can keep your BBQ area stylish). They're also great for safely removing things from the grill onto a plate.


This Hydrating Lip Mask So You Can Wake Up To Plumper, Healthier Lips

Sleep masks aren't just for your skin. This lip mask delivers hydrating ingredients like shea butter that exfoliate dead skin cells and soften lips while you sleep. Think of this product as additional insurance that you'll have soft, smooth lips that are always lipstick-ready.


The Portable LED Work Light With A Hook For DIY Repairs And Outdoor Trips

If you've got a big DIY project you're working on, or are planning a camping or fishing trip, this portable LED work light is the perfect companion. The light has a convenient hanging hook and three lighting modes: high, low, and an SOS option. In addition to its hook option, it features a strong magnet that attaches to metal surfaces.


An Electric Nail Drill That's No Bigger Than A Pen For Portability

A compact electric nail drill that's no bigger than a pen, you'll be able to easily carry this tool around so that you always have it when you need it. The drill comes with six different metal bits and six sanding bits and boasts adjustable speed settings.


These Stackable Containers That Twist And Lock Together

This set of four containers can be stacked on top of one another, where you can twist and lock them in place to save space. The stackable containers come in various sizes and have a removable carry handle, too. Choose among nine colors. They're perfect for keeping vitamins, protein powders, or small snacks in.


These Cushiony Soft Pads For Your Feet That Alleviate Pain

Apply these cushion-soft foot pads over bunions and walk and run with ease. The half-sleeve pads are made from eco-friendly medical grade material and are washable and reusable — they're perfect for alleviating pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis and metatarsal.


This Handheld Massager With Six Soothing Massage Modes

Just because this handheld massager is compact doesn't mean you're expected to compromise when it comes to amazing functions — it has six interchangeable nodes and attachments that deliver the exact massage you want on your back, neck, feet, and ore. You can adjust your massage speed and it even comes with an optional heating function to dig in deep and loosen aching muscles.


The Ultimate Veggie Chopper That Better Protects Your Hands

Chop vegetables, fruits, and herbs with ease — and without worrying about slicing your finger. This unique chopper has double-blade protective covers and simply rocks back and forth to cut, slice, and mince during meal prep. The stainless steel gadget has a non-slip handle and is simple to use.


The Wearable Massager With Heat For Sore Necks And Shoulders

Requiring no effort on your part, all you have to do is wear this neck and shoulder massager and adjust it to provide low, medium, or high massage nodes with optional heat. The massager features eight Shiatsu massage nodes that deliver a deep massage and it comes in two colors: black or grey.


An Electric Skillet That Works For Cooking And Serving Meals

Cook and serve your meals in this one electric skillet, which also frees up your stovetop for other pots and pans. The skillet has a non-stick pan with a built-in spout for pouring out liquids (and can serve as a safe place to balance a spoon without dirtying up a countertop). Both the pan and its accompanying cover are dishwasher-safe.


These Car Seat Fillers So You Never Drop Anything Between Seats Again

Most people have had an important item fall within the gap between their car seats just when they need it. Never lose a pair of keys (or French fry or spare change) again — this set of two car seat fillers are easily installed so that they block the gaps between seats and prevent anything from falling in between. Featured on Shark Tank, this inventive product boasts more than 5,000 glowing reviews.


A Set Of Egg Rings For Perfectly Shaped Eggs, Burgers & More

There's no reason your food can't be tasty and have incredible presentation. This pack of four silicone egg rings are resistant to high temperatures and can be used right in your pan to create perfectly round eggs for things like breakfast sandwiches, but also works for burgers, pancakes, fish cakes and more.


This Small Washing Machine Bag For Clean Clothes On-The-Go

To the naked eye, this portable laundry system looks like a regular bag you'd take camping that then folds up into a convenient square for storage. But it's so much more than that: it's actually made with a convenient technology that washes dirty clothing in just three minutes — effectively making this the portable, compact washing machine you never imagined existed. This bag is perfect for camping and travel.


An Exfoliating Shampoo Brush For A Healthier Scalp And Hair

Don't just shampoo your hair — give your scalp an exfoliating treatment that gets rid of dandruff and makes hair stronger and shinier with the help of this shampoo brush. The soothing brush has soft silicone bristles, feels amazing, and comes in four colors. It can even encourage hair growth.


These Skin Brightening, Acne Healing Skin Pads

These at-home skin peel pads won't break the bank, while delivering a slew of amazing ingredients like glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and willow bark extract. The result is gentle exfoliation and hydration that brightens skin and helps heal and prevent acne. One reviewer writes: "I have been using these once or twice a day for almost two weeks and they work so fast. I don't even really wear foundation anymore. You feel how smooth and fresh your skin feels after the first pad. I have had chickenpox scars on my head since for like 23 years and it's starting to diminish the appearance of those too."


A Cream Made With Urea For Extremely Dry, Cracked Skin

Even if you have the driest, most cracked skin that doesn't respond to any moisturizer you've ever tried, give this luxuriously rich skin cream a chance. Made with 40 percent urea, it will heal and revitalize the roughest skin and calluses on your feet, hands, and body. It even soothes itchy skin, too.


This Fabric Defuzzer That Makes Clothing Look Brand-New

Get rid of lint, pilling, and pulls from your favorite clothing and restore them to their natural, beautiful state with this fabric defuzzer. The tool operates via battery, has three setting controls for various fabrics, and is simple to clean, thanks to its detachable lint catcher.


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Lets You Find The Exact Accessories You Need

Not only does this smart hanging jewelry organizer allow you to find every accessory you want when you want it — but it hangs by a sturdy hook in your closet, which means there's no need to hog up dresser space with a huge jewelry box. The double-sided organizer features 50 pockets in total, all of which have transparent pockets.

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