47 Game-Changing Products On Amazon For People Who Keep Doing Life Wrong


Being an adult is hard, the struggle is real, and you can't even. If you regularly find yourself using the aforementioned phrases, you've come to the right place. These clever products on Amazon are basically life-changing magic, and that's because they're designed to fix all those tiny inconveniences that regularly set you back.

See, a bad day is very rarely caused by one massive overarching problem. The majority of bad days are comprised of small, irritating things that, one by one, just keep going wrong. The solution? Tackle those setbacks at the source and start doing life right.

Reorganize your bras before you lose the one you need for that wedding you're late for. Equip yourself with the best stain remover prior to the red wine mishap. Stock your kitchen with all the tools you need to thaw, prep, and cook before your mother-in-law invites herself over for dinner. These inventions make daily life so much easier, because when your day starts to go south, you're prepared to handle the little things.

So if you're having trouble adulting, check out these brilliant items that every grown person should own. According to reviewers, they're total game-changers because they actually help you get your life together.

1. This Silicone Cooking Pod That Can Steam, Poach, Bake, Roast, And Serve

Cestari Kitchen Easy Pod, $16, Amazon

Yes, the Cestari Kitchen Easy Pod makes it easy to steam delicious vegetables in the microwave, but that's not all it's good for. You can also cook omelets, roast chicken, bake bread, or poach fish using various different appliances — all thanks to its food-grade silicone design. It rolls up into a pod shape for mess-free cooking, draining, and storage, but it also doubles as a convenient bowl so you can serve your creations in it, too.


2. A Training Tool That Protects Your Fingers While You Learn To Cut Properly

JIAEN Stainless Steel Finger Guard, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

The kitchen is not the best place to be accident-prone. Luckily, the JIAEN finger guard protects you from knife-related mishaps. It's made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and it has a built-in ring so it'll stay put on your fingers while you slice and chop. Reviewers even say it trains you to cut properly — like a trained chef.


3. These Reusable Grocery Bags That Come In An Adorable Storage Case

BagPodz Reusable Bag and Storage System, $25 (5 Pack), Amazon

Eco-friendly practices have always been a great idea, but now that major stores are getting rid of plastic bags altogether, it's time to invest in an alternative. BagPodz comes with five reusable and heavy-duty bags to carry all your produce and purchases, but it also comes with a convenient storage pod and carabiner clip. You can get them in four different colors, and they're even machine-washable should something spill.


4. A Helpful Gadget That Helps You Fold Your Shirts, Pants, And Towels In Mere Seconds

Ohuhu Clothes Folding Board, $11, Amazon

If you're the type of person who leaves your clean laundry in a wrinkled heap, the Ohuhu folding board is a life-saver. It uses an easy three-step system to fold your clothes into neat, uniform squares that stack easily and stay wrinkle-free. It's made from sturdy yet flexible material, and reviewers' feedback is borderline shocking: "Coming from a lazy twenty year old, this kinda makes folding clothes fun."


5. A Stain Remover That Reviewers Say "Works Miracles"

Creative Hands Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Buyers call this stuff "a miracle product" because it gets out "blood, makeup, dirt, tomato sauce, wine... literally everything." Grandma's Secret Spot Remover uses an eco-friendly formula that's safe on virtually all fabrics and doesn't require any scrubbing, either. Since you're getting three for $12, you can keep one in the car, one at the office, and one at home.


6. A Well-Made Nail Tool That Catches All The Clippings For You

Genuine "No-mes" Nail Clipper, $13, Amazon

Tired of rogue toenail clippings flying across the room? The Genuine "No-mes" has stainless steel precision edges that "cut like a hot knife through butter," but it also effortlessly catches the clippings before they end up on your floor. It folds up for compact storage, empties without hassle, and lasts a really long time, according to buyers.


7. This Anti-Stress Remedy Made From Homeopathic Floral Ingredients

Rescue Remedy Dropper, $11, Amazon

Whatever it is that stresses you out — whether it's work, travel, or public speaking — the Rescue Remedy Dropper has your back. It's made using homeopathic floral ingredients (like rock rose, clematis, star of Bethlehem, and cherry plum) to help ease your nerves and calm your body. Best of all, it's non-habit-forming and easy to administer anywhere, because you can drop it directly into your mouth or mix it into a drink. Of course, always consult with your doctor before starting any topical stress relief.


8. A Sleek Multi-Tool That Helps Prepare For Any Small Job

Gerber Curve Multi-Tool, $6-12, Amazon

Attach the Gerber Curve multi-tool to your keys, and you'll be well-prepared for loose eyeglass screws, stubborn packages, and jagged fingernails. It comes with two screwdrivers, a file, a blade, and a bottle opener, all of which fold up and lock into place when not in use. Thanks to the handy clip, it's also easy to attach and remove.


9. These Sponges That Wipe Away Grime, Marks, And Scuffs — Just Add Water

STK Extra Thick Magic Cleaning Pads, $10 (20 Pack), Amazon

Scuffed shoes. Rust stains. Food splatters. Crayon marks on the wall. Just add water to these STK magical cleaning pads, and they'll tackle just about anything. In addition to being way cheaper than similar products, they're also thicker and really highly-reviewed. One reviewer writes: "Obsessed. You start by scrubbing that one scuff that's been bugging you every time you walk by since the day it mysteriously appeared... then you see a small one next to it. Then hours have passed and you're holding this shriveled up fluff and your house is spotless and you realize you can't live without these things."


10. These Food-Saver Bag Clips That Actually Stay Closed

ANPHSIN Sealing Clips, $14 (38 Pack), Amazon

Think of all the spills and stale food that result from inadequately-closed bags. Now think of all the money and hassle you'll save with these ANPHSIN sealing clips. They come in a pack of 38 and feature four different sizes that work on all different kinds of bagged food, including cereal, chips, coffee grounds, flour, bread, or produce. Reviewers say they're durable and slightly curved, so they actually stay closed.


11. This Brilliant Extendable Pen That Attaches To Your Keychain

True Utility TelePen, $9, Amazon

It's as long as your door key when it's folded up, but the True Utility TelePen easily extends to its full size with a handy release mechanism. Then you've got a sleek, stainless steel pen that you can use anywhere for "writing a check, jotting some notes, [or] working on a crossword puzzle." This one even comes with three refills and a keychain loop.


12. A Pen That Fixes Smudged Lipstick, Messy Eyeshadow, And Rogue Eyeliner In Seconds

Superface Makeup Remover Stick, $20, Amazon

For those days when your makeup routine is going horribly wrong, but you just don't have the time to start over, there's this makeup remover stick. Using a gentle formula that's safe for sensitive skin, it effortlessly removes lipstick smudges, shadow fallout, and rogue liner wings without messing up anything else. Since it comes in a convenient pencil, you can take it anywhere without having to worry about spills. It even has honey extract to keep things irritation-free.


13. These Genius Mineral-Based Laundry Balls That Are Safe For You And The Planet

Green Clean Eco-Laundry Ball, $19 (Set of 2), Amazon

They last through a thousand washes and they easily tackle dirt, stains, and odors, but these Green Clean Eco-Laundry balls don't contaminate the environment and don't irritate sensitive skin. That's because they're filled with minerals and negatively-charged ions that clean clothes without harmful chemicals, fragrances, residue, and additives. Just throw them in with your laundry, and you're set.


14. A Minimalist Goal-Setting Planner That People Are Obsessing Over

90X Goal Planner, $34, Amazon

Reviewers call the 90X Goal Planner the "best planner for personal development" and "a great tool to keep [your] goals in sight and stay motivated and focused." Its undated 90-day design includes to-do lists, vision boards, and weekly and monthly overviews that keep you on task rather than overwhelming you with unnecessary clutter. It's even available in several different colors.


15. A Holder To Watch Movies In Bed, Effortlessly Read Recipes, Or Mount Your Phone In The Car

Avantree Cell Phone Clip Holder, $19, Amazon

Rather than having a separate phone mount for your car, kitchen, and bedroom, the Avantree cell phone holder tackles all those spaces and more. Its adjustable clip base effortlessly attaches to most surfaces without damage, the universal mount is compatible with all phones from 3.5 inches to 6.3 inches, and its gooseneck design bends any which way for optimal viewing, no matter where you are.


16. This Shaking, Flashing Alarm Clock That Ensures You Actually Wake Up

iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm Clock, $31, Amazon

If you have a problem with sleeping through your alarm, the iLuv TimeShaker fixes that issue once and for all. In addition to flashing lights and a tone that can go as loud as 120 decibels (aka the same volume as a hammer drill), this alarm clock features a shaking disk that you can put under your pillow to ensure you actually wake up on time. You can also charge your phone from the USB port.


17. A Holder That Keep Your Cords And Electronics Organized While You Travel

BAGSMART Two-In-One Cable Organizer, $17, Amazon

Whether you're traveling, commuting, or looking for a way to keep your wires organized at home, the BAGSMART cable organizer can help. It comes with both a large and a small case, both of which are water-repellent and roll up for compact storage. Then, using elastic bands and mesh zipper pockets, they keep all your essentials tangle-free and easy to find.


18. These Padded Vertical Hangers That Save Room And Prevent Slipping

Kaleep Pants Hangers, $26 (2 Pack), Amazon

Since these Kaleep pants hangers hold four articles of clothing vertically, they save tons of space in your closet. They also utilize swinging, padded arms that allow you to easily hang things you otherwise wouldn't be able to, like pants, scarves, or skirts — and they're specifically designed to prevent slipping.


19. A Pocket Screwdriver With Four Different Heads

Jakemy Precision Multibit Pocket Screwdriver, $5, Amazon

Even though it fits in your pocket, the Jakemy precision multi-bit screwdriver can tackle eyeglasses, battery compartments, and emergency tightening jobs anywhere. It comes with two-double ended heads that store inside the tool, and the bits are even magnetized so you won't lose the screw you're working with.


20. This Brilliant Way To Organize Your Cables Without Damaging Your Desk

Envisioned Heavy Cable Organizer, $15, Amazon

Tired of chargers slipping under your desk or behind your side table? The Envisioned cable organizer is one of the heaviest on the market and can hold up to seven cords at once, thick or thin. Since it doesn't use any adhesive and it's made from flexible silicone, it won't damage your desk and you can remove your cables whenever you want. This one even comes with four reusable cable ties.


21. A Purifier To Neutralize Odors In Your Toilet Bowl Without Sprays Or Chemicals

Cogswell Bathroom Toilet Odor Eliminator, $38, Amazon

The Cogswell odor eliminator clips onto the side of any standard toilet and uses a special filtration system to pull odors into the filter, where they're then neutralized. It doesn't use sprays or harmful chemicals, and instead runs entirely on AA batteries. This one even has a built-in LED light that turns on when it senses your presence.


22. This One-Step Pasta Pot That'll Actually Encourage You To Cook

Bialetti Pasta Strainer Pot, $30, Amazon

Because of its oval shape and non-stick aluminum interior, the Bialetti pot is specifically designed to cook pasta without any hassle. It even has a locking strainer lid and stay-cool handles, so you don't have to dirty a colander while draining out the water. It comes in a ton of fun colors, like coastal blue and pastel pink, and reviewers say it encourages them to actually cook instead of heating up frozen dinners.


23. This Genius Gadget That Thaws Frozen Meat In Less Than An Hour

Thaw Claw, $12, Amazon

Forgot to take those chicken thighs out of the freezer this morning? No worries — the Thaw Claw can have them thawed in less than an hour. It uses its claw fingers and suction-cup base to hold the meat underwater in a sink or tub, so the ice melts quickly. It's much safer than the microwave, and people say it's a must-have for the forgetful chef.


24. This Rechargeable Handheld Car Vacuum That Works So Well, People Brought It Inside

DOFLY Portable Rechargeable Car Vacuum, $40, Amazon

Because the DOFLY portable vacuum charges via USB and works cordlessly for up to 20 minutes, it's a great thing to have for messy cars and household accidents. People absolutely love it because it's lightweight, powerful, relatively quiet, and easy to empty — plus it comes with four convenient attachments for upholstery, vents, and hard-to-reach places.


25. The Cubes To Help Save Room And Stay Organized When You're Traveling

BAGAIL Packing Cubes, $25 (Set of 6), Amazon

This one's for the over-packers and messy travelers. BAGAIL packing cubes condense all your clothes down to compact, square shapes that fit like blocks in your suitcase. This set comes with six cubes in three different sizes, and since the mesh panels allow you to see what's inside, you can grab what you need without disturbing everything else.


26. This Latex Tape So When You Miss The Nail, You Can Just Peel Off Your Mistakes

PUEEN Latex Nail Tape, $9, Amazon

When there's no room in the budget for a manicure, but your DIY ones look less than professional, there's PUEEN nail tape. This liquid paint dries into a latex material that's easy to peel off, so you can protect your cuticles and skin from nail polish messes. It's also a great base for glitter polishes that are nearly impossible to remove otherwise.


27. A Cute Microwave Cleaner That Does All The Hard Work For You

OIF Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, $9, Amazon

Most of us don't clean our microwaves as often as we should. Thankfully, Angry Mama makes that chore quick and easy. Just fill her with water and vinegar and set the microwave to five minutes. Steam then spews out of her head, loosening up the grime and splatters so you can just wipe them away. You can even add lemon for a clean, refreshing scent.


28. A Gentle Brush That Tackles Dirt And Smudges On Small Electronics

OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush, $5, Amazon

For all those fragile, hard-to-clean items (like watches, phones, cameras, and keyboards), you've got the OXO Good Grips electronics brush. It has a silicone wiper on one end and soft bristles on the other, so you can dust, sweep, and polish away dirt without damaging your small valuables. It's also the size of a pen and travels well thanks to its protective cap and retractable design.


29. These Heat-Resistant Gloves That Allow For Grip And Dexterity

Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves, $29, Amazon

Yes, Grill Heat Aid extreme gloves can be used as your average oven mitts, but because of their washable design and contoured fit, they're also a must for grilling and frying. They have easy-grip ribbing all over, so you can handle tools with dexterity, and they come in multiple sizes and colors for all hands and styles. Most importantly, they can handle heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.


30. A Mature And Practical Way To Store Your Makeup

Home-It Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $15, Amazon

If you're still digging through a massive makeup bag for all your essentials, you're doing it wrong. The Home-It makeup organizer has three removable drawers and several open compartments to store and display everything from brushes and lipstick to palettes and eye pencils. Plus, since it's made out of acrylic, it's totally transparent and really easy to clean.


31.This Brilliantly-Designed Lint Roller That Won't Collect Dirt On-The-Go

Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

Pills on your yoga pants and cat hair on your coat? The Flint reusable lint roller retracts into itself to keep the recycled sheets extra sticky — but when you need it, it rolls out and grabs dust, fur, and lint like a champ. It comes in 18 awesome colors, and you can refill it when you run out.


32.The Peeler With Three Different Blades — And A Potato-Eye Remover

Joseph Joseph Three-In-One Peeler, $10, Amazon

Thanks to its three-in-one design, the Joseph Joseph peeler switches from straight to julienne to serrated with an easy-to-use mechanism. It even has a built-in potato-eye scoop, and when you're done using it, you can throw it in the dishwasher without a problem.


33. This Organizer That Saves Space And Keeps Your Pans Readily-Accessible

Lifewit Adjustable Pan Pot Organizer, $25, Amazon

When your drawers won't open and your cabinets are prone to avalanches, it's time for the Lifewit adjustable organizer. Its movable shelves are made from stainless steel and can easily accommodate pots, pans, and lids in a vertical, space-saving way. Reviewers say it assembles without tools and it makes it way easier to "find exactly which pan [you're] looking for without taking everything out of the cabinet."


34. The Bag That Neutralizes Odors, Moisture, And Allergens Without Harmful Chemicals

bmbu Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, $9, Amazon

Closets, refrigerators, car trunks, bathrooms, trash bins, pet areas — whatever it is that smells, the bmbu air purifier can neutralize the area quickly and safely. Instead of harmful chemicals or masking fragrances, this cute bag uses absorbent activated charcoal to soak up odors, moisture, smoke, and mold.


35. A Poaching Pan So You Can Impress Your Guests With Culinary-Level Eggs Benedict

Excelsteel Non-Stick Egg Poacher, $23, Amazon

Yeah, the Excelsteel non-stick egg poacher poaches four eggs at a time for an easy, delicious, and impressive breakfast — but people also use it for melting chocolate, liquefying butter, and steaming custards. Since the cups are removable, dishwasher-safe, and made from stainless steel, they're extremely simple to store, use, and clean.


36. These Double-Sided Stamps For Perfect, Evenly-Winged Eyes

LA PURE Winged Eyeliner Stamp, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

Even after you've created the perfect wing, the hardest part isn't over — now the other eye has to match. Thankfully, LA PURE eyeliner comes with two double-sided pens for either eye, and they both have a felt-tip end and a winged stamp. In other words, it takes seconds to create a symmetrical look, and since it's water-resistant and smudge-proof, it'll last all night.


37. A Tool That Reviewers Say Is One Of The Best Kitchen Gadgets They've Ever Bought

Unmengii Stainless Steel Slicer Holder, $6, Amazon

Keep the onion steady and your fingers far away from the action with the Unmengii slicer and holder. This stainless steel tool has multiple prongs that both secure whatever you're cutting and allow you to make thin, even slices. It works for meat, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, fish, and cheese, and more. One reviewer even goes so far as to say, "this is one of the best gadgets I've ever purchased for our kitchen."


38. This Space-Savvy Brush Organizer That Handles All Different Diameters

byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer, $21, Amazon

The byAlegory brush organizer stacks your makeup tools vertically to save space, keep them neat and easy to grab, and allow them to dry thoroughly after washing. It's made from clear acrylic and has gripper holes in multiple different diameters, so you can store everything from your thinnest liner brushes to your thickest foundation brushes.


39. A Quiet, Easy-To-Carry Holder To Consolidate All Your Keys

Clips Smart Compact Key Holder, $20, Amazon

Even though it's compact and extremely lightweight, the Clips smart key holder can store up to 18 keys without bulk or noise. It's made from heavy-duty carbon, is easily tightened or expanded using a coin, and comes in five cool colors. You even get a few free gifts, like an accessory loop, bottle opener, carabiner, and coin stash for your keychain.


40. An Amazing Gadget That Dispenses Just The Right Amount Of Batter Without Any Dripping

KPKitchen Batter Dispenser, $15, Amazon

Where has this thing been all my life? The KPKitchen batter dispenser helps you measure out your ingredients, but it also prevents baked-on pan drips, counter-top messes, and irregularly-shaped pancakes. Simply press the lever inside the handle, and you can dispense just the right amount of brownie, cake, or pancake batter. When it's time to move to the next one, release the lever and the dripping stops.


41. This Rotating Power Strip So Bulky Adapters Can't Cover All Your Outlets

ECHOGEAR Rotating Power Strip, $30, Amazon

Tired of wasted outlets that are covered by bulky adapters? The ECHOGEAR power strip features six rotating outlets and two fixed ones so you can keep everything plugged in at once. It's also protected against surges, and has built-in cable management hooks to keep cords organized and tangle-free.


42. This Hanging Organizer For Bulky Clothes And Hard-To-Store Accessories

Honey-Can-Do Hanging Organizer, $12, Amazon

For all the un-hangable stuff that can't fit in your drawers, there's the Honey-Can-Do closet organizer. Six wide, bamboo-lined shelves store clothes, sheets, towels, bags, and accessories, while canvas sides allow for a collapsible design when you're not using it. No installation necessary, either — just hang this one over your existing closet rod and start organizing.


43. The Two-In-One Drain Stopper And Hair Catcher

Umbra Flex Hair Catcher Drain Stop, $8, Amazon

You usually have to choose between something that stops the bath drain and something that catches the hair. The Umbra Flex does both. Just press down on the center button, and the hair catcher pops up. Press it again, and it folds in on itself to stop the water from draining. It's also durable, won't cause rust stains, and wipes clean.


44. This Non-Toxic Stain Remover That Actually Works (Without Damaging Fabrics)

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover, $8, Amazon

When it comes to Chateau Spill stain remover, reviewers are "glad to find a product that actually does what it says." This powerful formula doesn't contain any bleach or other abrasive chemicals — instead, it uses non-toxic ingredients that break stains down at the cellular level. This includes wine, juice, makeup, and oil, and it's safe on virtually any fabric, from clothing to upholstery.


45. These Gel-Insulated Wine Glasses That Cool Your Drink Without Diluting It

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups, $23, Amazon

These brilliant Host cooling cups keep your wine chilled without diluting it. They feature a special cooling gel inside the walls of the glass, so when stored in the freezer, they come out icy cold and ready to go. Each one has a color-coded silicone insulation sleeve, and they're all made from BPA-free plastic that's surprisingly durable, reviewers say.


46. A Powerful Little Gadget That Automatically Opens Any Can Of Any Size

instecho Electric Can Opener, $20, Amazon

Open cans of any size without cords and without endangering your fingers. This electric can opener runs entirely on batteries and automatically rotates around the edges of the can. Then it grips the lid and lifts it away, all at the touch of a button. One reviewer writes that it's "thick and durable, yet able to adjust to any jar."


47. This Smart Way To Keep Your Underwear Organized And Accessible

MIU COLOR Underwear Organizer, $14, Amazon

Put them in your drawers or stack them in your closet, but either way, your bras, underwear, socks, and stockings will be infinitely more organized. These MIU COLOR fabric storage boxes come in four different designs (eight-cell, five-cell, six-cell, and 20-cell) so you can save space and see all your options at once. They're also collapsible, so they're easy to store when not in use.

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