5 Books As Twisted & Eerie As 'Sharp Objects' By Gillian Flynn

The long-anticipated adaptation of Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn's debut novel, has reignited interest in the thriller writer, whose most famous for her novel (and the subsequent movie adaptation) Gone Girl. If you're a fan of Flynn's work, you might be searching for books like Sharp Objects you can read in between watching episodes of the show.

Like the smash hit Gone Girl, Sharp Objects is a titillating psychological puzzle, one that has readers thinking they've solved it one minute, only to reveal they don't have all the pieces in the next. Not only is it a haunting murder-mystery, it's also a sinister family drama and a wrenching narrative about self-harm with an incredibly complicated heroine at its center. Simply put, there is a lot to love and even more to be terrified of in Sharp Objects, and it will have you flipping through the pages (and racing through the episodes) until you're finished. But then what? Luckily, there are plenty of other novels that will give you the same thrills as Flynn's debut.

If you need something to distract you from the horror of Flynn's novel, here are five books like Sharp Objects whose mystery, suspense, and twisty storytelling will satisfy antsy Flynn fans.

'Dark Places' by Gillian Flynn

If you're a fan of Gillian Flynn, chances are you've already read Gone Girl, but the bestselling author has another twisty title waiting for you on the shelf: Dark Places. It tells the story of Libby Day, who at seven years old testified that her brother, Ben, was responsible for murder of their mother and two sisters. Twenty-five years later, a group of true crime fanatics believe they have proof that Ben is innocent, and although she'd rather not return to the site of "The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas," Libby is willing to dig up the past if it means making some cash. As she searches for answers about what really happened that night, Libby finds the truth isn't only dangerous, it's deadly.

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'The Broken Girls' by Simone St. James

Like Camille Preaker in Sharp Objects, Fiona Sheridan is a journalist with a heartbreaking past she just can't shake. Twenty years ago, her sister's body was discovered near the ruins of Idlewild Hall, a school that in 1950s was the place where "troubled girls" were sent. A boyfriend was charged with the murder, but Fiona thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye. When renovations at Idlewild begin, a link to the loss of her sister and dark secrets of the school reveal the truth is much more sinister than Fiona could have ever imagined. A twisty thriller with a chilling supernatural element, The Broken Girls is perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn.

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'The Perfect Mother' by Aimee Molloy

In The Perfect Mother, a group of new moms get together for a much-needed night out with adults, but while they're enjoying cocktails together at the local bar, one of the babies is taken from his crib. The race is on to find little Midas, is on but the intense search uncovers secrets that just might destroy the women's friendships — and their marriages.

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'Lying in Wait' by Liz Nugent

If you think Camille Preaker's family is twisted, wait until you meet the one at the center of Liz Nugent's electrifying thriller Lying in Wait. On the outside, Lydia Fitzsimons appears to have the perfect life with her successful husband, beloved son, and beautiful home in Dublin. But when her son uncovers a dark secret hidden in the house, a chain of events is set off that will change all of their lives. It's a chilling narrative with an unexpected ending that will take your breath away.

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'Her Pretty Face' by Robyn Harding

If Sharp Objects taught readers anything, it's that no one is who really who they appear to be. The same is true in Her Pretty Face, a spine-chilling domestic suspense about two mothers — one, self-conscious and overweight stay-at-home mom struggling to stay afloat, the other a beautiful, wealthy, and powerful woman — whose love for their sons and disdain for the other parents at the elite school they attend leads them to form an unexpected friendship. The only problem? One of them is a murderer hiding her true identity.

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