5 Best LED Teeth Whitening Gadgets On The Market


Recently, the internet and all of our Instagram feeds have been seemingly flooded with #sponsoredcontent related to LED teeth whitening. From the Kardashians to every contestant ever to appear on Bachelor in Paradise to (my #1 favorite) “Snooki,” everywhere you look there seems to be a post endorsing the "best" LED whitening gadgets out there. This obviously has had us all wondering (mostly because every lipstick we own looks its best set against bright, white teeth): What exactly is LED teeth whitening?

According to SmileBrilliant's website, using an LED light with tooth whitening gel (aka the gross tasting stuff) helps accelerate the gel to help it break down stains on your teeth more quickly. Basically, it delivers similar results to your regular old whitening routine (which, for me personally, has always been sleeping in Crest White Strips and praying that I don't swallowing them) but at a slightly faster rate. And, I guess, without the fear of choking in the middle of a dirty dream about Ryan Gosling.

Want to try LED whitening out for yourself? Here are the five best gadgets out there (according to Instagram, at least). And FYI: Navy lipstick helps make your teeth look brighter and whiter, too, just without all the cool technology and celeb stamps of approval.

1. Aura Glow

Aura Glow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System, $50, Amazon

If you're a believer in Kardashian Instagram endorsements (I haven't not tried Sugar Bear Hair Care), than the Aura Glow at-home kit is basically the Birkin of teeth whitening (a normal looking one, not the creepy monster one that Kanye gave Kim that one time). It has five LED that, according to the company's website, "remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more." Apparently, you'll be able to see a difference in the color of your teeth after your first 30-minute session, and full results take about 7-10 days.

2. Starlite Smile

Starlite Smile 16 LED Teeth Whitening Light for iPhone, Android And USB, $30, Amazon

LED teeth whitening? Yeah, there's an app for that. This tray plugs into your smartphone so you can use it whenever and wherever you want. Personally, I've never been sitting on the subway and thought "Wow, I really wish I could publicly whiten my teeth right now," but considering the product has 4.5 stars on Amazon, other people must feel differently.

3. Express Smile Atlanta

Mini Teeth Whitening Kit, $20, Express Smile

I guess whitening your teeth on-the-go is, apparently, a thing. This mini-LED light is small enough to fit in your purse or makeup bag, and perfect to travel with. It may not be as effective as the full kit, but according to the site is great for touch- ups whenever and where ever you may need them

4. Bright White Smile

Bright White Smile Teeth Whitening Kit, $35, Bright White Smile Pro

"Brighter teeth by tonight"? Sounds good to me! Just rub the whitening gel on with the pen and stick the light between your lips. Talk about an amazing pre-date ritual.

5. Smile Sciences

LED Toothbrush, $8, Smile Sciences

OK this is cool. This LED toothbrush works with your regular whitening tooth paste to make it even more effective in brightening your teeth. Maybe it will actually convince you to brush for the full two minutes every morning and night, too.