46 Cheap Things On Amazon That Are Shockingly Useful

When it comes to shopping, most people are looking to find quality products that aren't going to break the bank. Do you want to spend your hard-earned money on junk? Probably not. Luckily, there are tons of useful products that are also cheap out there — you just have to know exactly where to look.

If you're an avid shopper, you most likely already know that finding great deals on your own can be difficult — unless you're browsing through all the brilliant products on Amazon. Did you know that you can get an avocado slicer for less than $11? And don't get me started on the sneaker bag that helps prevent damage to your dryer. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but the peace and quiet that it provides, makes it worth more than double its $6 price tag.

As you'll soon find out, I've collected some of the best of the best for this list. So whether you're just browsing for friends, or in the market for your very own exfoliating foot peel, make sure to check out the tons of cheap, useful products available on Amazon. Who knows? Today might just be the day that you fall in love with a personal mini blender.


A Mascara That Helps Boost Your Lash Length And Volume

Add instant volume and length with this silk fiber lash mascara. Not only is it waterproof and smudge-proof, but the gentle formula is also totally hypoallergenic. Because of its deeply pigmented color, you'll only have to apply one coat to reap all of its amazing benefits.


A Smart Speaker That You Can Control Using Voice Commands

Take control of all of your electronics with this Echo smart speaker. It seamlessly plays music, makes phone calls, answers questions, shares the daily news, weather, and more with just a few simple voice commands. You can also use it to adjust your thermostat, or even lock your doors as long as they're compatible.


A Memory Stick That Frees Up Space On Your Phone

Free up space on your mobile device with this iPhone memory stick. It offers 128 gigabytes of storage, and makes it easy to transfer your photos, videos, and more. It's made from durable zinc alloy, plus it even comes with an adapter so that you can also use it with Androids.


This Set Of Makeup Brushes That Covers All The Bases

This set of makeup brushes is enough to make practically any makeup enthusiast happy. It features 18 brushes that you can use to apply your favorite foundations, bronzers, eye shadows, and more. The bristles are soft, dense, as well as resistant to shedding, plus the gold handle is a chic touch.


A Foot Peel Mask That Leaves Your Feet Feeling Soft And Smooth

Repair cracked heels and soothe calluses with this nourishing foot peel mask. There's no scrubbing or peeling required — just wait about two weeks, and the dead layer of skin will peel away, leaving you with soft, touchable feet.


This Smart Plug That Lets You Control Electronics Remotely

This smart plug offers you ultimate control over your devices. Pair it with Alexa, Google Home, or even Microsoft Cortana so that you can control your electronics using voice commands. There's no smart hub required, and the downloadable app even lets you set schedules for your lights so that they're on when you come home.


These Facial Wipes That Are Infused With Detoxifying Charcoal

Cleanse your pores with these facial wipes. They're chock-full of detoxifying charcoal in order to help cleanse away dirt and oil, plus there's zero rinsing required. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "the residual coconut scent is softly sweet, and subtle."


A Miniature Blender That's Super-Portable

Make smoothies, fruit juice and more while on-the-go with this cordless miniature blender. It's easily rechargeable via USB, and the blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel. It weighs only 1 pound, and is small enough to tuck into practically any purse or bag while you're traveling.


A Magnetic Strap That Helps Prevent AirPods From Getting Lost

Never worry about losing your AirPods again with this strap. It features two strong magnets that connect your earbuds together while you're running, jogging, or even just laying around the house. It's available in a wide variety of colors, and is made from soft, comfortable silica gel.


These Toiletry Bags That Are TSA-Approved

Get through airport quick and easy with these TSA-approved toiletry bags. Made from transparent material, these bags are thick, waterproof, and durable so that you won't have to worry about them ripping while you're traveling. They come in a pack of three, and they're also resistant to leaks to help keep the rest of your luggage dry.


This Popcorn Popper That Collapses For Easy Storage

This silicone popcorn popper is super-easy to use. The built-in handles make it easy to transfer out of the microwave without burning your hands, and it's completely BPA-free. It comes in a variety of colors, plus it easily collapses down for simple and easy storage.


These Hydrocolloid Acne Patches Made With Tea Tree Oil

Designed to be transparent on all types of skin, these hydrocolloid patches are formulated with hints of tea tree and calendula oil. They're great for helping to absorb toxins from stray blemishes, as well as preventing you from picking at them.


These Cloths That Clear Away Smudges From Your Screens

Clean your phones, eyeglasses, TV screens, and more with this set of microfiber cleaning cloths. Each order comes with one large, as well as five medium cloths, and they're perfect for removing dust, fingerprints, or even smudges from your smartphone.


A Phone Tripod That Comes With A Wireless Remote

Get the most out of your phone's camera by using this smartphone tripod mount. It can rotate up to 360 degrees so that you can use it in landscape or portrait orientation, and the wireless remote lets you take photos from a distance without having to race against a timer.


A Pair Of Soft, Bluetooth Headphones That You Can Sleep In

These Bluetooth headphones allow you to comfortably listen to music while you're sleeping, and you can even wear them when exercising to help keep your ears warm. They can play music for up to 10 hours when fully charged, and the built-in microphone lets you easily make or take phone calls.


A Bluetooth Speaker That's Water-Resistant

Listen to your favorite tunes worry-free as you relax by the pool with this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. It can play music continuously for up to six hours when the battery is completely charged, plus the built-in microphone can also be used to answer and conduct phone calls — all with crystal-clear sound.


A Set Of Cases That Help Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

Capture all of your important moments while splashing around in the ocean or pool by using these waterproof phone cases. Sized to fit large phones, cash, credit cards, and more, you can also use them to keep your phone safe from snow and ice while you're skiing.


A Cell Phone Stand Made From High-Quality Aluminum Alloy

Comfortably watch videos, movies, and more on your phone with this cell phone stand. It's made from durable aluminum alloy, and is universally compatible with practically any phone. As an added benefit, there's also a large hole in the back where you can feed a cable through for easy charging.


A Wallet That Helps Keep Your Credit Cards Safe From Electronic Pickpockets

Made from genuine leather, this wallet features RFID-blocking technology that helps safeguard your identity, as well as your sensitive credit card information. It comes in a variety of colors, and features four credit card slots, a convenient ID window, two additional pockets, plus a separate section for stashing money. Despite its many compartments, it's also super-slim so that it won't leave a massive bulge in your pocket.


A Fabric Shaver That Comes With 2 Extra Blades

Get rid of unwanted lint and fuzzies with this fabric shaver. You can adjust how low this shaver sits against your garments so that you can safely use it on sweaters, blankets, sheets, furniture, and more, plus each order also comes with two spare blades. The built-in safety lock helps prevent any accidental cuts to your hands, and it only requires two AA batteries to operate.


This 3-In-1 Avocado Tool That Slices, Pits, And Peels

Easily cut, pit, and peel your avocados with this handy tool. The blade is sharp enough to pierce your avocado, yet not sharp enough to cut your own skin, and the handle is coated in non-slip to help you maintain a firm grip.


An Electric Wine Opener That Comes With A Ton Of Accessories

Enjoy a good bottle of wine with this electric wine opener. It has the ability to uncork up to 60 bottles when the battery is fully charged, and each order also comes with a pourer, stopper, as well as a removable lid that also doubles as a foil cutter.


A Rolling Pin That You Can Adjust To Fit Your Baking Needs

Bake delicious pizza doughs, pie crusts, cookies, and more with this adjustable rolling pin. The removable discs let you choose how thin or thick your dough rolls out, and it's made from durable, solid beechwood. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that their cookies "come out perfectly even" when using this pin.


A Reusable Food Storage Bag Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Instead of using wasteful plastic baggies, try using this this reusable food bag. Made from 100% antibacterial silicone, this bag is heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can use it for sous vide, plus it even creates an airtight seal to help keep your food fresh.


A Pair Of Handy Dividers That Help Keep Your Shelves Organized

Help keep your shelves neat and tidy with these dividers. They're designed to fit onto practically any shelf no matter how thick it is, plus they're also great for kitchen cabinets, office desks, and more. They're non-slip in order to help them stay in place, and unlike other dividers, these ones won't scratch your surfaces.


A Set Of Lights With Built-In Motion Sensors

Stop searching through your closet in the dark — just use these handy lights so you can see what you're doing. Each light features a built-in motion sensor that only lets them turn on when someone is in the room, and the LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours. Each order also comes with double-sided 3M adhesive pads, making installation a breeze.


These Cedar Blocks That Help Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh

Help your closet smell its freshest with these aromatic wooden blocks. Made from 100% natural cedar wood, these blocks have the ability to absorb moisture and unwanted odors — no harsh chemicals required. You can place them on hangers, in drawers, on shelves, or in practically any other areas that may need refreshing.


A Set Of Hangers That Help Save You Precious Closet Space

Organize pants, ties, scarves, pants, and more with these stainless steel hangers. Both durable and rust-resistant, these hangers are great for helping to prevent creases in your garments, plus they even help save you precious space in your closet.


A Handy Device That Lets You Store Shoes Using A Fraction Of The Space

Designed to work with practically any type of footwear, these shoe rack organizers let you safely stack your shoes on top of each other, helping you to save space in your closet. The non-slip design keeps your shoes securely in place, plus each one is made from high-quality ABS plastic.


A Pair Of Plantar Fasciitis Socks That Can Help Relieve Pain

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, sore joints, or aching arches, try wearing these socks that can help alleviate pain. They're great to wear while exercising, or even just lounging around, plus they can even help stimulate blood circulation. You can grab them in green, yellow, blue, pink, as well as dozens of other colors.


A Travel Pillow That You Can Twist Into Practically Any Position

Get a solid nap in before you arrive at your destination by using this memory foam travel pillow. You can twist it into practically any position to help yourself relax, and it's great for helping to keep your head, back, shoulders, or even lower back supported.


This Windshield Cover That Helps Protect Your Car From Winter Weather

Avoid having to clean snow and ice off your car's windshield with this convenient cover. Sized to fit most cars and SUVs, this cover is made from durable polyester that acts as a thermal shield against the winter weather. You can also use it as a sunshade, and installation is super-easy.


A Set Of Makeup Remover Towels That Only Require Water

Just get them wet with water, and these microfiber cloths can cleanse away makeup from your face, leaving your skin fresh and bare. Each towel in this set is reusable for up to 1,000 washes, and they even come with a set of hair ties to help keep your hair out of your face as you cleanse.


This Pumice Stone Made With A Built-In Bar Of Charcoal Soap

Not only is this pumice stone great for exfoliating dead skin from your feet, but it also has a built-in bar of charcoal soap to help detoxify your pores. It's formulated with natural ingredients, including tea tree, lavender, as well as camphor oil, plus it's an easy way to help prevent foot fungus.


A Sneaker Dryer Bag So You Don't Have To Listen To Them Tumble

If you're tired of listening to your shoes tumble through the dryer, make sure to grab this sneaker dryer bag. It easily attaches to your dryer door using its built-in elastic bands, and the sturdy zipper closure keeps your shoes secure as they dry.


A Dish Drying Rack That Helps Save You Precious Counter Space

Instead of cluttering up your counters with a bulky drying rack, try using this one that rolls out over your sink. You can also use it to defrost frozen food, cool baked goods, or even as a trivet for hot pots and pans, plus it's made from food-grade stainless steel.


A Balance Disc That Can Help Improve Your Posture

Not only can it help strengthen and train your core, but this balance disc can also help improve your posture while you sit. It easily fits on practically any chair, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that they can now sit at their desk "all day long without feeling discomfort or back pain."


A Cool Mist Humidifier Made With A Built-In Night Light

Keep your air breathable and moist by using this cool mist humidifier. It's small enough that you can easily use it at the office, plus it can run for up to 10 hours when the water reservoir is full. The built-in night light makes it great for kid's rooms, and each order also comes with a convenient cleaning brush.


A Orthopedic Pillow That Helps Support Your Knees And Spine

Just place it between your knees, and this orthopedic pillow can help alleviate knee, leg, and back pain. It's filled with super-soft memory foam that won't fall flat over time, plus the zippered cover is removable so that it's easy to wash if it ever gets dirty.


A Bidet That's Super-Easy To Install On Your Toilet

Unlike other bidets, this one only takes about 15 minutes to install, and the water pressure is adjustable for added comfort. It's a great way to save money on toilet paper, plus one Amazon reviewer even wrote that you can install it "with only a pair of pliers, and possibly a screwdriver."


A Door Draft Stopper That Helps Keep Cold Air Out

Keep your home warm and comfortable with this door draft stopper. It's made with a super-sticky adhesive backing that makes it easy to install on the bottom of your door, and it's also great for blocking out unwanted light so that you can sleep in total darkness.


A Sturdy Desk Riser Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Great for computer monitors, gaming consoles, and more, this desk riser is an easy way to help keep your devices organized. There are several slots and spaces where you can store your papers, pens, clips, markers, notebooks, as well as other items, and it's made from eco-friendly bamboo.


A Pack Of Dryer Balls That Helps Your Laundry Dry Quickly

These reusable dryer balls are a great, money-saving alternative to traditional dryer sheets. They help aerate your laundry so that it dries quickly, plus they even help soften your clothes so that you don't need to add any fabric softener to your wash.


An Eye Mask That Can Help Alleviate Pain From Migraines

Wear it to block out light when you're trying to sleep, or wear this compression eye mask to help alleviate pain from headaches, migraines, and more. The beads on the inside give the area around your eyes a gentle massage, and you can even store it in your freezer for additional soothing relief.


These Dish Scrubber Gloves Made From 100% Silicone

You'll be able to clean just about anything when you're wearing these scrubber gloves. They're made from 100% silicone that's naturally antibacterial, and they're also heat-resistant so that you can easily sterilize them in boiling water whenever they get extra-dirty.


These Drain Snakes That Help Clear Debris From Your Pipes

Keep your drains and pipes clean with these clog removers. They're flexible so that they easily bend and twist to the shape of your pipes, plus they even work without the need for any harsh chemical solutions.

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