48 Brilliant Finds Under $15 On Amazon That Seem Like They Cost $50

You don't have to put yourself in debt to own nice things — honestly. These brilliant finds under $15 on Amazon that seem like they cost $50 are proof of that. A brilliant gem is a brilliant gem, regardless of price point, and its worth all comes down to how well made and functional a product proves to be. All of the affordable treasures on this list share one thing in common: they can do exactly the same thing as their more expensive counterparts — but they won't break the bank.

If you want to, you can certainly spend hundreds of dollars on gorgeous towels, innovative hair tools designed with a dozen bells and whistles (that you'll probably never use), and makeup and skincare products that promise the sun, moon, and stars. But if you're willing to look past the allure of fancy labels and big marketing budgets, you may find these products are exactly what you need in your life — for a whole lot less money.

Instead of focusing on frills, this list hones in on the best affordable, brilliant beauty products that are made with ingredients known to work (and that contain none of the fancy fillers that won't do a whole lot of good). And the same goes for the kitchen gadgets, lingerie, tech devices, and health and wellness products you'll find on this list of random but seriously clever products.

1. An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser With Soothing LED Lights

MOSPRO Essential Oil Diffuser, $13, Amazon

Create a soothing atmosphere anywhere in your home with this essential oil diffuser, which uses ultrasonic technology to maintain the integrity of your favorite essential oils. The handsome, minimalist wood-grain diffuser features seven adjustable LED lights to set the mood, is quiet as a whisper, and has an automatic turn-off feature just in case you fall asleep with it on (and you just might).


2. A Set Of Sharp Serrated Steak Knives That Are Comfortable To Hold

McCook Steak Knife Set, $14 (6 Pieces), Amazon

This quality set of six steak knives is made from durable stainless steel and has really sharp serrated edges that one reviewer says cuts through steak like it's butter. These are fantastic, lightweight, everyday knives that are comfortable to hold and ideal for both food prep and enjoying meals.


3. The High-Tech Smart Notebook That Connects Notes To The Cloud

Rocketbook Smart Notebook, $12, Amazon

Take notes, draw, or write the next great novel in this smart notebook, download the Rocketbook app, and then simply and quickly blast your work to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Slack, iCloud, and more. This notebook contains 140 pages that are compatible with pens, pencils, or any other writing tool.


4. This Golden French Press Coffee Maker With Matching Mugs

Dynamique French Press Coffee Maker, $13, Amazon

Few things in life beat a delicious cup of coffee — and there's something about French press coffee made in this polished, golden carafe that makes mornings feel 100 times more special. The carafe is made from quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and comes with two matching mugs — all of which are dishwasher-safe.


5. A Versatile Cast Iron Skillet You'll Use Every Day

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, $8, Amazon

Pull out this 6.5-inch cast iron skillet any time you need to fry, sear, bake, or stir fry anything — it's versatile, retains heat for even cooking, and is even pre-seasoned and safe in the oven. Reviewers say the pan becomes non-stick after a few uses (as most cast iron pans need to season), and is the perfect size for single-serve dishes or small portions.


6. This Plush Throw Blanket For Chilly Nights

Crafkart Throw Blanket, $15, Amazon

Keep this warm, plush throw blanket over your chair or sofa and you'll always be ready to tackle the coldest days and nights. The chevron-print blanket has a rustic style, holds up well in the washing machine, and comes in five colors like turquoise, red, and green.


7. The Travel-Size Hair Straightener For Shiny Strands On-The-Go

MHU Professional Travel Size Hair Straightener, $15, Amazon

Travel anywhere without feeling like you're limited in terms of how you style your hair. This compact, travel-size hair straightener has tourmaline ceramic plates for smooth, shiny hair and it heats up to 356 degrees fast.


8. These Absorbent Turkish Cotton Washcloths That Give Your Skincare Routine An Upgrade

Bagno Milano Hotel Collection Bath Towel Set, $15 (Set of 5), Amazon

Kick your skincare routine up a few notches with these 100 percent Turkish cotton washcloths — which are soft, plush, and so absorbent they'll be completely dry before the next time you use them. The towels come in five colors and a variety of sets that include bath towels, hand towels, and standard towels.


9. A Cute But Breathable Nightgown

Hotouch Sleepwear Chemise Nightgown (S-XXL), $8, Amazon

Made with adjustable straps and a breathable fabric, this nightgown is perfectly comfortable — and the lace trimming makes it look and feel fancy, too. It's soft to the touch, and comes in a variety of colors, too.


10. An Exfoliating Skin Peel That Brightens Your Complexion

The Ordinary Peeling Solution, $13, Amazon

This gentle, but effective skincare peel contains an exfoliating blend of glycolic, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids — which work together to fade acne scars, sun damage, and make your skin look brighter and healthier. This solution should be applied at night like a mask and left on for no longer than 10 minutes before rinsing it off and applying a moisturizer (and don't forget to wear sunscreen in the morning, as your skin may be more sensitive to UV rays).


11. These Comfortable Earphones That Fold Flat For Storage

Vogek On Ear Headphones, $13, Amazon

More than 700 reviewers agree: these affordable headphones deliver clear-as-a-bell sound quality — and are comfortable to wear, thanks to an adjustable padded headband. These headphones come in four colors and have a volume control function that is compatible with phones and tablets for both music and hands-free phone calls. Bonus: they fold flat for easier storage.


12. The Smart Plug That Lets You Control Devices From Your Phone

Wasserstein Smart Home Plug, $15, Amazon

Control when the devices in your home turn on and off — all when you connect them to this smart home plug and download the accompanying app that allows you to create practical time schedules. This plug is great to have when you plan on leaving your house for extended periods of time, but it's equally amazing for homebodies who are trying to cut their electricity bill.


13. These Moisture-Wicking Capri Leggings With A Hidden Pocket

Starter Performance Capri Leggings (XS-XL), $8, Amazon

These capri leggings feature a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry while you work out — and they have a small hidden pocket in the front waistband where you can tuck in your keys or ID card. The reflective logo on the back is perfect for evening walks and runs, and they come in black, grey, or navy.


14. A Basic Fitness Tracker Watch To Track Your Movements & Sleep

iGank Fitness Tracker Watch, $15, Amazon

Keep on track of your sleep and health goals with this fitness tracker watch. The watch tracks steps, distance, and more — and you can wear it for about 15 days before it requires a charge. This isn't the watch to invest in if you want to connect yours to an app, but it's the most basic, quality fitness tracker you'll find for this incredible price.


15. An Adjustable Bamboo Bath Tray That Is Self-Care Goals

Danny's World Bathtub Caddy, $15, Amazon

Turn any bath into a spa-like experience with this eco-friendly bamboo bathtub caddy, which is adjustable to fit all tubs and can hold your tablet, phone, coffee, and even a glass of wine, which fits perfectly in its own wine holder (because why not?).


16. A Needle-Less Acupuncture Pen For DIY Pain Relief

Gosear Acupuncture Pen, $14, Amazon

Consider this the next best thing to actually putting on shoes, leaving your house, and getting an acupuncture treatment: because this pen delivers a pain-relieving massage that targets specific areas of your body and face. Using the power of your body's own static electricity, the pen can reduce stress and anxiety — without a single needle.


17. This Self-Rotating Curling Iron That Creates Soft, Shiny Curls

Conair Curling Iron Infiniti Evolution With Rotating Clip, $15, Amazon

This 1-inch tourmaline ceramic curling iron heats up to 400 degrees in 30 seconds, and has both a left and right rotation button. Reviewers say it creates soft curls and that the clamp and self-rotating feature are the cherry on top.


18. The Individual Waffle Maker That Makes Perfect Portions

Dash Mini Waffle Maker, $10, Amazon

This portable waffle maker weighs just 1-pound, but can whip up perfect single portions of waffles, paninis, or even hash browns. It has a non-stick surface and comes in eight colors. This is the perfect gadget for trips, camping, and small kitchens or apartments — and you can get super creative with it, like trying out brownies, mashed potatoes, or more.


19. This Mess-Free Hand Immersion Blender That Comes With A Whisk Attachment

Bella Hand Immersion Blender, $15, Amazon

The fewer cooking gadgets and attachments you have to wash, the better — and this hand immersion blender with whisk attachment limits the mess you make in the kitchen by bringing the blender straight to your pot or bowl. The hand blender has two speeds and it comes with two attachments, both of which are dishwasher-safe.


20. A Durable, Water-Resistant Backpack With A USB Port

XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack, $15, Amazon

The designers of this durable, water-resistant backpack thought of everything. For starters, it's roomy enough to fit a 16-inch laptop and comes equipped with a built-in USB port for quick external charges. The fabric is resistant to scratching, and the bag has adjustable padded shoulder straps and an anti-theft pocket.


21. These Precise Stylus Pens For Writing And Drawing

MEKO Universal Stylus, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

This pack of stylus pens includes replaceable tips and clear discs that let you see exactly where you're placing it for more precise marks. The durable pens are made from stainless steel and aluminum, and are compatible with a wide range of devices — including iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and tablets.


22. The Shatter-Proof And Stemless Wine Glass You Need For Your Next Party

Govino Flexible Wine Glasses, $11 (Set of 4), Amazon

Enjoy your glass of vino without worrying about the glass itself when you use these flexible, shatter-proof wine glasses, which are perfect for parties (and especially outdoor get-togethers). This set comes with four stemless polycarbonate glasses, each boasting a unique thumb notch that gives you a firm grip on your glassware. The reusable glasses also happen to be better for the planet —  because when you're done with them for good, you can recycle them.


23. A Comfy, Cozy Pair Of Fleece Slippers For Chilly Mornings

Luxehome Fleece House Slippers, $14, Amazon

Designed with the softest, coziest velvet fabric, you'll look forward to slipping your chilly feet into this warm pair of fleece house slippers, which come in purple, wine, pink, or apricot (shown here). The slippers have a supportive rubber sole that protects against skids and wear, but won't scratch up your floors.


24. This Hydrating Cool Mist For Quick Touch-Ups

KINGDOMCARES Handy Mist Spray Steamer, $15, Amazon

You know that dull feeling your skin starts to get when it's late in the day and you've been sitting at your desk for hours? Keep this compact mist spray on hand at all times and give your complexion a quick boost of hydration when you need it. The mister delivers teeny nanometer particles that are easily absorbed into your skin, and the battery-powered device turns off automatically after 30 seconds.


25. A Money-Saving Reusable Coffee Filter That Makes Coffee Taste Even Better

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Dripper, $13, Amazon

Paper filters can distort the taste of your coffee — not to mention the cost of them adds up over time. This pour-over coffee dripper is a stellar reusable option, one made from titanium-coated stainless steel that keeps coffee grinds far away from your cup. Wash and reuse this cone-shaped dripper as often as you like — because it stands the test of time.


26. An Ultra-Warm Sherpa Pillow Cover That Keeps You Toasty

Reafort Sherpa Body Pillow Cover, $13, Amazon

Cover your supportive body pillow with this ultra-warm sherpa pillow cover, made from 100 percent thick and toasty polyester sherpa. Offered in five colors and two sizes (including throw pillow), this cover has a zip closure and is machine-washable. Best of all: it will help retain body heat and keep you comfortable and cozy throughout the night.


27. The Cord-Free Electric Kettle That Boils Water In Seconds

Ovente Electric Kettle, $14, Amazon

Boil water in a flash and save time in the kitchen with this electric kettle, which holds 1.7 liters, has automatic shut-off, and a cool touch handle. To clean, just fill with water, vinegar, lemon, and boil it, and reviewers say things like "this kettle is my best friend."


28. This Portable Bluetooth Speaker That Connects To Devices From 30 Feet Away

Avilana Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $15, Amazon

Take this portable Bluetooth speaker with you anywhere you want to hear music or podcasts, and don't worry about keeping it too close — it can detect devices from as far as 30 feet. The speaker features a USB port for charging, a built-in microphone, and it comes in gray or black.


29. A Non-Stick Copper Pan That Can Eliminates The Need For Oil

Copper Skillet Pan , $12, Amazon

Whether you're trying to cook food with less oil — or you're just in the market for a pan that can do it all and isn't a royal pain to wash, this is the non-stick copper pan of your dreams. This round pan measures 9.5 inches and can be used for frying, steaming, broiling, and even baking (it's heat-resistant up to 550 degrees). And it's dishwasher-safe, to boot.


30. The Trio Of iPhone Lenses That Help You Take Pro Photos

Amir for iPhone Lens, $15 (Set of 3), Amazon

Take professional-looking photos on your phone with these three little iPhone lens accessories that make a big impact in the quality of your pictures. The trio includes a super wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a 180-degree fisheye lens — which help you take better selfies, extreme close-ups, and panoramic shots.


31. A 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set With Soft, Dense Bristles

BS-MALL Makeup Brushes, $12 (Set of 14), Amazon

Most makeup brush collections cost a small fortune. But this 14-piece set includes everything you need — including five large Kabuki brushes and nine eye makeup brushes — for what you'd ordinarily pay for just one quality brush. More than 2,700 reviewers agree: these brushes have dense synthetic bristles that won't fall apart, and can be used over and over again to effortlessly apply and blend makeup.


32. These Sweet Eyeglasses That Block Out Blue Light From Tech Devices

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses, $15, Amazon

The blue light from tech devices like your phone, computer, and even your television contain UV light that some studies have shown can be damaging to your eyesight (not to mention it can mess with your natural sleep patterns). Wearing these blue light blocking glasses can help — they provide 100 percent UV protection, and reviewers say they make a big difference in how your eyes feel (and they're super cute, which never hurts).


33. An Energy-Efficient Smart LED Light Bulb That Syncs With Your Phone

Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb, $10, Amazon

This smart LED light bulb is both energy efficient and a total money saver. Download the accompanying app and you can control your lights from your phone or via Alexa or Google Assistant and even set them to run on a schedule. This light saves 80 percent energy compared to a traditional bulb, too.


34. The Space-Saving Charging Station For Up To Four Devices

Ovtel USB 4 Port Charging Station, $15, Amazon

Owning a slew of tech devices means dealing with dangling wires and never having enough outlets to charge everything — until this four-port charging station comes along to change the game. The organizer can fit up to four phones, cameras, and tablets and includes two Apple cables, a micro-USB cable, a power cord, and a Type C cord.


35. A Water-Proof Case To Protect And Travel With Your Electric Shaver

Caseling Electric Shaver Case, $13, Amazon

If you're cramming your electric shaver into a plastic baggie for travel or — worse — packing it without protection and hoping for the best, you need this electric shaver case in your life to prolong the life of your device. The lightweight case is resistant to water, dust, and shock (just in case you do drop it).


36. This Portable Eco-Friendly Silverware Set That Comes In A Carrying Case

KISSWILL Portable Silverware Set, $13 (7 Pieces), Amazon

Replace plastic and disposable utensils with this eco-friendly portable silverware set, which includes a fork, knife, spoon, chopstick, and two straws — all of which are made from rust-resistant stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe. The set even comes in a convenient carrying case and includes a cleaning brush.


37. An Exceptional Leak-Proof Bento Box For Better Lunches

Lille Bento Lunchbox, $15, Amazon

Create diverse lunches that stay exactly where they belong — in one of the two leak-proof compartments in this Bento lunchbox. The box comes in blue or green and includes a secure lid with a silicone seal and a carrying bag for your new and improved lunchbox.


38. The Wireless Charger That Is Compatible With Most Devices

AUKEY Wireless Charger, $13, Amazon

You don't even have to plug your phone or tablet into this wireless charger or worry about removing a thick protective cover — place your device on the charger and it immediately powers it up. The charger has a non-slip base and is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy devices.


39. A Customizable Light Box To Create Mood-Lifting Messages

Eutaxia Cinematic Light Box With Letters, $15, Amazon

Make your home or office environment a warm, inviting place filled with positive messages (or hilarious ones) by customizing this fun light box using 60 reusable letters. Your words are illuminated by LED lights and you can easily mount this box to a wall to create original, expressive wall art.


40. This Floral Lace Underwear That Provides A Smooth And Comfortable Fit

Mae Women’s Galloon Lace Cheeky Panty (XS-XL), $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

Even with a sheer floral design and a delicate trim, these lace underwear are still machine-washable for easy upkeep. While the material is 90 percent nylon, it also consists of 10 percent spandex for a little extra stretch and flexibility. Available in a pack of three, you have four different options for color combinations, with shades such as blush, chambray blue, and beige.


41. A Set Of Grilling Accessories Containing Every Tool You Need For The Perfect Barbecue

MFEI Grill Accessories Tool Set, $15 (Set of 6), Amazon

This high-quality grilling set provides you with everything you need to grill the perfect hamburger, hot dog, and more. The six-piece set includes a spatula, tongs, a barbecue brush, fork, and knife, and even a carrying bag to store the items when not in use. Other than the silicone spatula, each piece is made from a high-quality stainless steel material.


42. A Roller Massage Tool Set That Relaxes The Face And Provides A Healthy Glow

Jade Roller Massager Kit, $13, Amazon

This roller kit — made from 100 percent jade stone from the Himalayas — is an excellent way to increase circulation and blood flow in the face, leading to more skin elasticity and a plumper, glowy look. This comes with a roller and a gua sha stone, and even helps increase the absorption of moisturizers and serums.


43. A Pack Of Essential Oils Containing Six Of The Most Popular Scents

Wasserstein Pure Basic Essential Oil Gift Set, $14, Amazon

Containing zero additives or fillers, this essential oils gift set consists of six natural aromatherapy oils. Each bottle is 10 milliliters and comes in a dark amber color, which preserves and protects the oils from any UV damage. The set is made up of six of the most popular oils with various uses: lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus, and orange.


44. A Personal Blender Accessory That Lets You Bring Drinks On The Go

Oster Blender Blend-N-Go Smoothie Kit, $15, Amazon

This personal blender accessory lets you create smoothies, protein shakes, and other beverages that are instantly travel-ready. The 20-ounce container is compatible with most Oster blenders, and comes with its own stainless steel blade that easily crushes ice. It also has a leak-proof lid and a built-in straw feature so you can drink right out of the container.


45. A Lash Serum That Promotes Thicker Eyelashes And Brows

KIPOZI Eyelash Growth Serum And Brow Enhancer, $15, Amazon

Made from completely natural ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, this lash serum will give you longer lashes and fuller brows. It uses amino acids to gently nourish the hair follicle — thereby creating longer and healthier lashes in the long run. The formula is cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and produced in FDA-certified labs. One reviewer wrote that since using the product, “I have more brow hair and the hair is thicker. My lashes are also much longer and fuller.”


46. A Set Of Super Soft Sheets That Are Available In 20 Different Colors And Designs

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set, $14, Amazon

With twenty different color and design options including burgundy, spa blue, gingham plaid, and lavender paisley, this sheet set is an unbelievable steal. It’s made from 100 percent polyester microfiber — which feels incredibly soft — and consists of one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase. These sheets are both machine-washable and dryer-safe, and with over 16,000 reviews, the set has been described as “soft as heck” and “probably the best sheets I’ve ever owned.”


47. A Lightweight Travel Bag That Can Fold Up Right Into A Tiny Square

CAREMORE Lightweight Foldable Travel Bag, $12, Amazon

Available in four different colors, this lightweight travel bag couldn’t be more convenient. It’s made from a waterproof and durable nylon material that’s also tear-proof — and it has an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag even has an outer compartment to store your wallet, phone, and other small items. And best of all, the bag itself can be folded into a small cube size in order to be conveniently stored in your suitcase.


48. A Wine Decanter That Improves Flavor While Fitting Right In The Bottle

Menu Blade Wine Decanter, $15, Amazon

This wine decanter adds up to 43 percent more oxygen to your wine — making it taste a heck of a lot better. Just pop it into any bottle you have around and pour. One five-star reviewer wrote: “This is better than either of my other table style aerators. It's simple, takes up no space and doesn't leak."

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