47 Eccentric Products On Amazon That Reviewers Totally Love

When there are a million versions of every product you can imagine out there on the market, it helps to be weird enough to stand out. This list of eccentric products on Amazon that reviewers totally love all share a quirky connection — but even more impressive is the fact that so many customers looked beyond their weirdness to discover how effective they truly are.

Whether you need a quick solution for a broken bathroom lock (this list has an amazing portable lock that doesn't require tools to install), a toenail fungus treatment that you can carry in your pocketbook (seriously), or a tongue cleaner to achieve the best oral health of your life, this list of strange products won't disappoint.

This is the place you'll find both genius grooming products like dermaplaning tools and turmeric soap and weird kitchen tools like a double-sided spatula and a snack bowl designed with a separate compartment just for shells and pits.

Basically, you can count on two things when you peruse this list: every item works well and lives up to its promise while providing just enough quirk to be memorable — and product reviews are overwhelmingly glowing and positive. When eccentricity meets functionality, you know you've got one great product.

1. This Wearable Back Brace That Gives You Better Posture

Truweo Posture Corrector, $22, Amazon

How many times have you been told to stand up straight? This posture corrector is your gentle, wearable reminder to correct your posture for better overall health. The washable and lightweight chest and back brace — which can be worn for just 20 to 30 minutes a day — helps you to develop muscle memory and will improve spinal alignment in no time.


2. The Portable Lock That You Can Take On Trips

Addalock, $19, Amazon

Whether you have a busted bathroom door or plan on vacationing soon, take this portable lock with you anywhere you suspect you might need one. You can install it simply, without a single tool, and it locks in place until you're ready to pull it off. It's got over 1,400 nearly-perfect reviews, and one reads: "I want everyone to know this really works and was the most satisfying purchase I ever made! I was worried about getting what I paid for and if it was going to be durable, but I did and it was!"


3. An Extension Razor For Every Hard-To-Reach Area

Giraffe Razor Extension Handle, $30, Amazon

Successfully shaving the hair on the backs of legs is nothing short of impossible. This smart razor extension handle provides a safe and effective way to target hard-to-reach areas of your body — without having to contort your body to do it. The razor has a pivoting head and comes with a small and large extension, and its telescoping handle can extend 15 to 20 inches in length.


4. This Ultimate Jade Roller Kit For Glowing Skin

eDiva Chi Jade Rolling Kit, $26, Amazon

Made from 100 percent jade, this jade rolling kit comes with a roller (which can be stored in the fridge), a Gua Sha tool (which uses scraping motions to ease muscle pain or as a lymphatic massage), and a carrying case. The jade roller helps your serums and moisturizers penetrate deeply in the skin, and naturally reduces puffiness and inflammation, too.


5. These Odor-Free Reusable Cloths That Will Replace Paper Towels

The Crown Choice No Odor Sponge Cloth, $18 (12 Pack), Amazon

Replace expansive paper towels with these reusable cellulose sponge cloths — which absorb 20 times their weight in water and are resistant to odors. The Swedish cloths can be washed in the washing machine up to 200 times before needing to be replaced, and they come in lots of different colors.


6. A Trio Of Finger Stretchers That Strengthen Your Hands & Relieve Pain

Airisland Finger Stretcher, $19 (3 Pieces), Amazon

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or would just really like to increase your hand and finger strength to play sports or musical instruments, these finger stretchers provide the ultimate workout. The pack of three stretchers comes in varying resistance levels, and they can be washed and reused over and over again.


7. The Effective & Flexible Tool That Unclogs Drains In A Flash

Ram-Pro Grabber Tool, $8, Amazon

Unclogging drains and toilets is no joke — but this flexible and long 36-inch drain snake is one of the most effective tools you'll find that will pull out hair and debris before it has a chance to mess with your pipes. One reviewer writes: "I had a bathroom drain that got clogged and I decided to order this. Liquid plumber was no longer working. I am happy to say the bathroom sink that my wife and 3 daughters used is unclogged now." It also works to clean dryer vents, too.


8. A Palm-Size USB Wall Charger That Charges Three Devices At Once

Mugenter USB Wall Charger, $12, Amazon

This portable and compact USB wall charger fits in the palm of your hand and plugs into any outlet. It features three USB ports so you can charge several devices simultaneously and quickly. One reviewer raves: "Great for traveling as the USB hub takes up very little space and doesn't plug the other electrical socket when in use."


9. An Antibacterial And Anti-Fungal Foot Treatment Designed As A Portable Pen

Arishine Toenail Fungus Treatment, $31 (4 Pack), Amazon

Banish nail fungus in seconds with this toenail fungus treatment, which is made with a powerful but gentle trio of ingredients (including chitosan and angelica) that address bacteria, fungi, and nail discoloration in just days. Even better: the treatment comes in a portable pen package that's mess-free and simple to use.


10. This Snail Extract Face Cream Delivered In The Perfect Package

Ladykin Korean Snail Cream, $13, Amazon

It's no secret that snail mucus can repair dry skin and reduce inflammation — and this amazing Korean snail cream has 80 percent snail secretion filtration, so let the healing begin. You can expect instant and long-lasting moisture, and the adorable snail container doesn't hurt, either. It's also packed with vitamins A, C, and E, too.


11. These Supportive Gel Toe Tubes That Reduce Friction

Dr. Frederick's Original Gel Toe Tubes, $13 (12 Pieces), Amazon

These comfortable, cushioned gel toe tubes provide support for toes while reducing pain and friction when you walk and run. Each tube in the 12-piece set is made from soft, reusable rubber. You'll get a variety of different sizes in each packet, and you can wash and reuse them as often as you like.


12. The Stackable Toilet Stool For Healthier Elimination

Evron Stackable Toilet Stool, $20, Amazon

A ton of people are making the switch to a squatting toilet that encourages more healthy and complete elimination. And this two-piece toilet stool, which stacks together for easy storage and provides an additional 7 inches of height for your legs, is the perfect, commitment-free tool you need in your bathroom. Together, they'll support up to 600 pounds.


13. An All-Natural And Organic Soap Bar Made With Turmeric

Aspen Kay Naturals Organic Turmeric Soap, $9, Amazon

Turmeric isn't just a healthy spice to add to foods — its anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent ingredient to include in this organic turmeric soap. The moisturizing bar, which is perfect for sensitive skin, also contains a blend of shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, and organic sunflower oil.


14. This Gentle But Precise Dermaplaning Tool

Schick Dermaplaning Tool, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

These safe and precise dermaplaning tools painlessly and easily remove facial hair — including peach fuzz — while exfoliating dead skin cells and creating a smooth, soft canvas for your makeup. This tool can also be used to groom and shape your brows, thanks to an additional brow attachment included in the set.


15. The LED Reading Lamp With A Convenient Flexible Body

W-Lite Reading Light, $16, Amazon

Manipulate this convenient LED reading lamp so that it provides just the right angle of light wherever you need it. The lamp has a flexible metal gooseneck body and clips onto headboards and desks: It also offers two light colors (cool and warm white), and can be recharged via USB cable (and the adapter is included).


16. An Insulating Water Bottle Holder With An Adjustable Strap

WaterVault Neoprene Bottle Holder, $10, Amazon

This sports water bottle holder is designed from insulating neoprene and features a fully adjustable strap that you can sling over your shoulder. The holder comes in five colors and two sizes (regular and extra-large) and prevents condensation from building up on the outside of your bottle. It also helps to keep things cooler for longer.


17. A Gentle Detangling Brush That Comes In Models For Fine, Medium Or Thick Hair Types

Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush, $10, Amazon

Detangle your hair without causing breakage and major pain with this gentle detangling hair brush, which has 428 contact points that glide through strands and tangles without pulling on your hair and scalp. There are three brush models from which to choose — fine, medium, and thick hair — so you can opt for the one that's right for your hair type.


18. This Stand For Your iPad Or Laptop For Hands-Free Viewing

iPad Bed & Lap Stand by iProp, $25, Amazon

Prop up your iPad or laptop so you can enjoy a hands-free movie or scroll through your Instagram with the help of this smart iPad bed stand. The stand is constructed from a soft and breathable material that's simple to adjust, and its non-slip silicone shelf can hold up everything from a tablet to a laptop.


19. A Double-Sided Spatula With Two Different Sizes For All Of Your Cooking Needs

Chef'n Switchit Silicone Spatula, $15, Amazon

Use this double-sided silicone spatula for every cooking need you have — from scraping and spreading food to digging out ingredients from narrow jars. The spatula features a larger head on one side and a smaller head on the other side — and it's even dishwasher-friendly. One reviewer writes: "If you are only going to have 1 spatula, get this one. I use it for everything. Scrambled eggs, stir fry, scraping the mixing bowl, even cutting into a casserole and scooping it out."


20. The Snack Bowl That Includes A Convenient Place To Discard Shells And Pits

Kody Double Dish, $14, Amazon

That bowl of pistachio nuts or cherries becomes a lot more party friendly when you serve it in this thoughtful snack bowl, which features a separate compartment where you can discard shells, pits, and stems. The bowl has a removable top dish, is dishwasher-safe, and comes in red, orange, or green.


21. This Color-Changing Essential Oil Diffuser And Cool Mist Humidifier

MELLER Essential Oil Diffuser, $28, Amazon

This beautiful color-changing essential oil diffuser — which doubles as a cool mist humidifier — has LED lights that can be programmed to take on one of seven colors (or it can shift among shades) and four timer settings with up to a four-hour timer. It has automatic shut-off when the water runs out, but you can also run the light without having the mist on.


22. A Twisty Travel Pillow That Supports And Cradles Your Neck

Daisy Travel Pillow, $34, Amazon

Most travel pillows stop short of offering a full range of support for your neck and upper back: but not this plush and comfy option. This durable double-cushion pillow can be molded and sculpted to fit your body so that you can get a good nap in, no matter where you are or how cramped your airline seat. Reviewers swear this is the answer to center or aisle seats.


23. The Fluoride-Free Charcoal Toothpaste That Naturally Brightens Teeth

Hello Oral Care Charcoal Toothpaste, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

This fluoride-free charcoal toothpaste is made with activated charcoal and coconut oil — and can both naturally brighten teeth and freshen breath without a single bad chemical or artificial flavor. Each set comes with two tubes of charcoal toothpaste and a BPA-free toothbrush thrown in for good measure (and great oral health).


24. These Smart Baking Strips That Let You Easily Level A Cake

Wilton Bake-Even Strips, $23 (Set of 6), Amazon

One of the biggest challenges for amateur bakers is leveling a cake before it's time for frosting. These bake-even strips make that task a lot easier — just wet and wrap the fabric strips around cake pans and they help level out your cake so that there's no need to cut off the top. This will help you decorate a lot easier, or so writes this one reviewer: "Lo and behold, I've got a beautifully cooked cake! No dome in the middle, no cracked top, no crusty overdone edges. Dare I say's PERFECT!"


25. This Self-Cleaning Pet Brush That Provides A Soothing Massage

The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, $26, Amazon

Untangle your pet's hair and give your dog or cat a soothing massage while you groom them with this self cleaning slicker pet brush. The brush is perfect for small to medium breeds with short or long hair — and one quick push of a button activates its self-cleaning feature. It'll remove excess fur and dirt, and there is a larger size available.


26. The Innovative Ice Tray That Makes Ice Sticks For Narrow Bottles

Thermi Ice Cube Tray, $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

This ice cube tray is different from others — vecayse each tray produces 10 ice sticks that pop right out without effort and can (finally) fit narrow water bottles or cups. These BPA-free trays can also be filled up with juice or coffee to make special icy treats.


27. An Antioxidant-Rich Moisturizer With Green Tea Extract

TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream, $25, Amazon

Green tea is just as healthy for your skin as it is for your health — and this antioxidant-rich Korean beauty moisturizer delivers every benefit of a cream with 100 percent green tea ferment extract — including long-lasting hydration. Reviewers say this cream is gentle, lightweight, and calming.


28. This Funny & Effective Notepad That Helps You Slay Your Day

Knock Knock Get Your Sh*t Together Notepad, $11, Amazon

If you've got a potty mouth and a lot on your plate, snag this funny notepad, which will keep you on track to complete your daily duties. One reviewer calls the 60-page notepad a "game changer."


29. A Spice Organizer That Fits Inside Of Cabinets And Stores 30 Spices

YouCopia SpiceStack, $38, Amazon

Organize all of your spices (up to 30 full bottles and 60 half bottles) on this spice organizer, which features slide-out and drop-down drawers for easy access to everything you need. The stack comes with labels and fits right in your kitchen cabinet.


30. These Colorful Boot Shapers That Keep Your Best Boots In Tiptop Shape

Foxnovo Boots Shaper, $13 (4 Pieces), Amazon

These adorable boot shapers slide right into your favorite pair of boots — they also fill them out when you're wearing them so that they retain their shape. The durable plastic shapers have hooks at the top that allow you to hang and store them in your closet.


31. These Multi-Purpose Trivets That You Can Use As Potholders Or Coasters

Me.Fan Silicone Trivets, $14 (3 Pack), Amazon

Even when you least expect it, these multi-purpose silicone trivets come in handy. They are resistant to extreme heat and will serve you well as potholders, coasters, or miniature mitts that help you handle hot pan handles without burning yourself. They come in eight vivid colors and are dishwasher-friendly.


32. This Hilariously Fun Party Game Where You Get To Shout Out Answers

Smart Ass, $12, Amazon

If you know the answer to one of many hilarious questions in Smart Ass, it's not only okay to shout it out — rudeness is the key to winning. Gather two to six players and spend the night testing your smarts with this fun card game. One reviewer writes: "Definitely a fun game. It is fast moving, but I will say the questions can be pretty tough."


33. A Cut-Resistant Pair Of Gloves To Wear While Cooking And Fixing Up The House

G&F Products Cut-Resistant Gloves, $10, Amazon

Your sharpest knife or tool is no match for these tough cut-resistant gloves, which are perfect to wear when engaging in DIY carpentry projects or even while prepping food. The gloves come in four sizes for a snug fit and feature heat-resistant material and a slip-resistant coating for additional safety.


34. An Accupressure Massage That Targets Sore Muscles And Trigger Points

AccuMassage Portable Self Massager, $20, Amazon

Relieve pain and tension in your muscles and joints with this portable self massager, designed with two adjustable massage balls that really target trigger points. You can take the massager apart and pack it in your gym bag or luggage, and it works wonders on every part of your body — from your head all the way down to your feet.


35. An Ironing Mat That Replaces Your Huge, Bulky Board

wllife Ironing Mat, $11, Amazon

Got a colossal ironing board that's impossible to store (and annoying to assemble and use)? Replace it with this modern ironing mat, which can be used on your table, countertop, or washing machine — and barely takes up room in your home. The thick, double-sided mat is padded and rolls up for convenience, and it even comes with a silicone pad where you can place a hot iron.


36. These Eco-Friendly Silicone Straws That Are Better For The Planet Than Plastic

Hiware Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws, $8 (10 Straws), Amazon

As more and more companies and states phase out plastic straws, these eco-friendly silicone straws are here to take their place. These heat-resistant, flexible straws are reusable, thick enough to fit tumblers, and won't alter the taste of your favorite beverages. They'll work especially great for thicker drinks like smoothies or milkshakes.


37. A Water Filtration System That Removes Bacteria From Drinking Water

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System, $24, Amazon

Take this water filtration system on camping or hiking trips — or save it for emergency situations — but it's especially helpful whenever you suspect your drinking water is contaminated and compromised. The palm-size filter removes 99.9 percent of bacteria and can be attached right to your bottle.


38. The Pore-Purifying Clay Mask Made With Organic Ingredients

Beauty By Earth Face Mask, $20, Amazon

With a list of natural ingredients that include kaolin and bentonite clay, algae extract, and jojoba oil, this clay mask purifies pores, prevents blackheads, and treats breakouts — but it won't strip your skin of moisture in the process. The organic treatment is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


39. An On-Wall Surge Protector That Reduces Clutter And Can Charge All Of Your Devices

Echogear On-Wall Surge Protector, $20, Amazon

A surge protector doesn't have to add more clutter to your home — because this option mounts to your wall so that it's off of your desk or floor, and it features four rotating outlets and two USB ports. One reviewer who swears this product is worth every penny raves: "It's so much nicer having USBs and extra plugs; I didn't realize how much they'd make a difference, especially in the kitchen. Plus the surge protector aspect of it is a great selling point."


40. These Relaxing Aromatherapy Foot Pads That Lull You To Sleep

Lepa Life Aromatherapy Foot Pads, $18, Amazon

Wrap these soothing aromatherapy foot pads around clean feet before bedtime — and reviewers say they cleanse and relieve tension in your feet, making it easier to rest and even fall asleep. The adhesive pads are made with bamboo vinegar, and infused with therapeutic ingredients like rose water and tourmaline.


41. A Bidet That Attaches To Your Toilet For The Ultimate Cleaning Experience

Luxe Bidet, $35, Amazon

Find out what everyone in Europe is raving about when you install this bidet attachment to your toilet bowl for the ultimate self-cleaning experience. The bidet comes with everything you need for easy installation, and it boasts self-cleaning nozzles and water pressure control knobs so that you can find the ideal pressure for your needs.


42. These Tongue Cleaners That Eliminates Bacteria For Fresher Breath

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner, $16 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you're trying to achieve fresher breath, brushing your teeth alone isn't going to cut it. The best oral health of your life is just one tongue cleaner away — because removing bacteria and food particles that accumulate on your tongue with this special brush means a cleaner, healthier mouth is yours. The pointed bristles get in every nook and cranny.


43. The Flexible Tripod Holder That Lets You Take Pro Selfies

Ubeesize Tripod, $18, Amazon

Take professional-looking selfies — including group shots from as far as 30 feet away — with this tripod, which holds your phone stable and has flexible octopus legs that allow you to position it perfectly. The tall tripod is compatible with most smartphones and cameras, and includes a wireless remote shutter.


44. A Cooling Gel-Enhanced Seat Cushion For Support & Comfort

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion, $23, Amazon

If you are using a seat cushion to enhance your sitting experience, the assumption is that the more comfy and supportive, the better — which is why this gel-filled cushion has more than 3,600 amazing reviews. The non-slip cushion, which has a built-in handle, is made with memory foam to take the pressure off of your body. The cooling layer of gel adds more breathability and comfort.


45. The Fast, Convenient Food Chopper With A Built-In Cutting Board

Kools Food Chopper, $14, Amazon

Cut down on the number of tools you need for food prep with this convenient food chopper, which has a built-in cutting board that makes it a breeze to chop, dice, and transfer ingredients to your bowl or plate. With a sharp stainless steel blade and nonslip handle, this is a knife, scissors, and stable cutting board in one.


46. These Clear Splash Guards That Prevent Shower Water From Escaping Your Stall

SlipX Solutions Shower Curtain Splash Guards, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Keep shower water from leaking and splashing outside of your stall with these simple-to-install shower curtain splash guards. The transparent guards are mounted on the inside of your shower curtain, where they prevent water from splashing — but are invisible to anyone outside of your shower.


47. This Slimy-Looking Keyboard Cleaner That Removes Every Bit Of Debris

HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner, $13 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Once you get past the fact that this keyboard cleaner looks and feels like slime (which is actually a cool selling point) you'll discover how effective it is at removing 99.9 percent of debris and dust from your keyboard. The biodegradable cleaner gets in between crevices and is also great for cleaning items like fans and vents. One reviewer writes: "It reminded me of the blob. It gets into the tiniest of places, like cracks and crevices where vacuum cleaners just won't reach."

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