47 Eccentric Products On Amazon That Reviewers Totally Love

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When there are a million versions of every product you can imagine out there on the market, it helps to be weird enough to stand out. This list of eccentric products on Amazon that reviewers totally love all share a quirky connection — but even more impressive is the fact that so many customers looked beyond their weirdness to discover how effective they truly are.

Whether you need a quick solution for a broken bathroom lock (this list has an amazing portable lock that doesn't require tools to install), a toenail fungus treatment that you can carry in your pocketbook (seriously), or a tongue cleaner to achieve the best oral health of your life, this list of strange products won't disappoint.

This is the place you'll find both genius grooming products like dermaplaning tools and turmeric soap and weird kitchen tools like a double-sided spatula and a snack bowl designed with a separate compartment just for shells and pits.

Basically, you can count on two things when you peruse this list: every item works well and lives up to its promise while providing just enough quirk to be memorable — and product reviews are overwhelmingly glowing and positive. When eccentricity meets functionality, you know you've got one great product.

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