5 Dermplaning Tools You Can Use At Home

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Pricey skin care treatments you'd normally have done at a dermatologist or aesthetician's office are becoming increasingly available to DIY at home. With the help of some nifty, effective devices, top-of-the-line treatments have never been so accessible. The skin care craze du jour is no exception — at-home dermaplaning tools are all the rage, so it's easier than ever to get in on the trend.

In a pro's office, dermaplaning is a procedure where your derm uses a 10-gauge scalpel to scrape a layer of dead skin off your face. It's basically shaving, but with a sharp, single blade, barbershop style. Seems scary, but the results don't lie, and the benefits of dermaplaning are nearly endless. It's excellent for exfoliating, getting rid of unwanted peach fuzz, reversing hyperpigmentation, and more. This all adds up to smoother, glowier skin that's easier to apply makeup on (but just as pretty to leave bare-faced, too).

As someone with a fear of blades and knives of all sorts, I get it — this sounds absolutely horrifying to try at home. Basically Sweeney Todd waiting to happen IRL. (Fun fact: I tried to get away with using hair removal cream on my legs instead of shaving in middle school because I was so terrified of cutting myself with a razor. I sucked it up when I decided the nasty smell and those chemical burn-esque vibes weren't working for me.) Even so, the idea of anyone taking a guard-free razor to my face — especially myself, let alone a pro — had me saying hell naw.

But dermaplaning devices specifically designed for at-home use often have safety guards in place, easy-to-use designs, and basically make it as safe as possible for you to do it yourself. Here are five popular ones to fall in love with, no matter what your budget or comfort level is.

1. The Best Dermaplaning Kit: The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning Device

Michael Todd Sonicsmooth At-Home Dermaplaning Kit, $39, Amazon

This comprehensive dermaplaning kit contains everything you need to get started: a cleanser (made with honey and oats), an electric dermaplaning device (plus eight single-use blades, with safety edges), and a soothing after-care gel. It even comes with a charging cradle and wall adaptor so you can easily keep your device powered up (one charge lasts approximately three hours) and the Sonicsmooth itself is sold in four different colors, so you can choose yours to match your bathroom decor.

The included Safety Tip blades should last you about eight weeks, while the brand suggests using the Sonicsmooth to exfoliate once every seven to 10 days. Choose from three different speed settings when using your Sonicsmooth, and be sure to follow up each session with Sonicsmooth Post Treatment Gel.

"This is the best investment I've ever made in a beauty product," wrote one reviewer. "[It] removed all of my peach fuzz and tons of dead skin cells, which I didn't even realize I had on my skin until I saw them coming off. I love how smooth, firm, and radiant my skin is after using this. I look and feel better, my skin care products absorb better, and my makeup goes on so much smoother. This product is more than worth every penny, and I'm so glad I found it!"

2. The Best Standalone Dermaplaner: StackedSkincare's Dermaplaning Tool

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool, $75, Amazon

A Bustle editor-favorite, this dermaplaning tool has a sharp blade that doesn't mess around when it comes to exfoliating, but the included blade guard makes it a safe choice to use at home, too. The blade is made of quality, skin-safe stainless steel that won't rust, while the durable aluminum handle means you'll never have to buy a new tool: just replace the blade on a monthly basis (refill blades are conveniently sold here in packs of three).

"Not your average Dermaplaning tool...worth the investment," wrote one reviewer. "The difference is legit. I have tried a lot of facial exfoliating tools [...] BUT, now after receiving StackedSkincare's tool I can promise you the difference is measurable...the amount of exfoliation [...] was a little awe inducing. Gentle, no pain but more "peach-fuzz" and dead skin coming off my face than I've ever seen w an at home treatment (rivals the professional ones I've had done over the years)." They also note that, after using the tool, "[their skin] was not only glowing, [but their] pore size was reduced and (most excitingly) [their] acne had noticeably dissipated."

3. The Best Budget Dermaplaner: This Three-Pack Of Shiseido Facial Razors

Shiseido Facial Razor, $8 (3-Pack), Amazon

These little razors have a cult-like following, and they're a great affordable (but effective) option for exfoliating dead skin, removing unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz, and promoting a generally smoother complexion. But what also makes these guys so great (aside from their affordable price tag) is that they can also be used to shape your eyebrows with ease. They're versatile little tools worth stocking up on, even if you invest in a pricier dermaplaner, like one of the two options above.

"The blade is very sharp and has no jagged edges to accidentally cut your face. The protective cover is handy to be able to throw the razor in a drawer and know you won't cut yourself," noted one reviewer.

Another fan of these facial razors commented, "I love these things. I bought these because my foundation tends to wear off throughout the day. These remove the soft little hairs from my face and so far that has helped my foundation stay on much longer [...] But what I really love about these is that they remove dead skin cells – I suffer from cystic acne and these have actually tempered it a bit."

4. The Best Value: This 36-Pack Of Annie Facial Razors

Annie Professional Eyebrow Shaver Razors, $16 (36-Pack), Amazon

Sure, these facial razors are technically marketed as brow shapers — but technically, the same goes for the Shiseido facial razors, which are nearly identical tools. The only difference? These facial razors by Annie come in a ginormous 36 pack, so you'll literally be stocked for ages. And, even though the pack comes with so many tools, it still costs under $20; talk about an incredible value.

Just like the Shiseido facial razors, these tools can be used as dermaplaners, to exfoliate and soften your skin, or as brow shapers (or to remove unwanted hair elsewhere on your face). They also come with safety covers so you don't accidentally nick your skin, plus plastic covers to keep the blades protected and fresh. "This brand is the best I've used...they are sharp and do not cause bumps," reported one of many satisfied reviewers. In fact, this value pack of razors even has a near-perfect 4.8-star Amazon rating!

5. Smartest Design: These Fold-Up Facial Razors That Are Perfect For Travel

G2PLUS Eyebrow & Facial Razors, $5 (3-Pack), Amazon

Yes — these are just another variation on the facial razor/dermaplaner/brow shaper, like the Annie and Shiseido tools above. But these are smartly designed, because they fold down when not in use. That means they're excellent for travel, and tiny enough to store anywhere — even in a small makeup bag, clutch, or pouch. Plus, because of their foldable design, you can angle them in any direction to fit the contours and angles of your face. And at just $5 for a three-pack (and still made of skin-safe stainless steel), they're still an affordable but quality choice.

"Excellent. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and safely. Safely is the keyword. I also love the container for them. Prevents me from losing the shapers," wrote one reviewer. Another commented, "Have repurchased these a few times now to dermaplane my face and get rid of peach fuzz [...] they take away all of the hair very quickly and pain free. Excellent quality for the price and I will continue to keep on purchasing. My husband also uses these to clean up the edges on his beard and thinks they are great too!"

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