Here’s What The Color Of Every Crystal Actually Means

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Using crystals for their spiritual and healing properties is fun, fascinating, and can be an amazing way to connect with the Earth’s energy. But believe me, I know it can be daunting to try to figure out the individual spiritual meanings and energies of every single crystal out there, especially if you're relatively new to the crystal healing game. While each crystal is unique in its properties and purported healing vibrations, there are some little tricks you can use to bypass the heavy reading and Google-dives — and one of those is to choose crystals based on their color to support different intentions, as each color has its own general vibe and meaning that will point you in the right direction energy-wise.

While judging a crystal's energy based on color alone might not be quite as hyper-specific as doing research on the stone itself, it's still an easy way to at least get a feel for what type of energy work the stone would likely be good for. It's also helpful if you're just beginning to learn about crystals, as it offers you some direction as far as which crystals are best used for what. Plus, my favorite way to choose a crystal for a specific use or ritual is to simply trust my own intuition by holding crystals in my hand and seeing which spiritually call to me. Often I'll find that I'm naturally drawn to the crystal that best suits whatever issue I'm focusing on, without doing any prior research at all — and having an awareness of common color meanings can be super helpful in that process.

The color symbolism of crystals also loosely correlates with the colors of our seven chakras, or energy centers on the body that are said to relate to different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. But you don't need to know the chakras to gain some quick insight, as some crystal color meanings line up really well with society's general color associations, too. For example, red is a color often associated with passion ("red hot") or strong emotions ("seeing red") — so it makes sense that red crystal energy is super intense and action-oriented. Another example is green, which is a color often associated with wealth (think the color of money) and growth (think nature) — so again, it makes sense that those are two types of energy that green crystals naturally support.

Let's take journey through the crystalline rainbow together and discover the different healing crystal color meanings that can help you choose the right stone for your needs based on color alone. Into the rainbow we go!

White & Clear Crystals: Purity & Peace

Clear Quartz Cluster & Wand Point, $14.95, Amazon.

White or clear crystal examples: Clear quartz, selenite, apophyllite, white chalcedony, and moonstone.

If there's one crystal color that's most cleansing and purifying, it's definitely clear/white ones. Take clear quartz, for example, which is beloved for its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals. Selenite is another example — just the presence of this crystal is considered cleansing for a space. Crystals of the white/clear variety tend to be easy to work and connect with, and they're great for promoting peace and serenity — therefore a great tool to use during meditation or any sort of energy-clearing work.

Red Crystals: Action & Power

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone, $18.95, Etsy.

Examples of red crystals: Red jasper, ruby, vanadinite, garnet, and rubellite.

Welcome to the Redbull of crystal colors (pun intended). If you need to get pumped up and energized, a red-colored stone is where it's at. Red is the color of blood, the planet Mars (aka planet of war/sex/passion!), and our root chakra (which represents our most basic, animalistic survival instincts), so you can bet its energy is high-intensity and raw. "Red Crystals symbolize passion, energy, and life. They will motivate and keep you determined," explains Crystals & Jewelry on its site. "They will be very beneficial when you need to be actively involved, and when your energetic action is required." If you need a swift crystalline kick in the butt to help you take action courageously, opt for a red stone.

Pink Crystals: Love & Compassion

Raw Rose Quartz, $6 and up, The Hoodwitch.

Pink crystal examples: Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, and pink opal.

Awww, I feel warm n' fuzzy just thinking about all my sweet pink-colored gems. Pink crystal energy has a tendency to feel like a warm, gentle, loving hug for your heart. Calming, compassion-promoting, and very heart-healing, pink crystals are the perfect choice for adding more love and kindness into your life. Any matter that concerns a need for greater compassion — whether it's forgiveness, emotional healing, self-love, or love for others — will sync up really well with the energy of a pink stone, so connect with its gentle goodness and allow it to help you open your heart.

Orange Crystals: Creativity & Change

Sunstone Touchstone, $19.95, Energy Muse.

Orange crystal examples: Sunstone, carnelian, orange calcite, sunset aura quartz, and amber.

Affiliated with the color of our sacral chakra (which is the chakra that represents all types of creativity and sexuality), orange crystals can provide us with enough lightning-bolt-of-inspiration type energy to create a big bang in our lives. "Orange gemstones stimulate creativity, increase enthusiasm, accentuate personal power and bring confidence," wrote Energy Muse. "If you are feeling as if you need to spice things up in your life, add a few orange crystals to your life to boost your creative juices." Orange crystals are also extraordinarily helpful when it comes to catalyzing and supporting major changes in your life. If you're looking to go out on a whim with a life change and need an energy boost to get you through some swift decision-making, orange crystals are a good bet.

Yellow Crystals: Willpower & Optimism

Citrine Point, $26, Ballad Of The Bird Dog.

Yellow crystal examples: Citrine, golden onyx, honey calcite, yellow jasper, and sulfur quartz.

Yellow crystal energy is sunny, bright, optimistic, and all about finding and expressing your truest self. "Yellow crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships," wrote Crystal Vaults. "They help you to see things in new ways and to become enlightened." They're great for bringing positivity, energy, and authenticity to any new beginning or endeavor. Yellow is the color associated with our solar plexus chakra, which represents our sense of self — so naturally, yellow crystals are also often great for enhancing self-confidence and belief in your individual power. Work with them for a feel-good confidence boost.

Green Crystals: Abundance & Growth

Malachite Tumbled, $16.95, Crystal Vaults.

Green crystal examples: Malachite, jade, peridot, moss agate, and green aventurine.

Green: The color of trees, grass, and — that's right — money. "Infuse your spirit with new growth and fresh beginnings by connecting to a green crystal," shared Energy Muse. "They are ... traditionally used to attract wealth, prosperity and money, which is why green jade is highly valued as a sacred stone in Asia." Green stones are (very fittingly) great for when it comes to manifesting abundance, wealth, and fortune, as well as for growth (whether that means growing a business or just growing spiritually). But many green crystals are also wonderful for helping connect us to the earthly plane and grounding us in nature's energy.

Blue Crystals: Clarity & Communication

Healing Crystals Heart Lapis Lazuli, $12.99, Amazon.

Blue crystal examples: Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, blue lace agate, larimar, and azurite.

Like the ocean and the sky, blue crystals have the power to soothe and calm — but they're also extraordinarily powerful with the ability to take you to great heights and depths. "Blue Crystals will enhance your communication and strengthen your self-expression," explained Crystals & Jewelry. "They will also stimulate your ability to express or communicate your deepest personal truths[.]" This makes sense, as blue is also the color of our throat chakra, which represents communication and the expression of ideas. Blue crystals can enhance these areas by bringing clarity and strength to our ability to speak our most authentic truth — all while staying cool, calm, and collected.

Purple Crystals: Spirituality & Intuition

Amethyst Cluster, $8 and up, The Hoodwitch.

Purple crystal examples: Amethyst, lepidolite, spirit quartz, charoite, and sugilite.

Purple crystals are perhaps the most energetically spiritual of them all. Associated with the third eye and crown chakras (or the highest, most spiritual of the chakras), purple colored stones are great for connecting us with our spirituality, intuition, and higher selves. They can also be wonderful for helping us to find inspiration (creatively and otherwise) by tapping into the divine. "[Purple crystals are] often associated with nobility and royalty, as well as magic and mystery," wrote Energy Muse. "Crystals of this color are true tools of purpose, opening your third eye and crown chakra to bring you closer to enlightenment and finding your true purpose." They're wonderful to use in a meditation or for deep relaxation.

Black Crystals: Negativity Banishers

Obsidian Sphere With Stand, $28 and up, The Hoodwitch.

Black crystal examples: Obsidian, black tourmaline, shungite, jet, and black kyanite.

There's no crystal color more protective and negativity-banishing than a dark-colored or black one. "Black crystals are used when you need protection and mental fortitude," wrote Crystal Vaults. "They are the crystals to use when you need to feel safe and secure." Black stones are wonderful for dispelling fears and promoting a sense of physical and emotional safety. They're also known as "barrier crystals" for their ability to act as a shield against negative energy. "Barrier crystals have incredible abilities to help you focus and amplify your efforts to keep undesirable elements out of your life," continued Crystal Vaults. If you're looking for a stone to offer you some heavy-duty spiritual protection, opt for a black one.