5 Crystals That Will Help You Feel More Relaxed During The Harvest Moon

As we leave September's new moon behind, it's officially a wrap as far as summer 2018 lunar events go. Our next full moon on Sep. 24 will officially mark the first of the autumn season, and this particular luminary is better known as the Harvest Moon. This is likely to be a heavy one, bringing energy that forces us to face our demons and work through our deepest anxieties, so it may be really helpful to turn to the healing power of crystals for the Harvest Moon. As astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, "The Harvest full moon will force us all to release painful memories, creating a fresh slate for us all as we enter the new season." So while this moon might bring up a lot of difficult feelings and memories, there is a light at the tunnel. Working through our tough stuff will be the key to ensuring we emerge with a truly clean slate. No one wants to keep carrying heavy, burdensome baggage — and what's revealed through the Harvest Moon can help us release it.

Thankfully, we have the always-ambitious and driven energy of Aries to help us take action. The September full moon falls in this fiery sign, which also happens to be the first sign in the zodiac — and this placement only amplifies our urge to push forward and take action. But slow down a little, as this moon doesn't ask us to push forward at all costs, remember? Rather, it asks us to work forward, to take time to truly tackle the traumas, fears, and issues that this bright Harvest Moon is bound to illuminate.

As we work through the emotional twists and turns of the Harvest Moon, we can absolutely use the energy of healing crystals — also known as Earth's natural sparkles — to help us face our fears, work through our anxieties, and tackle our demons. Check out these stones that will flow perfectly with the energy of September's Harvest Moon.


Lepidolite, known for it's silvery-purple hue, is believed to be one of the most effective crystals out there when it comes to easing anxiety. The rock actually contains the chemical lithium, which is also used in medications to treat various mood disorders. "Call on Lepidolite to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you need to cool off fiery emotions," wrote Energy Muse. The alleged anxiety-reducing and balancing properties of lepidolite prove beyond perfect for this Harvest Moon, as we'll be trying to balance our own lunar, emotional struggles with the hot and fiery energy of Aries.

How to use it: My favorite way to use lepidolite is to simply sleep with it under my pillow. In addition to being calming and helping to ease the anxieties that may rush through your mind as you try to sleep, it's also said to protect you against bad dreams — which could prove useful given the dark and difficult feelings coming to light with this moon.


One of the most gentle, soothing, depression-easing stones around, Energy Muse dubs this stone "the compassionate cheerleader" — something we all need so much during this luminary. "Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey, whether it's crying on the bathroom floor at the heartbreak hotel or floating on clouds sprinkled with fairy dust, the Rhodochrosite crystal brings the most healing medicine of all — unconditional love," wrote Energy Muse on their site. During the Harvest Moon, we're likely to be feeling more heartbreak hotel than fairy dust, so grab a gentle rhodochrosite to help ease your sorrows.

How to use it: Use your rhodochrosite in a meditation on forgiveness. This moon is likely to bring up dark feelings of unresolved conflict from your past, and now's the time to work through and release it. Crystal Vaults described on their site that rhodochrosite "assists in identifying negative behaviors and ongoing patterns and brings compassion and healing, self-forgiveness, as well as an understanding of others’ responsibility for their actions," so focus on the person you'd like to forgive while holding your stone and allow yourself to meditate on accepting what happened and letting it go.

Apache Tear

These stones, also known as volcanic black obsidian, are perhaps best known for their effectiveness in getting people through the process of grief, acceptance, and healing. Given that the Harvest Moon is likely to bring to the surface many unresolved traumas dating back to our childhoods, it's very possible that working through unprocessed grief — whether over a relationship, family member, or situation — could be part of that journey, and working with this crystal can help you prepare for it.

How to use it: These are effective just being carried in your pocket. According to Healing Crystals, "Carry an Apache Tear in your pocket as protection from all types of negative energies, including psychic attacks. [It] will help to remove and transmute these energies, clearing the way for more positive vibrations." You might also choose to use this in a release ritual where you allow yourself to grieve something you've held back on in the past, as Healing Crystals adds that the stones "help to ground spiritual experiences into the physical, helping one to integrate these experiences into the everyday life."

Clear Topaz

Topaz is known for drawing energy from the sun, which can help sync you up with Aries' fireball of energy as the full moon rises in its sign. "Topaz is also helpful to those searching for existential meaning, illuminating all the pieces of the puzzle and helping one to become receptive to their form," describes Healing Crystals. Working through wounds in our past can shake us up and cause us to question everything. Clear topaz is wonderful for helping us to see what's really important, and to help us also in manifesting what comes next.

How to use it: See if you can use topaz to guide you into the areas that need emotional work during this full moon. Crystal Vaults advises, "As Clear Topaz is most in tune with the moon ... hold one up to full moonlight to see images or symbols significant to you." Clear topaz is known for enhancing clairvoyance and clairaudience, so clear your mind, give it some time, and see what images come up as you focus on the crystal under the light of the Harvest Moon. You may be surprised where your intuition leads you!


This beautiful stone is yet another that brings with it the much-needed energy of compassion and the heart. According to Sunny Ray's website, "Kunzite works on our painful past traumas, eliminating deeply buried fears." This is huge for the 2018 Harvest Moon, considering this is exactly the emotional work it's asking us to do.

How to use it: Super simple — keep one on your desk at work. "The soothing power of Kunzite calms nervousness during an examination, interview or assessment, and is useful in situations where you cannot show irritation," shared Crystal Vaults on their site. The Harvest Moon is affecting everyone, leaving us all a little raw — so if you need some help keeping it together as you go about your business, you may find the energy of a kunzite crystal super helpful. Plus, they're gorgeous, so it'll undoubtedly brighten up any work space.