5 Crystals To Help You Maximize The Good Vibes From This Month’s Supermoon


On Feb. 19, there will be a big ol' super full moon rising in the skies and raining down some really good, prosperous vibes upon all of us. The February 2019 supermoon and full moon will take place in the meticulous, compassionate, and organization-loving sign of Virgo, bringing us the motivation to clean up our messes, the spark of creativity to get us amped up, and the energy to move forward in our lives with zeal. It's productive. It's daring. And honestly, it's kinda sexy, too. In other words, we can work with this luminary — and there are some crystals for the February supermoon that are absolutely perfect for amplifying all this exciting and auspicious energy.

This full moon also happens to coincide with the sun shifting out of airy Aquarius and into emo Pisces, kicking off a new sun season, so we'll be feeling the energy shifts in a multitude of ways. "A special full moon and a Sun sign shift could bring some significant changes to your life this week," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi of this lunar event in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. "With the Sun in Pisces, your intuition is on high and your emotions will be running the show for the next thirty days. The emotional and creative sides of life are also accentuated by a big, bright supermoon at zero degrees of Virgo[.]"

That's part of what's special about this transit: While Virgo isn't necessarily known for its emotional/creative streak (being an ultra-rational earth sign and all), with this moon we're getting both Virgo's clear-minded motivation combined with Pisces emotion-focused creative flow, making for a beautiful combination of energies that can help us make progress and start anew in all different areas of our lives. We're going to be doing some major spiritual mending, and preparing to launch into a new era of ourselves. It's an exciting time to be an earthling, guys.

There's definitely a lot going on with this moon, and while its energy is amazing, it's all over the place — so it kinda feels like we're under heavy pressure to carpe diem this sh*t and take major advantage of the astrological blessings while they last. Stress! But don't worry, babes: There's a crystal for that. Here are five crystals for the February full moon and how to use 'em for maximum lunar enchantment.


Chrysocolla Stone, $8.95, Energy Muse.

Let's bring on a fresh start. According to Ciampi, this full moon "is a time of endings and bringing things to their natural completion," and chrysocolla is the perfect crystal to help us usher in the new beginnings to come. "Whatever challenge you're facing, whether it's a break up or job loss, the stone calms emotions so you can heal and move on with your life instead of dwelling on past mistakes," explained Energy Muse on its site.

How to use it: This stone represents the healing and free-flowing energy of water, so use it to make a charged crystal elixir with water under the full moon. Fill a large mason jar with fresh spring water and seal it with a lid. In a safe place outdoors (or on a windowsill that will face the moon for some of the night, if the outdoors aren't an option), set down the sealed jar of water, placing your chrysocolla crystal on top of it. Allow it to charge for the entirety of the full moon's eve. Use this water for anointing, magickal work, or even drinking as you transition into a fresh start post-full-moon.


Sugilite Tumbled Stone, $44, Exquisite Crystals.

Sugilite, with its brilliant purple hue, is associated with the crown chakra, or the spiritual energy center of the body. It's considered an amazing crystal to help you call upon your higher self in order to handle situations with the most evolved form of love, light, and compassion — in other words, like a spiritual girl boss. Sugilite is also handy for psychic development and learning to trust your intuition — and given that full moons are always highly-psychic times (and with sun in super-intuitive Pisces, to boot), this is the perfect crystal to help you harness your natural intuitive abilities during this luminary.

How to use it: Given its ability to enhance intuition and psychic power, sugilite is often used in dream work, and is thought to help the user remember their literal sleepy-time dreams as well as their life dreams (as in their personal hopes and goals). Meditate with a sugilite crystal placed on your third eye, and once finished, write down all the imagery and realizations that came to you. If you're less into meditation, sleep with a sugilite on you or under your pillow, then write down every dream you can remember the next morning. You might be surprised at the insights it helped bring into your conscious awareness.


Selenite Harmonizers, $24.95, Energy Muse.

Named after Selene, the moon goddess herself, selenite is a pretty solid bet to use effectively in any sort of full moon magic — but for this month's moon, we could really use the clear-cutting, ultra-cleansing energy selenite brings. This crystal is basically pure white light in mineral form — and it's great for enhancing mental clarity and clearing creative blocks, which is super on-point with the vibes of this luminary. Selenite is a great stone for crystal healing newbies, too, because its strong purifying energy is so easy to use and connect with.

How to use it: Under a full moon, new concepts, truths, and feelings are often illuminated — and selenite's glowing white, light-reflecting appearance perfectly symbolizes its ability to illuminate us spiritually, too. Use selenite in an affirmation-based grounding crystal meditation for the full moon in Virgo, like this one described on The Hoodwitch. People are obsessed with using selenite in meditations becuase of its ability to amplify positive energy so clearly and easily, so you'll likely feel extra in tune with yourself if you use it under the full moon and allow yourself to focus.


Carnelian Touchstone, $14.95, Energy Muse.

Carnelian, to me, is one of the most fiery stones out there. And given that this full moon falls in an earth sign while the sun rests in a water sign, it might be odd to see it on my list — but it happens to be the perfect stone for helping us to embrace both the creative and sexual energy that we're feeling during this transit. "Let this full moon spice up your life with change, excitement and adventure," wrote Astrology King. "You can fully express your kinky side under this sexually provocative influence. Open mindedness and experimentation could be sexually liberating, reinvigorate an exiting relationship, or bring a passionate new romance." Passion is carnelian's forte.

How to use it: "Working with a Carnelian stone will help you break through creative blocks so you can show up and be on your A-game," wrote Energy Muse. And that's perfect, because your A-game is exactly what this Virgo full moon is asking of you. "Place your stone over an unfinished creative project to bring inspiration, creativity and motivation." You can also carry the stone with you (or wear it in jewelry form) for a bonus confidence boost to ensure you're fully channeling this sexy full moon energy.

Snowflake Obsidian

Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian, $1.85, Healing Crystals.

As mentioned earlier, a major theme during this moon is emphatically cleaning house and wrapping up old cycles to make room for the new, and snowflake obsidian is the perfect stone to help you crank those final purges of negativity and baggage out of yourself so you can emerge crystalline and clean. "Snowflake Obsidian helps to draw emotions to the surface and to examine harmful thought patterns," wrote Healing Crystals on its site. "[It] is often used for healing and releasing energy blockages, and has a tendency to work quickly to move truths to the surface to be resolved."

How to use it: Think about whatever's going on in your life that currently takes work (like, serious work) — that's where you'll want to direct the energy of your snowflake obsidian. "[I]ts presence in the workplace provides an ongoing cleanser for stagnation, lack of enthusiasm and undercurrents of tension," explained Crystal Vaults on its site. But your workplace doesn't have to be your place of employment. Currently, your workplace might look more like your relationship. Or perhaps your workplace is a personal or emotional goal. Work with this crystal to re-energize you in any area necessary in alignment with the good vibes of this full moon.