48 Things That Look Expensive AF But Are Under $41 On Amazon

by Lisa Fogarty

If you've ever taken a glance at a product and thought, "Oh, that's probably way too expensive — forget it," remember this: You just never know. These 48 things on Amazon that look expensive AF — but are actually under $41 — are proof that some of the most elegant solutions for everyday needs don't have to cost a fortune.

Seriously: These brilliant products include everything from beautiful Bohemian macrame planters and mirrors to essential oil diffusers that could act as gorgeous additions to your home. In addition to those items, the polished agate coasters on this list are the practical products that'll also be the talk of your next party — and the same goes for the Himalayan salt lamps and string lights, which will create a festive mood in your space.

If you'd love nothing more than to feel like your bathroom has been turned into a spa, head straight for the gold- and slime-infused eye under-eye patches on this list. Or, if you want to trade an insulated metal travel mug for a ceramic option with a lid, you can find it here. This is the collection of affordable products that look totally unaffordable (in the best possible way).


These Geometric Glass Vases That Mount To Your Walls

You can fill your home with your favorite plants and stop worrying about having enough space to fit your greenery, because these sweet glass vases can be mounted to your wall. The hexagonal-shaped planters are made from a heat-resistant glass and are perfect for small plants.


The Adorable Mini Succulent Pots That Rest On A Bamboo Tray

Show off your succulents without taking up major space in your home with this smart plant pot organizer. The package comes with seven ceramic pots for smaller plants that rest on a bamboo tray. The geometric-style planters can resist high temperatures, and they can also be used to hold tea candles.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With An Elegant, Eye-Catching Design

By simply changing the shape of conventional essential oil diffusers, this sweet model gives any room in your home or office an elegant flair. The diffuser has a 120-milliliter water tank, an automatic shutoff function, and seven color-changing LED lights to create all manners of moods. The diffuser also works as a cool mist humidifier, and it comes in three shades.


This Mirrored Glass Tray For Perfume And Jewelry

Sometimes, there is absolutely no need to invest in a costly organizer — especially not when a mirrored glass tray will do the job quite nicely. This vintage-style tray — which boasts brass-plated wired edges — is the piece you can use to hold all of your pretty perfume bottles, earrings, bracelets, and other stray items.


The Sleek Trio Of Succulent Pots On A Bamboo Stand

As an elegant solution for your cacti and succulents, these miniature white plant pots have drainage holes and sit on a three-tier bamboo stand that you can easily place anywhere (including the corner of your room). However, keep in mind that the plants aren't included.


A Chic Hourglass That's Filled With Calming Blue Sand

There's no better way to mark the passing of time than with this beautiful crystal-inspired hourglass that's filled with blue sand. The conversation piece is actually practical, too: When the sand stops cascading, you'll know that 30 minutes have passed (it also comes in time increments of five, 15, 45, and 60 minutes).


These Natural Agate Coasters That Double As Home Decor

Serving drinks to guests is a lovely thing to do — but serving drinks on these natural agate coasters elevates the entire experience by a mile. Each of these four polished agate coasters have rubber bumpers on the back to protect your furniture, and they can double as unique home decor. (FYI, no two coasters look the same.)


A Magnetic Sand Plant Box That Helps Relieve Stress

Even if you've disappointed every plant you've ever grown, you will be the best magnetic sand garden plant parent on the planet. That's because there's nothing to do with this sweet, stress-busting toy than enjoy it. The gift comes in a wooden box with three gardening tools that you can use to create different variations of magnetic sand plants.


This Ceramic Travel Mug That Maintains The Taste Of Your Coffee

In a sea of so many insulated coffee mugs and tumblers, this ceramic travel mug stands out for its simple, yet effective build. The 18-ounce mug has a sliding lid that's perfect for travel, along with a silicone base that prevents it from slipping around. Plus, it's safe in the microwave and dishwasher.


These Glass Food Containers With Locking Lids

It's true: You can kick plastic to the curb without spending a fortune. These five glass containers for produce, packed lunches, and leftovers preserve the freshness of food without adding waste to the environment. The microwave-, oven-, and freezer-safe containers also come in different sizes and include leakproof lids.


A Unique Himalayan Salt Lamp With A Dimmer

This Himalayan salt lamp is a a soothing night light and pretty conversation piece, since it glows a calming amber light. It's also compact enough to fit right onto night tables and office desks without taking up much space. The lamp was designed with a touch dimmer switch that lets you control its level of brightness.


The Himalayan Salt Lamp That Comes With 2 Candle Holders

This Himalayan salt lamp comes with two candle holders that can be used on countertops, fireplace mantles, nightstands, or anywhere else you want to showcase an amber glow. The large lamp itself has a 6-foot cord and a dimmer knob to give you control over the brightness — and it rests on a wooden platform.


These Globe String Lights That Set The Mood At Parties

Hang these gorgeous string lights in your backyard, around a gazebo, inside your den, or anywhere that you'd like to add a charming glow. Each string measures 25 feet long and holds 25 festive lightbulbs that come in white. You can also choose from multicolored options and longer strings.


This Rustic, Handmade Leather Journal For Your Thoughts

If you've recently begun yourself journaling, it's time you get yourself the most beautiful, rustic, homemade leather journal you can find — and you won't have to break the bank to buy it. With a tree of life etched onto the cover and 120 blank pages (240 sheets counting front and back), this journal will make you look forward to writing time.


These Eye Patches Made From Gold And Snail Extract

Infused with actual gold and snail slime extract (a favorite ingredient in luxury skincare products), these hydrogel eye patches get to work fast, de-puffing tired eyes and making you feel more alert and ready to tackle the day. According to reviewers, the wearable patches can also help reduce the appearance of dark shadows.


The Luxurious Faux Fur Throw Blanket For Cozy Nights In

If you're trying to decide whether to go out, don't be surprised if this faux fur throw blanket makes the choice for you. The large throw is made from soft-and-cozy microfiber, and it comes in 15 shades including yellow, teal, and gray. If you prefer a bigger blanket, choose among four additional sizes.


An Inflatable Solar Light For Camping Trips And Emergencies

This inflatable solar light is perfect for hiking, camping, backyard parties, and even emergency scenarios. The LED white lamp only weighs 4.4 ounces (which is probably lighter than your phone), and is powered by the sun. Plus, it features four light modes: low, medium, high, and one-second flashing.


These Planters With Sweet-And-Simple Gold Details

Pots can cost a small fortune — especially if you have a green thumb and love to surround yourself with pretty flowers and greenery. This two-pack of ceramic planters have grey and gold detailing that make them look a lot more expensive than they are, and they come in two different sizes. Plus, they're safe for indoor and outdoor plants.


A Marble Butter Keeper That Preserves Butter For Longer

This fancy marble butter holder holds one stick of butter, and it keeps air out, which ultimately maintains the softness and spreadability of butter for up to 30 days (even if it's not in your refrigerator, per the brand). Simply add water to the base every two to three days to keep the butter fresh.


A Squishy Eye Pillow That Can Be Chilled Or Warmed Up

You could fumble with cucumber slices, or you can make your life so much easier with this wearable eye mask, which will help you de-puff tired eyes in an instant. The mask can be chilled in the fridge or put in the microwave for 10 seconds to deliver a therapeutic feeling that also helps soothe headaches and migraines.


The Personal Tea Cup That Comes With A Stainless Steel Infuser

Make tea time more personal and delicious with this tea cup infuser that includes a stainless steel mesh filter for loose leaf tea. The 19-ounce travel cup — which is made of ceramic material — comes with a handle and a lid. Plus, it's available in 10 bold colors.


These Cute Cactus Humidifiers That Are Also Night Lights

Not only are these miniature cool-mist humidifiers portable (since they can be operated with a USB cable), but they also double as soothing night lights. And most importantly, their cactus design is beyond adorable. The humidifiers come in white, pink, and grey — and they all have an automatic shutoff function.


A Pendant Lighting Fixture To Give Room So Much Pizzazz

Unique lighting fixtures can be very expensive — and while this pendant fixture looks like it breaks the bank, it's just over $33. (In other words, you might have money left over for pillows, throws, and other home accessories.) The open-air design is made from black metal, and it's compatible with dimmable bulbs.


These Hanging Macramé Planters That Save Space

These hanging macramé planters will help you save space because they don't require additional floor or tables to hold the plants and flowers that you love. The four-pack of vintage planters are made from cotton cord — and they're flexible, but durable.


A Sturdy Silicone Ice Tray That's Designed To Look Like Marble

You can replace plastic ice trays with this sturdier, longer-lasting, and more eco-friendly silicone ice tray. It comes with a convenient lid and is available in eight shades and designs, including fancy white marble. The tray is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


An Instant Marble Facelift For Old Tables And Desks

There's just something about marble that gives everything an immediate upgrade, and this marble contact paper does the trick. It can be applied onto worn tables, counters, and even walls to give it all an instant facelift. The PVC paper has a self-adhesive backing, so no messy glue is required — and it comes in four sizes.


The Ceramic Marble Cup Holder For Office Supplies

Spruce up your office so that you're more excited to get to work with sleek accessories, like this marble-themed ceramic pen cup. The desk organizer fits pens, pencils, scissors, and even makeup brushes (if you prefer to keep it on your vanity) — and it comes in five different colors.


The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones That Stay In Place

These wireless Bluetooth headphones cost a fraction of the price of other headphones and buds — but they're reliable and comfortable. Plus, they'll stay in place within your ears... even when you're jogging or working out. The waterproof earbuds feature convenient control buttons, and one charge provides eight straight hours of playtime.


A Stackable Jewelry Tray And Desk Organizer

If you're going to organize your jewelry, perfume, office supplies, or just about anything else, why not do it with practicality and style? This four-piece organizer set comes with a variety of geometric containers in soft colors that can be positioned in different ways to change up the look of your table or desk.


These Silky-Smooth Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair And Skin

Wake up in the morning feeling and looking more refreshed — without the need to tackle bedhead with an army of haircare products. These smooth, envelope-style satin pillowcases are gentle on your hair and skin since they don't retain moisture. They come in 14 shades and three sizes: standard, queen, and king.


The Sleek Digital Watch That Includes A Stopwatch

This digital watch tells the date and time — but it also doubles as a stopwatch for workouts and other timely activities. The adjustable band boasts gold accents and is made from smooth jelly silicone. The watch itself also has an alarm setting and a backlight for easy reading.


This Detangling Brush That Works Well On Wet Or Dry Hair

This elegant detangling brush works on wet or dry hair and effortlessly glides through strands, taking out knots without causing split ends and breakage. The brush has 274 gentle, yet flexible bristles — and it comes in two shades: rose gold and ombre.


These Cat Eye Sunglasses In Colors Like Pink And Rose

Give your outfit an automatic upgrade with these cat eye sunglasses, which feature non-polarized, mirrored lenses, along with a metal frame and anti-glare protection. The glasses come in 10 stylish shades like rose, gold, red, and purple.


An Oil That Nourishes Cuticles And Hands With Honey And Milk

The pretty bottle is only a starting point: This cuticle oil heals dry and damaged cuticles while bringing hydration and relief to hands. To work, it uses a blend of ingredients like honey and milk (which boasts lactic acid). Use it each day and extend the length of time between manicures.


A Two-Tiered Jewelry Tray That Looks Like Pure Gold

This jewelry storage solution saves space and provides a beautiful, modern way to organize earrings, bracelets, glasses, car keys, and more. It boasts a tiered design with two sleek trays, and it's made with plated metal. Plus, it currently has an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


The Pour-Over Coffee Maker For A Delicious Cup

A delicious and faster cup of coffee is all yours when you use this pour-over coffee maker. The maker has a stainless steel mesh filter and a sturdy, heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe. Simply heat up water on the stove (or in an electric kettle) and pour it over coffee grounds to create a better cup.


These Wireless Phone Chargers That Work Through Cases

Keep one of these Qi-powered wireless chargers at home and one at work, and then effortlessly charge your devices whenever they're low in battery. It doesn't matter if your phone has its case on: This charger can handle the obstacle when you place your device on top of the platform (depending on the thickness of your case, of course).


This Sleek Macramé Mirror That Hangs From Your Wall

There's no need to make room for a large mirror, because this one hangs on your wall from a gorgeous white macrame rope. The hexagon-shaped mirror has polished edges, making it a practical and pretty piece of home decor that opens up any room.


These Stainless Steel Straws That Come With Cleaning Brushes

Talk about value: You'll get 16 reusable stainless steel straws in this pack, all of which are bent for convenience. The set also includes 24 silicone tips in eight different colors, along with four cleaning brushes. The straws prevent waste at the hands of plastic and are wide enough to fit 30- and 20-ounce Yeti tumblers.


An Essential Oil Diffuser Designed With Wooden Accents

This aromatherapy humidifier — which is accented with wood designs — takes the cake when it comes to style. The ultrasonic diffuser features a 700-milliliter water tank, seven color-changing LED lights, and multiple mist mode settings. It comes in three colors with one that's designed with a WiFi control.


This Personal Blender That Turns Into A Travel Cup

I know: You want your morning smoothie or shake, but blending ingredients just seems like such a hassle. Those days are over, thanks to this personal blender. It comes with a 14-ounce blending cup that you can drink from when your beverage is done. Crush and blend veggies, fruit, and ice — and then be on your way without a million attachments to clean.


A French Press Coffee Maker That Comes In 3 Sleek Colors

This French press coffee maker is designed with borosilicate glass and is available in two sizes: 12 and 34 ounces. It comes with four filter screens that make prepping delicious French press coffee a breeze — and they'll keep grinds out of your cup. The travel-friendly pot even comes in three shades: copper, silver, or black.


The Faux Sheepskin Rug That Feels So Good Under Bare Feet

Imagine waking up on cold mornings and placing your bare feet on this faux sheepskin rug. The luxurious area rug comes in five different sizes and shapes that are suitable for different areas, including floors and chairs alike. And you can even score it in fun colors like yellow and dark red.


This Sideways Initial Pendant Necklace That Goes With Anything

It's sweet and simple, but with a chic twist: This letter pendant necklace is displaced sideways, and it's a personal tribute to your name (or someone else's). Plus, it looks way more expensive than it is. Choose among any letter of the alphabet, and expect the pendant to come on a lengthy extension chain.


A Sleek Kitchen Knife Set That Comes In An Acrylic Block

Most kitchen knife sets look the same and are set on a standard butcher's block. However, this modern-looking knife set comes in an acrylic stand and features 13 stainless steel knives. The collection also includes cooking scissors, a peeler, and a two-stage knife sharpener.


The Tumbler With A Built-Infuser For Tea And Fruit-Flavored Water

Move beyond tea bags and into the complex, delicious universe of loose leaf teas with the help of this tumbler. The 13-ounce cup comes with a removable stainless steel infuser for both tea and fruit infusions, along with a secure lid for travel.


The 3-Tiered Bamboo Bathroom Shelf For Towels And Toiletries

You'll have enough room on this three-tiered bamboo bathroom rack to organize and hold onto towels, toiletries, plants, magazines, and more. The shelf comes in four colors, and tools are provided for installation. Plus, you have the option of mounting it to your wall or resting it next to your wall.


These Whisky Stones That Keep Drinks Cold Without Diluting Them

Ice is nice — but ice also dilutes drinks fast, which usually changes their taste. This freezable whisky stone pack — which comes with nine stones total — is the solution. The stones will keep your drinks chilled without adding a drop of water to the mix. They also come in an engraved wooden gift box.

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